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How To Get Premium WordPress Themes For Free

How can you download premium WordPress themes for free? The Divi theme is one of the most popular but it is going to run you $259.00 for lifetime use or $89.00 for an annual subscription. If you are just starting out as a business owner or a web designer, that is a high price tag! Are there ways to get WordPress themes for free even when they are premium products?

Some individuals may be tempted to download nulled or cracked versions of WordPress themes to try and save money. They might rationalize this by telling themselves that piracy doesn’t hurt anyone and the developers already have a lot of money from legitimate purchases. Others might rationalize this by saying that they want to use the program for free before they decide to put down their hard earned money. Should you download nulled versions of these themes to try and get by without paying?

WordPress Theme Coupon Codes

Please continue reading beneath why we in no way recommend that you use NULLED / pirated / cracked software. Instead consider grabbing a coupon code and buying a theme for a great price. At the end of the article we’ll be talking about our favourite theme developers.

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No Discounts Currently adds discounts to their products during events such as Cyber Monday, visit their website to see if they have a discount currently.

The Dangers of Nulled Themes

To start, many of these nulled themes will not actually work. The pirates putting up these themes are more concerned with you clicking on the ads that are on their site instead of making sure that you get a quality product. There are some pirated themes that do work, but a savvy business owner and computer user would never use a theme that was posted for free on the internet.

First, the security of your website is going to be at risk. If you sell products online, we all know how important it is to have the padlock icon if you are receiving sensitive information such as credit card numbers and the details from buyers. This lock icon shows that SSL or Secure Socket Layer protocol is active and encrypts the traffic that is going back and forth between you and customers. Most people when they come to your site to do business will expect to see the lock icon and will just leave if your site is not secure.

With a nulled or cracked theme, your site will never be secure. These nulled themes are put up by pirates that want something in return which they do not advertise. Many times they pack their “free” products with malware and viruses so that they can collect credit card information or even pull your computer into an army of other computers that they control known as a botnet. If you were foolish enough to use a nulled theme to create a website for a customer, everyone who visits that site could be at risk for credit card fraud now.

No Updates

Let’s look at the best scenario for downloading a nulled theme. Perhaps there are no Trojans that are waiting to steal your credit card details, passwords, and email contacts. You might feel like you got away with something since you were able to save hundreds of dollars and still have the slick look and functionality of a premium theme. Well, once again you would be wrong.

When you get a premium theme from a developer, not only are you benefiting from years of experience that they put into learning and coding great looking themes, you are also going to miss out on updates and customer support. The world of WordPress themes and plugins is always changing and shifting. What might be safe for business owners to use today could quickly become antiquated and a security hole as hackers look for a way that they can exploit websites.

If you are not staying up to date with changes to your themes and plugins that you already downloaded, you could be at risk! Developers work hard to always stay on top of the market and patch holes that pop up. If you are using a nulled theme, you won’t be able to use these updates that are going to keep you safe and also the people using your site. So, what is the alternative? 

elegantthemes premium themes


Even though it may seem premium themes are too expensive, many have a one time fee that gives you access for life! Take for example Elegant Themes with the Divi theme. This is the most widely used premium theme in the world and you can have access for just $249.00 paid one time. Not only that, but Elegant Themes also runs discounts such as right now where you can get a 20% discount applied to your next purchase.

Divi is the flagship theme and it is all visual which means you don’t have to be a code wizard to put together something that is visually appealing and going to work right out of the box. This is a website building framework that follows the motto of what you see is what you get. You can customize every part of your website from box shadows to fonts to the color scheme for your business. If you are low on time, a template is the perfect way to get a website up quick and accept customers right away.

template monster coupon

Template Monster

Do you like templates where you can see exactly what your site could look like before you start building it? Template Monster has a huge selection of different templates that range from websites for lawyers to layouts for a yoga studio! If you go on their website right now, you can see that no matter what kind of business you are running or planning on opening, there is something there for you. Currently, they have a discount of 7% off all their WordPress themes which means you can save money when you launch your next big site.

Superbthemes premium themes

Superb Themes

This company is amazing with great customer support that will get back to you quickly if you have any issues with the themes you are using. These guys understand SEO and they have designed their themes with that in mind so that you are going to rise in the rankings for whatever long tail keywords you are shooting for. Not only that, the load times on all of these sites are very fast. When a customer visits a site built with one of these themes, there will be no long loading times which means your SEO will improve and your bounce rate is going to go down. Check them out today while there is a 25% discount on themes, plugins, subscriptions, and one-time purchases. 



With access to over a hundred themes for just $299.00, this company is great. Their blog is updated constantly with guides for new installs, as well as reviews of plugins and themes that are going to give your site more functionality. Templatic has unique themes such as Directory. If you are creating a listing directory for any category such as businesses, schools, or homes for sale, this is going to be a great theme that will make your site look slick and polished. Right now, you can save 15% on their website using the code SUPERBTHEMES. This is a great chance for you to try out some new themes that will take your business to the next level and you will get all of it at a discount. hosting for free

Of course, we can’t forget about Right now, there are no discounts for the themes from this company, but if you check back often on their website, you might be able to catch a deal. Oftentimes, they will run sales around Cyber Monday, which allows you to try their products at a discount. With over 300 people that work with them doing customer support, there is somebody that is going to be available to help you around the clock no matter where you live. This is huge, as we all know how frustrating it can be bringing in new plugins or shifting over from an old theme. Check them out today and see if their line up will work for you.


It might be tempting to try and save money by pirating from the above companies. Many times, entrepreneurs that are starting up a new business do not have a lot of start up capital so they will try and cut corners. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a nulled theme is going to help you. At the very least, you are going to have a product that has no updates running as well as no customer support in case you run into issues. The worst case scenario would be using a nulled plugin that has malicious code packed in with it. These Trojans are going to go after your whole network like a cancer and try to steal as many details as possible about your setup to sell off your information to criminals.

In the end, it is just not worth it to try and get free premium themes. The risks are too high when you consider the type of people that are posting free themes onto the web. It is much better to just wait and see if your favourite theme maker is running some sort of sale that you can take advantage of. This way, you will always have customer support that will get back to you and guide you through issues, plus you can sleep easy at night because there are no security holes in your websites. 

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