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How To Get Visitors To Your WordPress Website Through Good Digital Marketing

How To Get Visitors To Your WordPress Website Through Good Digital Marketing

WordPress is a website that has become hugely popular. It’s a content management system (CMS) that allows you to customize websites for businesses, online stores, portfolios, and blogs. And today, over 2.5 billion posts have been found in WordPress since 2003.

Likewise, WordPress can also be good for marketing. For instance, you can create an SEO-optimized website within minutes without knowing a lot about technicalities. There are also thousands of plugins available on this platform that can help you market and optimize your website.

And perhaps, you’ve been using WordPress but have a hard time getting the desired outcome you want. In such a case, you still have the chance to boost your website by using well-known digital marketing strategies that can significantly help increase your website traffic and connect you with several visitors and potential customers.

With that in mind, below are some of the proven digital marketing strategies to help you get started:

1. Email Marketing

It’d be worth noting that email is still one of the ideal communication tools for many individuals. For one, it remains to be one of the most robust and cost-effective tools for businesses despite all the latest marketing trends. And because email remains strong, leveraging email marketing as a tool for your WordPress website to get more visitors can be a good approach.

Essentially, email marketing is where you reach new and old customers for repeated website visits by providing value to their inboxes. Here, you can send personalized messages that cater to what they want from your business or service. But first, you have to create an email list.

To have an email list, you can offer free memberships, e-books, templates, and other lead-generating content that can help attract and engage your visitors to give their email addresses. Overall, having an email list allows you to directly contact your customers and audience. It also helps provide regular traffic that can convert more than search and social traffic.

If you want to have a stable flow of visitors and you want help with your email marketing and other digital marketing efforts to achieve that, consider working with digital marketing agencies such as Caffeine Marketing or other firms to help you.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another robust digital marketing strategy that can help promote your site and get online visitors. You can write and post an article or blog to another website with guest blogging.

Likewise, to gain many visitors to your site, you first need to choose a website within your niche that has a high volume of subscribers and followers. The website must also have a high search engine page rank and domain authority. Overall, because the website has increased visitors, your post will likely receive more visits too.

Moreover, having a guest blog on another website with a high number of visitors can help increase the chance that other higher authority websites will link to your blog externally. And as a result, this can be an opportunity for your blog to rank higher on different search engines.

However, note that you should be motivated to guest blog to add value and not earn external links alone. According to many experts, having a link from other sources is just the reward for all the work you put into it and not the other way around.

Other advantages that guest blogging can provide besides having visitors are:

  • It helps establish your expertise in the niche.
  • You can develop professional relationships.
  • If you get money for guest blogging, you can earn a living.
  • Additional learning on your chosen niche.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows your WordPress website to rank higher in search engines, allowing a larger audience to find you. With SEO, search engines can show your website as a significant search result whenever people search for services/products or content that your website provides.

Studies related to content marketing research showed that many individuals tend to visit a website after finding it in search engines. And so, you can reap the benefit of an increased number of visitors just by keeping your WordPress website SEO-optimized.

However, you must strive to appear on the first page of the search engine results or even on the first five pages. It’d be good to note that most users don’t go beyond these pages to find what they’re looking for, so be mindful of this.

To note, some of the things you must do to SEO-optimize your website successfully include:

  • Create fresh and original content.
  • Initially, employ keyword research and optimize your product pages with the terms people use to search for your website.
  • Add your primary keywords in your headings and anchor text.
  • Achieve a keyword density of around 1-2% to avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Create helpful content in the first place and write compelling titles.
  • Add widgets to your website to enhance user experience.
  • Use a WordPress theme that you can translate to your language, if you are on the Italian market, you might want to check some lists of the best WordPress themes for the Italian language.

Another approach that you can do to enhance your website’s SEO is to use link-building strategies. One example of link building strategy has to do with external backlinks. It’s where websites link back to your website.

However, for your website to rank through external backlinking, two elements must be considered:

  • Whether the website linked to you is highly reputable and has good traffic.
  • Whether there are similarities between the two web pages, for example, are the keywords between these two website pages have resemblance: the more similarities, the better.

Another type of backlinking is internal backlinking, and it’s where you refer back to existing content on your website into your freshly created content. This can enhance the popularity of your website with search engines by keeping people engaged with your other internal content.

4. Social Media Marketing

Using social media to market your WordPress website is yet another excellent way to reach a larger audience whom you can easily engage and interact with. It’s also an ideal platform to attract more visitors to visit your page. 

However, note that it’s not just a matter of posting once on an individual social media platform and then posting onto another one. Here, you must have a solid social media marketing strategy in place.

To name a few, here are some effective ways to market your website on social media: 

  • Connect with people on social media platforms such as various brands and notable influencers.
  • Join various social media groups to boost your social media reach.
  • Concentrate on the most suitable social media networks for your content or blog.
  • Add a share button on your WordPress blog using free or premium social sharing plugins.

Another thing to remember when you are marketing your website on social media is that you have to constantly post content to keep your audience engaged. Likewise, don’t just appear when you have a new post, you must also interact with other individuals by liking and sharing their content.

In addition, there are various types of networking platforms that can cater to your site’s specific needs. These are:

  • Social Media Platforms: These platforms allow you to connect with groups, forums, and communities.
  • Niche Social Bookmarking Sites: Relevant niche-specific social media sites that allow you to share content to the right audience. 
  • Popular Social Bookmarking Sites: This allows you to share images, stories, videos, and images and use tags to organize such content.

The Bottom Line

WordPress is a popular CMS, and it can be an ideal platform to market your business’s product or service. For one, plugins exist to help you market and optimize your website.

And because it’s ideal for marketing purposes, there are some strategies that you can use to increase the number of visitors to your website. Email marketing, social media marketing, guest blogging, and search engine optimization are some of those strategies.

Overall, keep the information shared above to help you attract more website visitors and hopefully generate successful leads.

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