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How To Join The Monthly Divi Giveaway [2022]

Weekly Divi Giveaway

Nick Roach over at Elegant Themes wanted to make it so that everybody has the opportunity to try out this new version of Divi regardless of your current situation. He came up with the idea of an endless giveaway that rewards those that are subscribed and actively taking part in the community. How does it all work? There is a free membership or account upgrade that you have a chance to win every Monday. Who said that Monday is the worst day of the week?

The lucky winner is pulled from a list at random and the only way you can win is to just be part of their mailing list and submit your name. It is that easy! How will you know that you won the prize? As long as you are still subscribed to the newsletter that goes out, check your email and the details will be there. Follow the directions to claim your prize and save big with one of the best page builders in the business. If you are already a member of Elegant Themes, your account will get a boost and push you to the next subscription level for no extra cost. If you are not part of Elegant Themes as a member already, you win an annual subscription for the Personal Package. Now for a full year, you can feel free to try out all the different features that come with the new Divi 4.0. You are going to love the way you can let your creative energy flow while you are showing off pages to a client or just making something for yourself. Sign up today!

Click the button & sign up for the weekly Divi Giveaway by Elegant Themes, it’s free to join the giveaway!

Why use Divi

Does anybody still code a website by hand? You might be surprised to find out the answer is yes. There are still high-level designers that want to have total control of their final product. As long as you are commenting and using best practices to put your site together, other designers will be able to look at your HTML and CSS and still follow it. When you are using a framework, it can take hours to sift through the code and change things. Coding by hand makes sure that if an issue comes up, you will have a better idea of what happened since you were in control of the code all along.

Are there any other advantages to coding a website by hand? The size of your code should be smaller if you are good at what you do. Many times when you are using a builder that is WYSIWYG, the code will come with sections that are just not needed for your specific page. It might be functionality that you never plan on using and it is going to slow down your page and make things load longer. Hand coders don’t have to worry about bloat and they can create optimized websites that are lightweight.

Keep in mind also, all the biggest sites that you can think of from Amazon to Paypal were not generated with templates and builders that are so popular today. For truly complex sites that have dynamic content on the page, it will be better to code all this by hand. The designer will learn good practices and also be able to modify any section on the fly. Not all designers have the skills needed to code things by hand, but the ones that can will be several levels above their competition. 

Avoding coding, use Divi!

So what are the disadvantages of coding your sites by hand? Time is a huge factor. You will be putting in three times the effort for even small pages. Developing the site is going to be slow and you won’t have the ability to see changes that you are making in real-time. By using a theme such as Divi or Elementor, designers can get more creative and let their workflow. Changes can be made on the fly and you can test several different things in a short period of time to see if your design will work with the rest of the page or clash with what you already have.

Keep in mind also, companies like Elegant Themes also built a lot of functionality into their flagship theme Divi. It is not just a way to build sites fast anymore. You have a wide variety of plugins that can solve problems quickly and add new features to a site that would normally take weeks to code by hand. In this quick guide, we will show you all the advantages of going with a theme such as Divi overusing the hand-coding method that is popular with high-level experts.

Divi intro giveaway

The Divi Theme

This theme is perfect for designers that want to make a change in real-time. Looking at a wall of code is good for cutting out pieces of code that are extraneous, but you also won’t be able to fly through design changes quickly. Say for instance you work for an agency and a client comes to you for a website about their yacht business. The great part about Divi is you can sit down with the client in the office and get started on it right away!

Imagine a client describing how they want everything to look and you are making the changes as they speak. “Create a navigation bar at the top”. If you were coding everything by hand, that might take you ten to twenty minutes as you create everything from scratch and then view it on the screen. With builders like Divi, you have tools that give you drag and drop functionality. Not only that, but everything is customizable without digging into the code. Quickly change the font to one that a client wants. Alter the shape of your boxes. Add a drop shadow and see how it looks. If the client doesn’t like the new addition, just hit control + z and you can undo that change you just made.

Continuing with our example of a client asking for a website and watching as you build it, they might have a set of colors that they are using for their logo and branding already. Not a problem for Divi. Using templates, you can easily switch over all the colors to something that will match the branding your client already has. Many clients are unsure of how they want the layout for a site. After all, they have never designed a page before. You might start out with one layout and get ten minutes into building it when the client starts to feel uneasy and wants to see something else. Divi makes that simple and allows you to quickly switch over to a new layout while you still save the old one in case they want to go back.

Constant Updates To Divi

Another great thing about Elegant Themes and their products is the updates. WordPress is never static. As security flaws are found and people want to add more features and functions, the current version for WordPress changes. The creators over at Elegant Themes won’t give you a product and then abandon it. We are already up to Divi version 4.0 which came out recently last year. This will ensure that even if you are using the latest version of WordPress, everything will still all function together. What are the new features of this amazing product?

Custom Headers and Footers

Need your site to stand out with a different look? Your competitors are all using the same website builders, so why not give yourself a custom header that is going to catch the eye of users as soon as they start their session? You don’t have to use the standard header that Divi had before so experiment with what your customers will like best. Plus, you can create a global website header now that will change your whole website. A great way to save time and implement a cohesive design for all the pages.

Divi theme & plugin

Site-Wide Product Templates

If you run an online shop with a lot of products, you already know how long it can take to get everything up and running with your store. You need photography skills and a nice backdrop for photos of all the products. Everything must be indexed and then you start to order your SKUs. The last thing you want to think about is how your products are going to look on the webpage. With the new changes in Divi version 4.0, create a template for all your product pages instead of editing things over and over. Maybe you sell handmade furniture and you have some products that are best sellers. With a template, you can feature products with a bigger buy box and larger images to catch the eye of the consumer. Products that are not moving as many units can be placed below using a different template that creates a gallery for everything. Now that is a quick way to increase your conversions!

Highly Customizable

Don’t just customize how your products look. With new category templates and post templates, everything you post can be unique to your site and give your pages a distinct look that will set you apart. Search results, tags, blog archives, and even the 404 pages can all have your unique spin now. Divi can also use conditional logic so that your changes only influence certain pages. You have never had this much control with Divi before and all the new changes are great.

Click the button & sign up for the weekly Divi Giveaway by Elegant Themes, it’s free to join the giveaway!

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