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How to Sell a Blog for a Good Price

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We have shared with you our entire strategy for creating a WordPress site, and we have made an in-depth estimate of the costs involved. The many theme and plugin showcases on our blog provide you the best solutions for your site. Hosting is also essential for any website’s success, and we have published many complete hosting reviews. Everything has an end in this world, so we want to prepare you for this event. As a result, our guide teaches you how to sell a blog for a good price. Carefully read the tips for improving the site’s value. You’ll increase the price of your blog significantly by applying these tips.

When you are ready to examine the market, these are two of the most popular blog marketplaces:

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A Blog Is a Business

If you want to sell a blog, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer. If you wouldn’t buy your blog, other people won’t either. Treat your blog like a real business and selling it like an exit. In this way, you can maximize your blog’s chances of getting a serious amount of money. There are many examples of blogs that have been sold for six or even seven-figures, so you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t expect to sell your blog if it looks horrible, has only a few valueless posts, and takes ages to load. People who make serious money from their blogs worked hard to make them attractive to their audience. Only consider selling your blog if it’s aesthetically pleasing and offers valuable content. 

Pre-Sale To-Do List


From the outset, I strongly advise that selling a blog isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Depending on your availability and skills, it may take months until you optimize the blog for sale. Of course, you can sell it anytime you want, but it’s highly unlikely to turn it into a successful business if you don’t prepare the site beforehand.

The to-do list below offers tips that should be applied before making your intention public. These tips will increase your chances of selling the blog and earning a fair price.

Improve the Site Ranking

You can’t perform miracles in a few weeks but getting a higher search engine ranking for a few webpages is achievable. This is one of the reasons why you should think in advance before selling your blog. Buyers look at organic traffic – it’s a basic metric of a site’s success. 

Therefore, it is important to establish how to improve the site ranking in a short time frame. Start with on-page SEO. Check each piece of content and try to improve it. Refine the titles, update the posts to the current situation – if needed, improve the most complicated sentences, check the relevance of the internal and external links, etc. An SEO plugin is an irreplaceable helper to do this job.

Modern and Good-looking Design

No matter how much thought you put into creating awesome content, the site design creates the first impression. You probably already know that the first impression is the last impression on the internet. Review your current site design and decide if it needs a complete revamp. Luckily for you, we did complete reviews of many cool WordPress themes. Please read them before purchasing a new theme for your blog. We developed MinimalistBlogger and Griddist – two themes for blogs and magazine news. These are what you need to make your blog impress all the potential buyers.

Speed Matters

The loading speed is critical for a good user experience. Still, it matters for prospective clients, too. A fast loading site shows that you care about your blog, and you don’t sell a site you don’t have time to maintain. Speed and traffic go hand in hand – you miss many site visitors if your site loads slowly. Hence, do everything you can to sell a fast loading blog.

Increase the Site Revenue


In most cases, people ultimately buy a blog to pay off the purchasing price and generate profits. A blog that has already generated income is way more attractive for prospects. It shows that the blog may be a profitable investment, and its niche is attractive. Indeed, lots of sites with no revenue were sold, but the prices were low.  

         IMPORTANT: Do not say that your blog has the potential to grow. I checked hundreds of offers that were for sale, and the most annoying comment was -” it has the potential to grow.” Buyers don’t offer money for what the blog can be in the future; they pay for the current state. You ask for real money, and they need real assets. Every website can grow, but it matters the most how much work the buyer needs to put in to pay off the investment and earn a profit. There is no website with 0 potential!

Diversify the Income Stream

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket! A single source of income is a huge risk to the growth of any business, including blogs. Even though that source looks stable and generated constant revenue for many months, it’s still a huge no-no for buyers. You never know when that source of income changes its policy. It’s hard to believe that someone will risk their money in this instance.

Inserting ads on your website is the simplest way to generate revenue. Sadly, most advertisers pay peanuts for displaying ads. You need serious traffic to get a decent amount of money. Affiliate marketing is a more profitable approach, but you have to publish stellar content and promote good products to encourage people to open their wallets. Publishing paid content is another good monetization method. 

         IMPORTANT: Diversity means stability when it’s about blog monetization. I learned it the hard way so that you can learn from my mistake. I ran a blog focused on featuring online courses a few years ago. While I started with promoting more advertisers, I promoted a single one that gave me a 40% commission from each course sold. Unfortunately, I ignored other advertisers and other forms of monetization. When everything looked OK, that advertiser decided to cut off the commission sale to 15%. Suddenly, the profit generated by my site went down. I will never buy a blog relying on a single advertiser. Certainly, a unique source of income is a huge red flag for buyers and online entrepreneurs. 

