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How To Get A Free Trial For HideMyAss VPN

How To Get A Free Trial For HideMyAss VPN

VPN usage is on the rise as more people are looking to reclaim their privacy from large corporations and intrusive governments. This article is about how to get a free trial for HideMyAss VPN

Is there a way to get a VPN for free to cover your tracks? Can you get something like HideMyAss VPN for free so you can save money in other areas?

To get HideMyAss VPN for free, you have several options that you can choose from:

  • Search third party sites for coupons.
  • Visit for coupons.
  • Use their free thirty-day trial.

These methods will allow you to save a lot while trying out the service and see if HideMyAss is the right VPN service for you.

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The Basics

HideMyAss is one of the premier VPN services that you can use. What exactly is a VPN? Think of it as a way to hide your data from others. For those in the United States, your social security number is a unique identifier similar to a fingerprint. You would never share your social security number with anyone for obvious reasons.

Similarly, people want to conceal their data and location so that it is not used for devious means.

What can a VPN do for you? Several things will become options with the help of a VPN.

  • Access to OpenVPN protocol and encryption
  • More privacy and protection
  • Access to websites all over the globe
  • Zero geographical restrictions

There are many options with a VPN that you may not be aware of.

Once you learn more about the service, you may always use a VPN to protect yourself.

Pros of Using HideMyAss

If you are considering this VPN service, you should first be aware of why it is popular. Let’s look at the top reasons why you want to go with HideMyAss.

1. Fast Speeds

HMA has great server speeds.

That means if you are streaming video from another country that is halfway around the globe, you will still be able to get fast speeds and high definition clarity with your picture. How can they accomplish this?

HMA can offer quick speeds by the number of servers and by where they are positioned.

Many VPN services will brag about the amount of data centers that they utilize when that is only half of the picture. You must also consider where the data centers are located. If they are clustered together in New York and California, users positioned in Atlanta will have a hard time getting good service. The data must travel much further, and it slows down your speeds.

A Global Web

HideMyAss uses servers on all six continents to ensure that there is a good web of connections. There are 930 servers in 190 countries. That is huge because it means you can continue to use the service even if you go on vacation to Africa, Europe, or Asia.

The only location that they do not have a server is at the poles. Even small islands located out in the Pacific are represented. When you choose a bank to work with, you want one with many locations for ease. The same stands for your VPN service.

If you go with a service that is not spread out, you will have poor coverage when you start to move out of your typical area.

2. Low on Leaks

When you are trying to conceal your trail and your identity, the last thing you want out of a VPN service is a poor product with leaks. What is a DNS leak, and why does it matter? Your VPN connection is not always secure despite what companies will tell you.

Your connection can appear to be on and functioning, but your Internet Service Provider can still track your movements and the web.

If someone can monitor your data and sites that you are visiting, it will completely void any precautions you have tried to take with your VPN.

Reviewers put HMA through the paces.

Experts in security tested this service in a variety of ways to look for holes in the service and if HMA would give up valuable data.

WebRTC Testing

First there was a WebRTC test to see if information was leaking.

WebRTC stands for Web RealTime Communications, and it lets you connect to other users through video, audio, and other data communications using a web browser.

If you have ever done a video call or chat through just your browser and didn’t download any additional programs, you may have already used this technology.

Considering you are connecting with other computers and putting your information out there, it is easy to understand how this could bring in leaks, but HMA held steady.

DNS was also tested extensively to see if any data could be pulled from a user hiding behind the VPN.

Fortunately, any attempt to break the encryption or to track the location of a user failed. HideMyAss has put out a quality product that does exactly what they say it will. You won’t need to worry about security when you use this service.

3. Compatibility

We have already looked at all the advantages that you can get with HMA, but will it work with your specific system?

More than likely the answer is yes.

This service was built from the ground up to work seamlessly with Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux based systems, and also Android devices.

That is all of the major systems that are accounted for, so it would be difficult to demand compatibility for some of the more obscure operating systems.

HideMyAss will not only work on all of these phones, computers, and PCs but also give you simultaneous connections to five devices.

If you have a family of four, you immediately see how important this could be. Perhaps your son is playing live games on the Xbox with other players all over the world. His data can be protected now. Your daughter is busy browsing videos on her phone or chatting with people in a chat room. Her connection is also covered at the same time, so people can not track her.

Meanwhile, you can still have several more laptops or desktop computers hooked up to the system for work where discretion could mean the difference between keeping your job or not.

Hidemyass for free

Downsides to HideMyAss

With all the advantages of using their service, are there any cons? There are a few that you will want to be aware of.

1. Logging Activity

When you read the fine print, you will find that HMA actually keeps a lot of your information on file. That is troubling for many reasons. Just look at this list of things that they keep track of when it comes to their users.

  • Username
  • When you connected and disconnected
  • How much you are uploading and downloading
  • The IP address used to connect
  • The IP address for the VPN server

This is exactly what you don’t want to see when you go with a VPN company. When you want total anonymity, the last thing that you want is your VPN tracking your own IP address. After all, what is the point of them keeping these logs? They are there to provide a service and not track their customers. All of this information could easily be destroyed digitally.

How do we know that this information is being tracked? In the case of a criminal that hacked the giant corporation Sony, it was HMA with the largest hand in having the man convicted.

The hacker thought that the VPN company would not give up his information, but in the end, he was wrong, and sent to prison for a lengthy sentence.

While nobody condones criminal activity over the computer, it is still troubling that HMA had this information on hand that they could hand over to the authorities. After all, when they keep track of all of their users in this manner, it only takes a hacker that wants to break into the HMA servers to demolish that sense of security.

If there ever was a data breach and all of this information was leaked, it could mean the end of the service.

Conclusion – Free Trial For HideMyAss VPN

This is a great way to test it out for a full month before feeling obligated or getting a monthly bill.

We looked at the advantages that HMA has with a large number of servers spread out very well and their high compatibility list.

While their policy of logging so much information on users is troubling, it remains to be seen what will happen with that policy in place.

As always, continue to check back with Superb Themes for the latest in tutorials and software reviews. We will keep you up to date on all the latest in the world of web development.

Click the green button to visit HMA and start your free trial now!

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