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How To Transfer A Domain To Bluehost

How To Transfer A Domain To Bluehost

Things started so well with your current host. The price seemed right, and people were so nice when you spoke to them for support. As time goes on, though, it can seem like your host starts to pay less attention. Many people have reported that at first, their host provided great support. Answered all of their emails fast. Unfortunately, customer service starts to go downhill after your account is a few months old. This leads many to the question of how to transfer a domain to Bluehost. If you have wondered about this, you will be excited to read through our guide. Let’s look into how you can move your domain.

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An Easy Switch

It always makes things simple when you have your domain registration and hosting service with the same company. When you use both services together, you can handle both things with just one account. Login with your normal password, and then you can register as many new domains as you would like with your host. It makes it a simple process to keep track of all the different sites you might have going at one time. This is even more important if you run an agency that works with multiple sites.

You should be aware of a few tips before you get started with the process. Make a note of the following:

  • The transfer is allowed for the following extensions. They include .com, .net, .org, .us, .co, .info, and also .biz. Other extensions such as .club would not be able to be shifted over. Many times other extensions cost less, but you can’t always make a transfer.
  • You must complete all steps for the transfer before you initiate the process. When all of the steps are not in place, it could delay the transfer.
  • If you just renewed your domain, don’t transfer the domain for 45 days. If you do the transfer, you could lose your renewal.

Last of all, you should keep in mind that you don’t need to have Bluehost as your host if you move your domain over to them. The host for your site and where you have your domain can be different. However, we do recommend that you keep them together. As we noted before, you can then see everything when you log in to just one account. It also helps you remember where all of your files are if you combine the two. If you want to move your domain to Bluehost, you should probably also change your hosting.

Transfer A Domain To Bluehost

Get Your Domain Ready

Now that we covered our tips to get started, you must get the domain ready. Not completing these steps will result in delays later on. First, figure out who you are registered with. More than likely, the current host for your site is also where you registered with them. If you need to confirm this, give them a call.

Now that you understand where your domain is registered, review your contact info. The WHOIS database will keep domain records as well as contact information. ICANN requires this in case the owner of a domain needs to be contacted. Bluehost will need this information to be correct if you move your domain to them. Go through everything to make sure that you can be reached if there is an issue. When you put in your email, don’t use one associated with your current company or domain. Instead, use something like your Gmail or a Yahoo account.

If you notice something is wrong, you can update it. This will initiate a change of registrant process. You will need to go through more verification before the changes update. The registrar wants to make sure you are the domain owner before making changes to their records. This is a security issue and helps to stop hackers. It may take some time to confirm these changes.

Disable Privacy

Did you add some privacy when you registered your domain? That is usually done when somebody wants to be left anonymous. Perhaps you were afraid of litigation, or you were doing a site where putting out your identity could result in people trying to contact you that you would rather not speak with. If the nature of a site could be controversial as a political site, that also would be a time where you would want more privacy about who owns the domain.

If you want to move your site over, this will need to be disabled. The registrar needs to be able to see your actual contact info for the WHOIS registration. Now they can send the codes to the person that owns the domain so that the transfer can go through correctly. Everything has multiple steps to stop hackers from getting into your account and potentially transferring a site to themselves, making a significant amount of money each month.

Use The Right Name Servers

When somebody types in your URL or your site’s name, that needs to be connected to your new host. In this case, we are assuming when you move your domain to Bluehost, you will also be using them to host your content. So make sure you use the name servers below. That will move incoming traffic to Bluehost so they can display your HTML, CSS, and JS.


You can skip this step if you would like. Just be aware that it may result in delays. If you can’t find where to switch the name servers, call support. This will ensure that when you switch from another host to Bluehost, things stay up during the whole process, and you have zero downtime. If downtime is not important, then this step will not carry as much weight.

Unlock And Use The Code

At this point, you may have started to see a pattern emerging. When you do a domain transfer, many security steps need to be taken. If you run a successful business, the last thing that you would want would be to have a hacker transfer a domain to themselves. That is why we need to unlock the domain now. Until you complete this step, the domain can’t move over to a new company. When you unlock it, this means it is now available to be transferred. You might be able to do this on your own with your options or settings. If you can’t, contact your host and have them unlock it for you.

Now you need the EPP code. This may also go by the name Authorization Code or the Auth Code. This password for the domain should be a combination of both letters and numbers. Once again, this is a security feature to ensure only the true owner can shift a domain. Some businesses have built up a monthly income in the six figures for their site. That is why there are so many safeguards that will ensure the true owner requests this switch. If you can’t find the EPP code you need, the content hosting should guide you. They will want to confirm your identity first, and then they will give you the steps to get your code.

Bluehost domain transfer

How To Transfer A Domain To Bluehost Continued

We are almost there, and soon you will have your domain moved to a great host. When you log in, you are going to see your navigation on the left side. Select Domains and then select Transfer. Once that is done, you will select the domain that you want to transfer. If you work with an agency, you can move several at one time. Do you still have that code that you got before? Good! You will need to input the code if you want to continue with the transfer. This is why we recommended that you complete all steps leading up to this transfer. If you don’t have the correct code, go back to that step. Remember that you can still contact support if you don’t see the correct EPP code.

Keep in mind; you will be sent an email to confirm this transfer. It will be the email that is associated with the admin account. You will need to check your email and confirm that you want to go through with the transaction. Now update the name servers. It should be the name servers for Bluehost if you want the transfer to go smoothly. Agree to your terms of service, and you are going to be all set.

How To Transfer A Domain To Bluehost Conclusion

Wrapping up our article, how to transfer a domain to Bluehost, feel free to check on the transfer’s progress. If it seems like it is taking longer than usual, go back and look at the article’s steps. For example, did you unlock your domain so that you can transfer? Did you put in the proper EPP code? If you input the name servers incorrectly, it can result in delays that hold up the process.

Bluehost has been nice enough to give you the option to see how the transfer is going. So, log in with your account and take a quick look. It should not take longer than five days. If your transfer goes beyond this point, contact Bluehost to see if there is something that you forgot to do. For now, continue to check with our site for more guides and tips. We have the latest in WordPress and also hosting news. Thanks!

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