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How to increase your conversion rate on Instagram

Over the past few years, Instagram has transformed from a social photo album into a full-fledged business tool. The versatility of the platform allows entrepreneurs to promote projects of any niche, the multiformatness opens up wide opportunities for building various sales funnels, and the high involvement of social network users contributes to high returns. The benefits of Instagram have made it a priority choice among entrepreneurs, and, today, this social network is quite an aggressive and competitive environment. If someone in your sphere sets a certain bar, you need at least to match it, and at most to surpass it to be ahead of the competition. In this article, we will consider how to turn your Instagram account into a stable source of income and strengthen the results in the form of leads, customers, and sales. 

Create a selling Instagram profile design 

Before starting an active promotion of your Instagram account, you must package it properly. Profile design is the calling card of your brand and the first thing a user pays attention to when interacting with your profile. It forms the first impression, and the retention of a new audience and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns depends on it. 

Nickname and avatar are important components of the profile packaging that people notice in advertisements or when you leave comments, subscribe, etc. So, each element should reflect your positioning and distinguish you from the competitors. The nickname should be simple and memorable, it can include your first and last name or reflect the sphere of your activity. 

Avatar is the face of your account. The image should be high quality, bright, and reflect the theme of your profile. For example, for a photographer, an effective solution would be to do a photo shoot with a camera. 

Profile description is an important conversion element that should make it clear from the first seconds who you are and how your cooperation can be profitable. It’s important to add numbers, facts, and other evidence that proves your expertise.  Effectively add a call to action and a link to a website or other resources that will help people get to know your brand in more detail and dive deeply into the specifics of your business.

Build a sales funnel with content

A powerful tool with which you can influence the decision of potential buyers, move them through the sales funnel, and convert them into buyers is content. The content sales funnel is a sequence of posts that take the customer, step by step, through the journey from learning about your product to the point where he makes a purchase decision and leaves an order. To build productive relationships with customers and provide a personalized approach, it’s important to create a detailed portrait of your target audience and reveal their pain, needs, desires, and goals. 

At the first stage of the sales funnel, the main task is to attract and hold the potential client’s attention. To do this,  generate valuable content, share your competencies, tips, and professional developments, educate your audience, and broadcast maximum value. It’s effective to publish a post acquaintance which introduces you to a new audience and makes them understand why it’s beneficial to interact with you.

In the second stage, creating customer demand for your product is important. The product should close pains and fulfill desires, so the content in this part of the funnel should emphasize the advantages of your product, and show its strengths and competitive sides.

In the third stage, it is necessary to convince users of your expertise, and the quality of the product and to dispel doubts. To do this,  publish testimonials and show successful cases. In social networks, the social proof trigger can be strengthened with the help of high statistics. So, in the first stages of promotion, it is effective to buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc. As a result, people will see that the credibility of the brand is confirmed by the majority, and it will be easier for them to make a purchasing decision.

The final stage is a selling post with the product’s prices, its description, and calls to action: to call, write to Direct, or follow the link. In this way, sales on Instagram can be made systematic, predictable, and scalable. 

Also, after successfully completing all these stages, you can set SMART Goals for your Instagram marketing campaign.

Increase audience involvement with a lead magnet

It’s no secret that Instagram is overloaded with advertising, so people increasingly ignore direct sales, and entrepreneurs have to look for new effective ways of communication. One such way is a lead magnet. This is a useful free material, which on the one hand allows the audience to quickly solve a particular problem, and on the other hand, acquaints users with an expert, creates a positive brand impression, and inspires long-term relationships. A lead magnet can be an e-book, a checklist, a webinar, a consultation, etc.

To increase the lead magnet effectiveness, it is important to adhere to several rules. First, it should be on a narrow topic and meet a specific request of the target audience.

Secondly, the lead magnet must deliver results. For example, after receiving instructions, a person should learn how to manage personal finances, set up an advertising account on Facebook, or at least get a road map to solve his problem.

Third, the lead magnet should demonstrate the expertise of its author. Even the shortest material should be well-developed so that the user will appreciate the depth of knowledge and be imbued with trust. As a result, this tool will help to increase user loyalty and engage people in the sales funnel.

Automate sales with chat bots

Every entrepreneur seeks to automate business processes and one of the most effective tools for implementing this task is a chat bot. The bot can send messages to the user after subscribing to the page, the first message, or as a result of reacting to a specific trigger word. With the help of chat bots, routine and repetitive communication can be completely automated, they can reduce the need to control the customer’s progress through the sales funnel, react manually and send bonuses, gifts, etc. Chat bots can provide consultations, identify needs and do a segmented mailing, which will significantly increase the efficiency of communication.

Instagram is an environment where the attention of users is very scattered, so the key success factor for commercial accounts is the speed of response. A chat bot helps to quickly respond to a user’s request and maintains a high level of user involvement. This helps to retain potential customers and prevent them from going to competitors.

By implementing chat bots into business, entrepreneurs save time, money and have the opportunity to concentrate on other important work.

Use re-targeting on Instagram

According to statistics, it’s much easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than to attract a new audience. Therefore, entrepreneurs focus part of their advertising budget on re-targeting. This tool helps to track and attract the target audience, which has shown interest in your brand. Re-targeting can be set up for visitors to your site, subscribers to your profile, and people who have interacted with your content.  

Re-targeting campaigns have a higher level of involvement than typical advertising ones. With this tool, you can increase your average check by making repeat sales to existing customers. You can warm up customer loyalty, and regularly remind users about yourself. As a result, the likelihood that a person will come to your brand when needed increases.

Due to increased involvement and conversion, you get a greater return on your price per click. Re-targeting narrows your audience down to the most interested visitors and allows you to keep in the sales funnel even those people who didn’t buy anything. That’s why this marketing tactic is cost-effective. Combined with other approaches, this tool forms a solid foundation on which a brand can gather, qualify and convert potential customers.

To sum up, sales in Instagram is a system that includes external design, content, traffic organization, and closing of the deal. It’s important to combine different tools: the more tactics you implement in your project, the more chances that your sales and profit will go up.

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