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How to Use WordPress Image Editor Plugins to Save Money & Time

How to Use WordPress Image Editor Plugins to Save Money & Time

Anyone running a website today must work with images quite a bit. The value of visuals for marketing and sales purposes seems to be growing all the time. Therefore, mastering photo editing software and image manipulation services have become a necessity. There are many solutions of this type available today, and the majority of them are sophisticated. However, these programs aren’t cheap. Therefore, a large number of website owners have to settle for somewhat subpar free editors. Let us explain how to Use WordPress Image Editor Plugins to Save Money & Time.

But today, there is a more effective solution to this issue. WordPress editor plugins can provide all the tools you need for a much more reasonable price.

Why Images Matter: The Use of Pictures in Online Marketing

An image speaks better than a thousand words. This is true and marketing experts of today understand this. So they use a significant number of visuals, and everyone who wants their content to make an impression should do the same.

First of all, the images are more memorable. Human minds can recall about 65% of the visuals that we see instead of 10% of the information learned through hearing. Also, the message communicated by a visual is processed much faster by the mind. Therefore, by planting an eye-catching picture at the top of your post, you can get the reader hooked right away.

But most importantly, beautiful images are more likely to keep people on the page long enough to finish reading. That’s why you should include more than one embodiment in your content.

Of course, for your images to score the best results, you need to ensure they are top-quality as well as unique. This can be a challenge if you are building a website on a budget. In this case, hiring a pro photographer to provide you with unique images is out of the question. However, you can use stock photo websites to buy pictures for cheap or even get them for free. Then, you’ll only need to edit them to fit your theme, add the logo, etc.

Editing is an essential step for making regular stock images into something special. Therefore, obtaining some type of photo editor software is a must. This is where you might encounter another problem. While there are many excellent photo editor solutions, most of them cost no less than $100. This is a considerable expense, considering that you can have a great website up and running for about $300

Image Editing 101: Do You Need to Buy Professional Software?

Image Editing 101: Do You Need to Buy Professional Software?

There is no denying the fact that professional photo editing software can help you create phenomenal images. With these solutions, you can take a mediocre shot and twist it into a highly memorable and enchanting picture. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that this software is expensive, like all professional-grade tools are.

However, if you have a WordPress website, you can achieve great results with image editing right from the dashboard. The good news is that there is a WordPress plugin for everything these days. Therefore, you can avoid spending quite a bit of cash on purchasing professional software.

Of course, the range of features and sophistication won’t be on the same level. However, you don’t need them to be to make great images for blog posts. And if you are using the best WordPress image editor plugins, you can create images that will look professional even if you don’t have specialized training. These solutions are designed to be easy for anyone to use. Therefore, you can master any of them if you study the plugin’s features and go through the included user guides.

You can also lookup articles with tips and tricks for image editing. Armed with those ideas and a useful plugin, you’ll be able to create images that look professional. Therefore, you will be able to use them for effective marketing, which is the main point.

What Are WordPress Image Editor Plugins Capable Of?

WordPress photo editor plugins offer all the most popular image editing tools. This means that you can use them to split the picture into layers. Then, you can edit each layer to create a truly stunning result. This particular feature is most important because it removes the risk of ruining the image. It’s mostly used to add logos or descriptions to make a generic stock photo into a branded piece.

Of course, the plugins will also change the colors and parameters like exposure and white balance. They also include a variety of filters and visual effects you can add to enhance images. These are very handy if you want to create a specific visual style for your brand. With the right application of filters, you’ll be able to adjust almost any image to fit in with your chosen theme.

In addition to this, photo editor plugins will help you crop and resize pictures. These features are essential to make images SEO-friendly. You will appreciate them most when editing portraits that will be used in social media posts. Those must meet specific format requirements. And with a good editor, you’ll be able to prep them in moments.

Finally, WordPress photo editors come with a wide selection of pre-designed templates. These will be helpful for those who are only starting their website promotion. Using templates will save you a lot of time. This will also give you a chance to see what works best for your content.

Bottom Line: Use WordPress Plugins to the Fullest to Save Money

Professional photo editors are great, but you don’t have to spend over $100 to edit your images. Much cheaper WordPress plugins can do the bulk of the work for you. The majority of non-professionals won’t use even half of the features that professional software offers. Therefore, there is no point in paying for something you won’t take full advantage of anyway.

WordPress is a platform made for plugins and templates. As such, using WP editors with their big libraries of presets will help you manage your website faster. The templates will also ensure that you are posting images optimized just the right way to make maximum impact.

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