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How to get premium WordPress plugins for free

Now more than ever, money is tight for everyone. Many sites offer plugins for WordPress at low prices or even for free. This seems like a great deal at first. The issue is what happens behind the scenes when you install programs like this on your computer. We looked at a number of these plugins and discovered many carried malware while others had lines of code that would put them in control of your computer. This article is about how to get premium WordPress plugins for free.

To avoid having your whole site under the control of hackers, we have put together a list of some of the top plugins and discounts that can save you a lot during these difficult times. Check out our reviews and discount codes to learn which plugins will best serve you while you are putting together your next site.

WP Rocket free trial

1. WP Rocket

Do you want to get 10% off one of the most popular plugins for WordPress? When you sign up with WP Rocket to get their newsletter, you will get a code that can take a big chunk off your next purchase with them. Not only that, but you will be informed about everything that is happening with WP Rocket like new updates and bug fixes. What can WP Rocket do for you?

  • A very fast setup
  • Page Caching
  • Preloading for the Cache
  • Supports GZIP compression

These are just a few of the many options you are going to get with WP Rocket that will push your speeds to the next plateau.


The pricing for WP Rocket is very reasonable. Starting at $49.00 for one site, you will have support from their award-winning team that will last a year. That is more than enough time to sort through any technical issues you might have getting started.

On top of that, when you want to expand, you can easily expand with the next tier. $99.00 is all you have to pay to have WP Rocket active for three sites while the best tier is only $249.00 and will give you access to as many sites as you want.

Free Trial

You can trial the plugin for a full two weeks before you need to make a decision. If you don’t like the product, simply just return it, and you get all your money back. Returning a digital product is very easy and simple. You won’t have to worry about boxing anything up and shipping it!

Divi pricing

2. Divi

Need time to think of how to build your next site? Why not try Divi? Here are some highlights to consider.

  • Shape Dividers
  • Huge Layout Library
  • No code needed
  • Drag and drop presentation

Divi has been a top plugin for a really long time, and that is because it is so useful. Need more motivation? Click the button for twenty percent off. That is going to save you a lot, especially if you go for a lifetime license.


If you are not sure about investing a lot with Divi, try them out for a year. The price is only $89.00. That will give you plenty of time to consider if the plugin is speeding up your flow. Once you are convinced that Divi is the best builder out there, start to save money when you get a license that will last forever. It only costs $249.00, and then you never have to pay for Divi again. This is perfect for people that work in an agency or make a lot of websites for a living.

Free Trial

Keep in mind as well; Divi is going to make it easy to return the product when you are not satisfied. Try it risk-free for a full month. If it didn’t make you more productive, just make the return and get all the money back you invested. It could not be more simple.


3. PerfMatters

This plugin is great if you run an online store. Why?

  • Increased site performance
  • Lower Bounce Rate
  • Higher Conversions

It is easy to start selling more once you tune up your website. Like an engine that needs to be tinkered with, your website has many tweaks that can make it faster. Have the experts in charge, and you are going to see a huge jump in speed. The code PERFMATTERS will get you 10% off when you get a plan from them.


The price is very low when it comes to how much speed you gain. For just under $25.00 for the full year, you can have a plugin that will increase your metrics across the board. That also comes with support from their team and a thirty-day guarantee. There is no need to download a cracked version of PerfMatters when you can use it for free during the next month.


4. OptinMonster

Need a few reasons to go with OptinMonster? VIP20OFF is the code to make sure you get 40% off your next purchase with them. Some of their best features include:

  • Lower your Bounce Rate
  • Retain Visitors with Popups
  • Build Ads that work
  • Detect when a visitor is about to leave the site

OptinMonster has a great system set up that can tell if a visitor is about to leave. When a user looks at your content and decides to move on, that hurts your score with Google. Try to keep them on your page using a plugin such as OptinMonster. Using advanced technology, OptinMonster knows when a customer has had enough, and they want to split. When that occurs, a popup will encourage them to stay.

Advanced Technology

OptinMonster can be designed to use almost anything to entice customers to stay. Try giving them a huge discount, free ebooks, or a coupon for the next purchase they do with you. All of these are psychological tricks that work and encourage higher conversions from your website. You can get started with them for under ten bucks, and that will include unlimited campaigns and the ability to recognize customers so you can follow up later. For the lowest-priced tier, that is a great deal.

Superb Themes

5. Superb Themes

Superb Themes are experts at what they do. When they design themes, they have the following highlights.

  • Lightweight
  • Loads faster than most themes
  • Extremely low prices
  • Designed by professionals

With a large variety of themes that you can pick from, Superb Themes have made a name for themselves using experts to design every inch of their layouts and themes. You will get an amazing deal when you work with them since the themes are made with SEO in mind, and they will look awesome on any device. Right now, for a limited time, you can get 25% off plans and purchases. Act now before the deal goes away, and you have to pay full price again. Claim your discount now! website

6. is known to have some of the best themes that you can pick from. Right now, they don’t have any discounted themes, but if you keep the site bookmarked, they are known to run some great deals during the holidays. They really have a great selection, including everything from plugins to themes, to support all platforms.

Make sure to visit and browse the site regularly. They are always adding new content that you can check out. If you have a very specific business that you are running, it might seem like there is nothing you can use in the way of a theme for it. has a giant library of themes you can use. From fashion blogs to travel diaries, you can find something that will fit what you are trying to do. Head on over there and take a look around. You are going to be surprised by everything that they are offering now.

The Dangers of Piracy

We looked over a great list of different plugins and also themed that you can try out. They won’t be free, but with the discounts, you will be saving a good deal of money. For those that are not convinced by the discount codes, keep in mind that when you pirate software, there are still many hidden costs.

Decades ago, movies like Hackers and also War Games made it seem cool to be a hacker. The reality has changed, though. You can use your cPanel right now to look at all of the people trying to break into your site! With this list, you will be able to look at the IP address of hackers trying to get in. Oftentimes, these are bots that are given a range of IP addresses to look at. These bots look for usernames that they can use, such as admin or user1 through user10. It pulls JSON code and helps the hacker map out the hierarchy and setup for your WordPress site. If this sounds complicated, you are correct. However, you can actually make the task very easy for the hacker.

Bad Plugins

Bad plugins will automatically give a hacker access to your computer. They won’t have to find a way in because you just opened the front door for them. Avoid issues like this by only using legitimate software. Then you won’t have to buy additional software and services to remove the malware later!

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