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How To Sell A Website – Where To Go?

How To Sell A Website

As global commerce keeps flowing toward mobile and online options, many wonder how to sell a website. Some designers may feel that it is best to start a website from scratch. Think of a winning idea and then put together your website using different tools like Divi or Elementor. Is this the best way to make a profit quickly? Once it is done, you may still wonder if you are making the most of your investment. In our guide, “How To Sell A Website,” we are going to cover the best ways to make sure you are efficient with your time and making as much as possible on each deal.

Starting From Scratch

Some designers may assume the most efficient way to profit from a site is by designing it from the ground up. For example, you might be an accomplished designer with many slick themes and plugins you have customized for e-Commerce. By starting from scratch, though, you might not be as efficient as you assume.

In our guide, we went over the best ways to buy and sell websites from Flippa. Why would you choose to buy a site that already exists so that you can sell it later?

  • Flippa provides transparent stats to read.
  • See if an idea is successful before you launch from scratch
  • Buy a site from Flippa and then flip it fast for a profit

Think of the world of real estate. Who makes the most money in the shortest period of time? Do you want to create a house from scratch and then try to sell it, or would you rather flip a house that already exists? Most of the time, it makes more sense to flip the existing property. This is because you already know the area, how much you will make from the flip, and the time investment is less.

Sites work similarly. However, it is faster and cheaper to buy a site from a service like Flippa when compared to creating your own site from the basic foundation.

How To Sell A Website In 2021

If we are thinking about selling a website, you need to be aware of Flippa and Empire Flippers sites. Several decades ago, if you wanted to sell a site, you would need to build it all yourself. Unfortunately, there were no services available like Flippa that would help you. Sure, you might have some brokers dealing in highly desirable sites, but these opportunities were unavailable to the average person.

We did a Flippa Review that shows you the advantages you get when you buy a site and quickly flip it for profit. Flippa doesn’t just offer sites. They offer a whole host of services and different ways to generate income. For example, you can buy the following:

  • Applications
  • Services
  • Domains
  • Shopify sites

This gives you a wider range of ways to make income. These different streams can also combine to create a tidal wave of passive income coming in each month.

We like Flippa since you can combine many passive income ideas into an empire. Buy a site that offers information about pets. Follow that up with a Shopify store that is already built to sell pet supplies. Next, you combine these two income streams with an application that includes helpful information about pets and links to a mobile store where people can buy pet food and toys. Links can integrate all these ideas, and you can find it all on Flippa right now. If you have an industry that you want to break into, Flippa is the best way to get started right away.

Which Company Is Best - how to sell a website?

Which Company Is Best?

As the reader, you have already started to see some of the biggest advantages of buying a site that has already been created. So which site is the best to buy from? In our guide, Flippa versus Sedo, we looked at some of the best points from each service.

What does Sedo have to offer you?

  • Easy transfer
  • The simple appraisal process for your site
  • Find out how much your site is worth quickly
  • Negotiate in a variety of languages

One of the main things we like about Sedo is the appraisal process. They have many sites for sale; they can easily tell you how much your site will be worth. When you consider how to sell a website in 2021, you need a service that can do a quick appraisal to know what your site is worth. You would never want to sell an asset before getting a clear idea of what price you can command.

How to use Flippa on the web

Flippa Is The Right Choice for Big Scale In The US and SEDO Is The Right Choice On The Global Market

Flippa also acts as a middle man in a similar capacity to Sedo, but you can sell applications, e-commerce stores, blogs, and mobile apps as well. Really, it all depends on what you have to offer the marketplace. If you have created a lifestyle business with many components such as a blog website, online store, and an app that people download to their phone, you will want to go with Flippa. You could bundle everything together into one sale. However, Sedo will work better if you are looking to sell to a broad and global market, and it will give you access to buyers from China, where online sales continue to explode.

Going through many of our guides where we compare website brokers will give you a better idea of how you should sell your website. This is a very lucrative industry, but you must be informed if you want to avoid getting taken advantage of.

Visit Flippa in order to buy and sell websites!

Visit SEDO in order to buy and sell websites!

The Power Of Blogging

Creating a blog is an awesome way to attract visitors. Your site will begin to rank higher, which will make it easier to sell. The potential buyer will want to see your stats to make sure they are getting a product that will continue to generate revenue over time. We went over how you can sell a blog with a very informative guide.

If you want to harness the power of blogging, first, you need to make sure that your content is hitting certain benchmarks. For example, where would your blog fall?

  • Informative
  • The authority on the subject
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • It educates readers

If you can hit all of these qualities with your writing, your site and blog will be much more valuable when you sell it later. In addition, people are drawn to sites where the writer and team are viewed as the authority on the subject.

Take, for example, you are thinking of buying some speakers for your car. Are you going to go with just any speakers that you find? Of course, some will, but the majority will research the different aspects of speakers first. What is the quality like? What will be the amount of dB generated with the finished product? These are questions for an expert.

If your site is positioned as a group of experts in the field of speakers, people will come to your site to read your reviews. They will trust your experience and go with your recommendations. Of course, this gives you a great avenue to sell products. This could be through affiliate income, or you could sell your own speaker line. It really is up to you, but you need to start to form that foundation now. Build up your blog using the points that we set out. Give yourself authority. Make content that will educate your readers.

How To Sell A Website Conclusion

In the end, how you decide to sell your site will be up to you. We have provided many different guides to help you sell on platforms such as Flippa or SEDO. Each broker has its own specialty, which you will find as you do more research. Find out what industries you can find on the different broker sites. For example, if there are many lawn care sites being sold with one of the big sites, your application and blog about keeping your lawn green should go with what is already working.

When you finally decide to go with a specific site to act as the middleman, collect your data so that it is ready to go. Potential buyers will want to know when the site was started. When did you begin to make money from the site? Where does your traffic come from?

All of these are important factors if you want top-dollar for your e-Commerce site. In addition, you can use your Google Analytics account and other additional plugins to see exactly where all your customers are coming from. Potential buyers will want to know where they should focus their marketing efforts depending on demographics that like your product and what devices they are using.

On top of this, you also need to have a reason for selling your site as well. If you are consistently making income from your site and tell a buyer that you are giving that up, they will want a good reason. Have that reason ready. It needs to sound believable so that buyers are not scared off thinking that revenue is decreasing. Put together all of these factors, and you will have a winning plan to sell your next site.

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