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HubSpot Alternatives (2022 Edition)

Are you looking for a way to break away from HubSpot? It is a great service, but it still has issues that some users can’t get past. Using our guide, we show you HubSpot alternatives that you can download now. Using this list of excellent plugins, you might find out about some plugins you never knew existed. Read on and discover why it may benefit you to switch over to a new type of marketing.

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Have you been working with HubSpot, but you are starting to notice things they could do better? You are not alone. HubSpot is an excellent CRM and one of the most popular. Still, though, there is always room for improvement. After all, if you don’t experiment with other ways to connect with customers, how will you know if you are using the best out there?

Some may bring up services such as PipeDrive and ClickFunnel. Both of these are excellent ways to keep track of your customers and make sure nobody is falling through the cracks! Some other services may accomplish just a portion of what HubSpot can do. This would include MailChimp, which has an excellent free option! Why spring for expensive software when you can just get the free software and use it for a time to see if you like it? Many companies will do this to make sure that they are getting a good service before getting involved in a contract. With our guide on HubSpot alternatives, we will look at the best ways to get all the same functions out of your plugins while avoiding being reliant on HubSpot.

You might be apprehensive to switch over to ActiveCampaign

1. ActiveCampaign 

You might be apprehensive about switching over to ActiveCampaign. Once you have learned something as complicated as HubSpot, it is tough to face the fact you need to learn a whole new set of software. HubSpot is complicated, and it takes many hours to determine how everything works. They even have their own academy so that you can understand how to use it.

While this is true, don’t worry about switching over to ActiveCampaign. They have made it as easy as possible to feel comfortable making the jump over to something foreign. They have a 14-day trial that gives you time to test out the software. That gives you up to 100 contacts, and you can send 100 emails. Not a bad deal considering all of that is free. Do you get all the same features? The answer is yes. All the professional tier features are available to you. You never get charged unless you make the switch to a paid account. That should make you feel better knowing that you won’t get a surprise bill later.

Don’t think it is possible to have a version that is easier than HubSpot? There is a flow chart on the main page that shows just how easy the process is. Easily make a form. Have users fill it out. Check your reports and follow up with active leads. Profit! It is that simple. If you are having trouble with HubSpot, give ActiveCampaign a free trial for the two weeks.

This CRM can help you in many different ways.

2. Ontraport 

Need HubSpot alternatives? Have you heard of Ontraport? This CRM can help you in many different ways.

  • Forms
  • Membership Sites
  • Building Leads
  • Landing Pages

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Ontraport. You should not feel like you are forced to use HubSpot if it doesn’t mesh well with your team. There are many different kinds of software out there that are going to help you master customer service.

With Ontraport, you are going to boost your sales. What do we mean by that? Landing pages are a snap when you work with Ontraport. These pages are designed to push sales. When somebody clicks on a link, it brings them to a page that converts. This is all part of your sales funnel that you need to pay attention to.

These attractive pages can be used to promote anything. It could be a new, hot product or even a service you are just rolling out. Landing pages have been proven with data to push conversions and get more people on the mailing list. Why let your competition make the sale when you can have the edge?


Forms are also made easier with HubSpot alternatives. When you want people to attend a conference, how do you set this up? Create a form that can accept an RSVP. Perhaps you want to accept payment for this conference. Set up a form. Forms really can do quite a bit in terms of helping you advance your business. Why try to build them by hand when so many are premade?

Membership sites are also easier to build. What might have been a nightmare for just one person is now possible. Launch a membership site with awesome information and then manage all the users from one set of software. You don’t need a patchwork solution to start getting passive income. The revenue will keep coming in while you relax when you run a membership site.

This alternative has so many features it is hard to list them all.

3. Wishpond

This alternative has so many features it is hard to list them all.

  • Marketing automation
  • Popups
  • Tracking customers
  • Custom forms

Does it feel like you are wasting time trying to figure out who you called and who you still need to call? You are not alone. When looking at HubSpot alternatives, we noticed that Wishpond has an excellent goal. They want to be your one-stop CRM, so you don’t have conflicts between five different programs. What else can it do for you?

Segment up your demographics! Not all customers are the same. They each have their own set of goals that they are trying to accomplish. Some may use your product for one reason, while others need it for something totally different—no problem with that. Just make sure your marketing makes sense.


By breaking up your customers into different buckets, you can make sure the right emails go out to the right customers. For instance, an auto parts store is probably using your service in a very different way than a stay-at-home mom. Thus, you want your email to have a totally different tone and presentation. These custom emails can also go out depending on the activity seen. Did a customer download an ebook on time management? Maybe they would also be interested in your email about time management software. Wishpond lets you reach customers at the right time!

Afraid to try new software? What if you get a free trial with as many contacts as you need?

4. Sendinblue 

Afraid to try new software? What if you get a free trial with as many contacts as you need? With this alternative, you will be able to test drive the system before you get tied up in a contract. The paid version that is one tier up is just going to be twenty-five each month. It is not bad, and it comes with support and the ability to send emails in the six figures.

This has applications for almost any company. It can range from marketing teams to a non-profit. No matter what you want to use this for, you will start connecting with customers differently. It won’t be the same tired emails. When each contact with a customer is custom, you are going to notice better returns.

Make ads for Facebook right inside of this software. Need some help with that? Don't worry.

5. GetResponse

Make ads for Facebook right inside of this software. Need some help with that? Don’t worry. They make it easy to make creatives. Each Facebook ad is going to be custom to your business. Maybe you don’t use Facebook. No problem. Get going with ads on all the popular social media platforms.

You can also target abandoned carts. This greatly boosts conversions because you already know the customer was interested! Why let those sales go wasted when you have the contact information for the potential customer. You can also detect if a customer is about to leave and present them with a better deal. Awesome software to work with!

In short this software can do all of the following for you if you need it.

  • Popup forms
  • Detect exit intent
  • Convert abandoned carts
  • Create forms
  • Track customers

Really, what more can you ask for? This will pretty much do it all! Amazing work from a company that cares about their users.

HubSpot Alternatives

If you have been using HubSpot for a while, you may be attached to it. We can’t blame you. Once you get used to the software, it is hard to change. That can put you in a bad position, though. When HubSpot wants to raise prices, what can you do? You have to understand several alternatives so that HubSpot won’t take advantage of you in the future.

By having several types of CRM software you can use, you will always be in control. Don’t let HubSpot get away with bad customer service. Let them know there are alternatives out there you can use. This, in turn, will increase the quality of work from all the companies. When businesses want to compete for work from you, the customer wins in the end.

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