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How to find upcoming popular NFT projects

Find upcoming NFT projects, and see how hyped they are

In the past few years, NFT projects have exploded. Blockchain technology is taking off in a big way and pushing boundaries in art, currency, and contracts. Even with all of this hype behind blockchain technology, it is still important to target projects that will be popular. How can you pick popular NFT projects? Which ones will be big in 2022? We are going to explore that and more in this article.

Social Media

Social media is one of the main motivators and main ways that you can identify a good project. Who are the main influencers in the NFT space? These can range from tech personalities that are leading the way in terms of the technology to art experts. Look and see how many followers a specific account has when they are promoting a new series of NFTs. The more followers you have on Instagram, the bigger your reach. You can connect with more people to promote your brand, art, or even personal projects.

Beyond just looking at how many followers a user has on Instagram or Twitter, you can also determine who will have a hot new NFT project depending on the reaction that they are getting from others. When an artist posts about a new project, do they have a lot of buzz? Are people commenting on the postings? Do you see a lot of people linking to the post? These are all signs you are on the right track for a popular upcoming NFT project. You need to take in all these factors to get an idea of what will be big in the next five or ten years.

Past Performance

Another great indicator of how an NFT project will perform is past performance. Take for example art created by Kanye West or Pablo Picasso. We all know if there is art produced by these artists it will do well in the market. Why is this? Well, you consider the value of the art that has sold recently from them. At auctions, their work generates millions of dollars. The demand is high because these objects are unique and can’t be replicated. 

Look at the popularity of projects from artists that have already made NFT projects. A great example is The Bored Ape Yacht Club. These depict apes in various poses in a very stylized way. Investors include celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Steph Curry, and Post Malone. If you are looking to buy one of these works of art, expect to pay over 200k. Future work based on this premise is expected to sell well. Any NFT projects from this artist will also garner interest automatically just based on the current reception of their work. By looking at auction prices and the buzz they are generating online, you can lock into a profitable NFT investment that will pay off big in the future. 

One great example of an NFT project is Planet Wars, a play-to-earn game created by Scaling Parrots, a leading Italian consulting and development firm in the Blockchain field. Planet Wars is a space war strategic multiplayer game on Blockchain, built on the revolutionary “GameFi” game model, based entirely on the possession, exchange, sale, and use of NFTs. Scaling Parrots has written an article on how to create a successful NFT project thanks to the knowledge they matured on the creation process of their upcoming Non-Fungible Token game. Behind Scaling Parrots, there are two young digital natives of the Blockchain: Dario De Micheli, administrator of the blog, and Alessandro Ricci, founder and CEO.

Free NFT calendar

Scouting New Artists

Scouting out who will have the next big project can be difficult. For example, there are many other art investors that have already realized that past performance of art and NFT projects will generate a large amount of income. They are going to be looking for future work from popular artists. How can you get in on the ground floor? Then you can buy work while it is still low in price and ride it up in the future.

Using a calendar for upcoming NFTs is the perfect way to pick up on new projects. This site, keeps track of followers on popular social media platforms for you. You have all the data right there at your fingertips instead of searching through thousands of accounts on Twitter and Instagram. You also have the Hype Meter. In the art world, it can be hard to quantify something like buzz. After all, what some people consider amazing artwork, may not mesh well with others. 

The site also does a good job of keeping you updated on the pre-release date for work. This can give you the opportunity to slip in before other investors have a shot at it. These pre-release time periods can occur with any type of investment including stocks. Many times, the clients that have access to pre-sales can turn a healthy profit with a very quick turnaround. When the project hits the general market and starts to rise in value, they flip the NFT and invest in the next one. This keeps your money liquid and gives you the opportunity to invest in more projects.

The street release date is also going to be listed on the NFT Scout site. After all, if you can’t get into the pre-sale for the work, you need to be first in line to scoop up hot properties. For a lot of these projects, it is first come and first serve. Just like with designer sneakers or clothes, you need to be quick with your mouse if you want to earn your spot in line. NFT Scout does the perfect job of reminding you about projects that are about to drop.

Website Information

With the NFT Scout site, you can also collect more information about the artists. Just like a company that puts out a PR blast, you can review the roadmap going into the future on the NFT Scout site. These websites are important for helping you plan which NFT projects to invest in. For example, the Crypto Kitty Gang is one of the most prominent groups on the site. When you click on the website, you can find out more valuable information that can tell you if this will be a hot property moving forward.

Some art groups offer staking. With this, you can place your NFT artwork into a vault. Just like staking with cryptocurrency, it provides you rewards over time. Staking artwork in a vault can provide new NFT artwork. It may also provide additional cryptocurrency such as ETH which can be used toward future transactions. Gas fees can be high, so groups that allow you to stake will become more and more popular.

Finding upcoming popular NFT projects is difficult, without an NFT calendar. Right now the market is very hot and people are all searching for the best new projects. The Crypto Punk project was one of the first and there have been offers on these art pieces that have reached 9 million dollars in ETH. As long as we continue to see such a rabid market for these types of art pieces, the market will continue to grow and surge in popularity.

OpenSea is a great place to search for new projects and artists. If you want to be aware of what is going to drop soon though, you need to be using NFT Scout in conjunction with OpenSea. NFT Scout is the perfect way to make sure you are getting in on the ground floor. While it might seem to be a big investment to pour about 2K USD into a new art project, with the current prices booming for these NFT art pieces, it is not uncommon to see an NFT rise to 200 – 300K in value over just a few years. Stick with NFT Scout and they will show you how to find upcoming popular NFT projects now and in the future.

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