Blog’s Price Evaluation


Much like the prices of offline assets like buildings and houses, online assets’ price varies greatly. It depends on many factors, so it’s near impossible to provide a correct price evaluation. Some say that the price of your blog is what you want to get from it. If you price it $4000, then $4000 is its price.

 A sum between 12 x monthly profit and 36 x monthly profit is a rough approximation of your blog’s price. Practically, a buyer should pay for a blog around a year to three-year of its profit. The price heavily depends on the blog content, its niche, visitors’ engagement, and monetization methods.

Another solution to evaluate your blog is to check the prices of similar sites listed on marketplaces. It’s not the most accurate method, but it provides a rough estimation. Finally, securing the services of a broker is another way to get a blog’s price evaluation. Usually, these brokers work with webmasters running heavily visited websites that generate serious amounts of money. 

How to Sell a Blog

Be clear and concise in everything you do to sell your blog. Any ambiguity will work against you. Don’t forget; the devil is in the detail. For example, be specific about the fate of the blog’s social media accounts. Do you charge them separately, or are they included? What about the list of email subscribers – would you charge separately? Do you offer consultancy for the buyer? If so, specify the number of hours and the conditions for the buyer. A contract reviewed by a lawyer saves you a lot of headaches. Indeed, it costs to hire a lawyer, but you rest assured that once the deal is done, you can take the much-desired vacation.

You have three main options to sell your blog:

  • Inform your friends and partners that you are interested in selling your blog. There is no guarantee that you will sell the blog through referrals, but it certainly worked for other webmasters. It is worth a try.
  • List the blog on a marketplace. Flippa is a large margin, the most popular marketplace for selling sites, but few others are worth mentioning. This is the most common method of selling a blog.
  • Enlist the services of a specialized broker. This method is for heavily visited sites; brokers prefer to work with six-figure blogs or more.

Marketplaces to Sell Your Blog

You probably notified your collaborators about your intention to sell your blog, but none showed any interest in purchasing it. Hence, listing the blog on a marketplace is the next step. These are the most popular marketplaces.

WP Buffs Business Acquisition Unit

WP Buffs business acquisition

WP Buffs traditionally offers 24/7 website management subscriptions that power digital growth and specialize in 24/7 white-label support for agencies, freelancers, and WordPress professionals. In 2019, they launched their business and website acquisition unit for folks specifically looking to exit from a WordPress project and earn a payout multiplier on revenue or profit.

They announced their first successful acquisition of WP EZI in January 2021. They’re specifically looking for growing WordPress-specific blogs and websites to nurture and accelerate the growth. They offer substantial payouts of 1-1.5x yearly profit margins, so by teaming up with them, you could make 18 months of profit in just 1-2 months!



Flippa is the largest and most popular marketplace to sell sites, apps, and domains. The team behind Flippa verifies the sellers and manage the selling process. As a seller, you have to provide clear information about the blog for sale, set the price, and reply to the buyers’ comments. Use the free valuation tool suggested by Flippa to estimate how much you should ask for your site.

Flippa covers a large array of options, from starter sites to heavily visited sites. However, a Flippa agent evaluates your listing so that offensive sites won’t pass this step.

Empire Flippers


Empire Flippers is a marketplace for buyers with solid budgets. Unlike Flippa, Empire Flippers only lists top-tier websites. Try the free evaluation tool to check your site value and list it for sale if it meets the site’s standards. Bear in mind that only a handful of sites meet Empire Flipper’s requirements – check other reviews on this website to find out more about Empire Flippers’ selling sites.



 If you are on a tight budget, Freemarket is what you are looking for. It’s free to list your site, but keep in mind that the commission to the marketplace is lower than the above suggestions. The prices of the sites for sale vary – from one hundred to a few thousand dollars. However, some sites have been listed for sale since 2015. There is an annoying aspect to Freemarket – the admin should have removed the sites that have not been sold for a few years. Also noteworthy is that many listings aren’t real, and you waste time by checking sites that were listed for sale since 2015.

Over to You

 How to sell a blog at a fair price is a broad topic. It’s not enough to be a good webmaster, but you have to be a good salesperson. Also, having a good entrepreneurial sense helps in determining the perfect moment for a profitable exit. This guide is a good start to learn how to sell a blog. Apply all the tips to get a fair price for your blog. Don’t rush; it takes time to find the right buyer.

         Did we miss any good tips? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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