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How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Sales

How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Sales
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In today’s environment, a company needs to speak with customers and hot leads in a friendly way that is also personal. We are bombarded with ads through so many different channels now. When you watch TV you have commercials. When you are watching a video through Youtube, there are going to be ads. The radio has various audio only ads and magazines also are full of advertisements. It can feel like there is no way to escape all of the advertising that is constantly thrown at us.

ActiveCampaign seeks to change this feeling. Ads that are not personalized to you feel fake and spammy. If you are seeking out a product though, an ad can be perfect and help you make the right decision on a product. Take for example you are thinking about buying a new car. You have a great idea of all the features you are looking for. It has to be a four door with a few luxuries and also it should be good on gas mileage. If you are presented with ads for new trucks or boats, these won’t interest you because you are the wrong demographic. However, if advertisers can determine that you are in the market for a new car, they will be showing you ads that will be relevant. That is the important factor in all of this. How relevant is that ad to you? If you see car videos presented to you that have choices you have not thought of before, it will help you when it comes to your decision. You will be able to easily compare the various features from the different manufacturers and then make a better choice. In a case like this, you will be paying close attention to any ads because you are about to make the purchase and you need to make a good decision.

Create A Personal Experience

ActiveCampaign is going to create that personal experience for the customer. It takes into account how many times you interacted with them already and what you already know about them. If you are a company that offers many different products or services, it is important to segment your market so that you are not offering things to customers that have no interest in every product you offer. At the same time, you would not market to a new lead in the same way you will pitch to somebody that is familiar with your product.

Take for example you run a store that caters to customers looking to buy a mountain bike. For a consumer that knows nothing about mountain biking or even bikes in general, they would appreciate certain tactics in marketing. You could present them with ebooks that can teach them the basics. You can direct them to a glossary on your homepage that is going to contain a list of terms that are commonly used in the hobby and help them get informed. A new customer that is unsure of what they need will appreciate this way of marketing because you cater the approach to where they are in the customer life cycle. A new person to the sport would love to have more information on the basics and you can create a customer for life by freely sharing information.

Now think of the same scenario, but switch out the new rider with an experienced pro. Once you start to capture information on the demographics visiting the site, you need to take this into account when you tailor your approach. What works for somebody that is totally new to the sport will be a turnoff to somebody that already has a decade of experience in the hobby.

Think of this situation. There is a seasoned rider that has spent decades on mountain biking and riding in general. If your site is offering them an ebook on the basics and directing them toward a glossary that will be useless, the user will feel like your company doesn’t fit them. It doesn’t cater toward the more advanced crowd. They may move on to another retailer and seek out an expert that can help them advance. This is the risk that is run when you are not getting into the mind of your customer. An advanced mountain bike rider will not be receptive to information that is not on their level. They will want to know about more advanced trails and tips to help them push on to the next level. ActiveCampaign helps you create personalized sales funnels so that customers with different levels of experience will be more likely to use your service.

How to Use ActiveCampaign to Increase Your Sales


ActiveCampaign is going to be your secret weapon when it comes to marketing. Not only will you have a personalized way of reaching out to audiences, but you can also easily create landing pages as well. In the world of digital marketing, a landing page is simply just a single web page that is made for your ad campaign. The name comes from the fact the customer lands on the page after they click on an ad through Google or they are following a link placed in a blog post or video. You can use any number of ways to get a customer into your sales funnel so that they land on this customized page that will convert. 

A normal web page is set up to provide information and help customers understand your product. A landing page has just one goal in mind and that is to have a customer complete a CTA or call to action. Since the landing page is specifically set up to increase sales, it will boost your bottom line and lower the cost of acquisition for leads.

ActiveCampaign is well aware how important a landing page is and have provided excellent tools to help you construct them quickly and efficiently. You won’t need to know any sort of coding language to get started since it is all done with a drag and drop builder, similar to how you might put together a web page with Divi or any of the other popular page builder plugins.



What if you are looking for something beyond the landing page builder provided by ActiveCampaign? WPForms is the perfect way to start building your email list. With 100’s of templates ready to go, forms set to collect leads, and seamless integration with ActiveCampaign, this is the perfect way to set up forms quickly and easily. 

Visitors to your website can be converted into subscribers so that you can send them great deals in an email blast or promotions that are ending soon. WPForms makes setting up forms a breeze. Everything is stored automatically in the ActiveCampaign list that you set up so you won’t need to worry about importing lists or have to convert things to a new file type that will be compatible.

WPForms also makes it possible to follow up automatically with new contacts that were just added to your list. Perhaps you set up an offer on a landing page that promises a free ebook if a customer provides their email address. This is a very common marketing tactic that has received a lot of popularity in recent years. Customers like getting something for free, and in turn the marketers are happy to have a channel to reach customers. ActiveCampaign can be set up to automatically send an introduction email to this potential customer to introduce yourself and what your company can do.

Conditional logic is also available when you are working with both ActiveCampaign and WPForms. Tags can be used to break down your customer segments depending on the information that is gathered by forms. Maybe a survey was posted on your social media that shows visitors prefer one product over another. When you follow up with them in email, you can segment your customers depending on how they responded so that you are showing them offers that they are more likely to buy. 


Integration is simple. You can select a simple embed which uses Javascript or a full embed. With the simple embed, changes that you make in ActiveCampaign will show up right away. This is a great option when you need to make sudden changes on the fly. Full embed code uses a combination of CSS and HTML together. This is a static form that can not be changed quickly. Changes that you make inside of ActiveCampaign will not show up on the form. When you need to make changes with a full embed, copy the lines of code and then paste it into the HTML you already have. Depending on where you paste your code, that will change where it appears on your page which means you have more control over where it will be on the page.

That is it for this short tutorial on both ActiveCampaign and WPForms. Both of these services are excellent and they are a great way to increase sales by targeting customers. Continue to visit Superb Themes to get the latest in how you can bump up conversions and target customers.

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