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How to Receive Money With PayPal on your WordPress Website

How to Receive Money With PayPal on your WordPress Website

Paypal is one of the leading online payment providers currently. It can be used for payment processing for online stores, auction sites, and sole proprietors that need to accept money online for services rendered. The company originated in 1998 and was then absorbed by eBay four years later. Right now, Paypal is the most widely accepted payment processor in the digital space for retailers in North America.

In this tutorial we use WP Forms to accept payments through PayPal, click the button to download it for free.

What do you need to accept payment through WordPress?

Accepting credit card payments or Paypal is integral to any website being successful. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to know how to accept a wide variety of online payments while still sticking with industry standards and compliance with the law. In the current market, if you are a company that still only accepts checks or money orders, you will struggle to compete with other service providers or stores that have a wide range of payment options.

What should you look for in a payment processor for your WordPress site?

  • PCI DSS compliance. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is very important when it comes to being an online retailer or entrepreneur. This is the strict security standard that your company must meet to handle credit card orders. If this standard is not met, the ability to continue accepting major credit cards will be taken away.
  • SSL certificates. Secure Socket Layer is ready on a website when you see the lock icon next to the URL. Without this, the data exchange can be watched and sensitive data can be stolen when you are making a purchase online.
  • Plugins. WordPress works with a series of plugins to add on to your site and give it new functionality. Without a plugin that is easy to install, any payment processor will be difficult to use in conjunction with your site. It also needs to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and updated on a regular basis.
  • Simple. Is the process of checking out simple? A large number of customers abandon their cart before checkout. It is difficult to convert a high number of customers and a complex and confusing payment system makes things worse. 

Paypal Solution for WordPress

We have looked at the factors that you need for online payments through your WordPress site. Does Paypal meet the criteria? Paypal is PCI compliant which means that they meet the standard for accepting major credit cards. Don’t put your company at risk by accepting online payments through other systems that might be vulnerable. It is better to avoid liability and stick with a company that has already been reviewed by the Payment Card Industry. Your website just needs a SSL certificate and then you will be ready to go with Paypal. The plugin is easy to install and use with your WordPress site and it also makes ordering from you much easier. The process is simple and straightforward.

How to install Paypal with WPForms

How to install Paypal with WPForms

1. Download and install the WPForms plugin for your site. Once this is activated, navigate to the dropdown where you can select settings and tools. At the bottom is a place for new addons. Select addons and then add Paypal. This will let you easily connect the form you will create with WPForms to Paypal so you can collect the data and then send it through your payment processor.

Are you ready to accept payments with PayPal through WP Forms? Click the button & download WP Forms for free!

Create a New Form

2. With PayPal active, create a new form. You can use one of many templates already set up for you such as Billing and Orders. The template comes with all the fields you would normally use to accept payment, but if you want to delete some of the fields and shave it down, the process is simple. Only one field is needed to accept an order which is the item field. Here the user can select from a dropdown, add a single item, or add multiple items to their virtual shopping cart. You may wonder about a field where the user puts in their credit card. That is not needed on your page since the collection of payment will redirect your customer over to the Paypal site. This keeps your customer safe and secure with the knowledge a trusted company is using their data.

Connect to PayPal

3. Now you have your template customized and ready. Connect it to Paypal for easy payments by using the form builder. Click on Payments and then PayPal Standard. Check the box labeled Enable PayPal Standard payments. This will make accepting online funds simple and allow PayPal to process things through their system.

Dynamic Forms

4. Conditional logic for payment is a handy feature to have. With the addon through WPForms, you can create a dynamic form. The smart form can change content depending on the user. Think of ads that pick up on your IP address and then determine your location. We have all seen ads that ask us to check out apartments or houses in our local area. Conditional logic can detect a users behavior and shift the content to meet their needs. 

To set up the conditional logic with the form builder, head to Payments and then PayPal Standard again just like we did in step 3 of this guide. Here, you will see the options that you already customized before. Now we want to select the box Enable conditional logic. Just like that, we are done.

Conditional Logic in WPForms

Conditional logic can go much deeper and become more complex as you start to build up your site and add more options. Say you have a box in your form where users can sign up to go to a conference. It could be for anything. Maybe you are encouraging others to become business owners and your conference appeals to other entrepreneurs. As they fill out the form to purchase an ebook through your site, they also purchase tickets to go to this conference. You have a rule set up before that is triggered by this. It looks for a specific action such as the user buying tickets to your conference. At this point, once the action triggers your rule set, it may give your visitor new options for payment such as PayPal which was not available before.  

Testing PayPal and WPForms

Do you want to see if your conditional logic is working? To test the form, just submit data to the system like a normal user would. PayPal has a Test Mode that allows you to see if transactions are going through before you bring it to the live site. This is an excellent way to test a proof of concept before things possibly go wrong with actual customers. 

How do Customers Complete Payment with WPForms?

Now that we have gone over so many of the regulations and restrictions surrounding the world of online payments, you may be wondering how the customer can complete the payment while you still comply with credit card laws. You don’t need to worry. Users will be brought to the PayPal site to complete the transaction. This is the beauty of hooking up PayPal to your already existing system. WordPress is very simple to use and now plugins make it just as easy to accept payment. Best of all, when the user finishes buying from you, a notification can be sent out to you that lets you know that you have an order. This is going to be important when shipping times and lead time are integral to your business.

What can you do with Paypal?

Paypal is the easy way to send money so that it is done fast and reliably. The service is secure so you don’t have to worry about hackers intercepting payments or stealing valuable banking data. Paypal allows you to:

  • Buy things online in over 200 different countries.
  • Send money to family or close friends no matter where they live.
  • Buy things quickly when shopping online.
  • Accept credit cards for an online store.
  • Donate to a good cause.
  • Create an online shop and get payment for goods and services.
  • Earn rewards through credit card purchases.
  • Rest easy knowing that Paypal is secure.

For Paypal, keeping your information safe is the number one priority. They are constantly vigilant about using anti-fraud technology to detect the latest tricks that hackers and criminals are using. You will be fully protected against any payments that are not done in your name so you won’t need to worry about being liable if your information is stolen. Unauthorized purchases will be credited back to you after the fraud department determines that charges were done by a third party. This is huge for business owners as well that need to accept payment and avoid liability in the future. How can a business owner set up PayPal to work with their already running WordPress site?


It has never been easier to accept PayPal payments when you are running WPForms with your WordPress site. Continue to visit Superb Themes for future guides where we review the latest technology and inform you on how to upgrade your site with both paid and free features. 

Are you ready to accept payments with PayPal through WP Forms? Click the button & download WP Forms for free!

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