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HubSpot Review

HubSpot Review

Do you need a solution to help you capture more leads and then turn those leads into customers? HubSpot has software that can work on many different levels. From just personal use all the way to a full-sized agency, HubSpot has the answers to your questions. Let’s take a look at both the pros and cons of the HubSpot software. We want a good idea of how it can help us and also where it might be lacking. Read our HubSpot review here!

HubSpot Pricing

First, we want to take a look at the pricing. This can be both a selling point and also a point where many consumers will pause. With their marketing hub, you will have all the tools you need to start converting your leads over to long time customers.

HubSpot Pricing

At the lowest level, you get a lot with the lowest tier. For just forty dollars each month, you have access to a slew of tools that will make your marketing teams better. Take, for example, the following items you can expect when you get the lowest tier.

  • Landing pages that convert well
  • Management for your ad campaigns
  • Live Chat to solve problems
  • Bots that can help customers

This is really just scratching the surface of what you can expect when you start working with HubSpot. When you look at the long list of features you are going to get right off the bat with even the lowest tier, it is obvious that the creators have thought of everything that you would need to set your business apart. Let’s look at some of these top features.

Landing Pages

What is a landing page? If you go to your website right now, you will land on the home page first. This is not a landing page since it is set up to introduce customers to your product or service. From here, they may click on your about page or even the contact page. They are looking for products, so they might click on a product page to browse your goods. None of these are really landing pages.

With a landing page, it is part of your sales funnel. Maybe you want to have customers buy your new book in regards to vitamins. You will send out links on your blog and social media that will bring them to a special sales page designed to get them to buy your book. It will have a sales copy and be focused on getting you increased sales.

HubSpot offers you a way to set up these special sales pages. You don’t have to be ordinary with your sales numbers. Getting only one to three percent in conversions is normal for most Internet-based companies. People that have started to introduce landing pages are sometimes seeing conversions reach into double digits. This is because the landing page is focused strictly on making the sale and increasing your numbers. HubSpot is going to help with that.

Conversation Bots

If you head over to the HubSpot site, you are going to see another way that they can start to increase your sales. When you are selling on the Internet, your business is open around the clock. This is a big difference from a normal brick and mortar store. There is no reason you have to open up at eight and then close down again around five or six. You can keep making sales on a global scale.

HubSpot Chatbot Review

As you can see from the image above, there is a chat window in the lower right corner of the screen. From this, you might notice that you are given the option to learn more about pricing for HubSpot and the right package for your team. The bot will then ask for your first and last name, and away you go. The bot will answer simple questions you might have about HubSpot and what you should sign up for.

This same technology can be applied to your company. HubSpot gives you access to chatbots that you don’t need to program on your own. Many times, to code one of these chatbots, it is a chore to make sure it works right and is coded correctly. HubSpot just got rid of that hurdle. This allows you to answer questions about products and make sales even when you are sleeping. If you have more questions, try out the chatbot that HubSpot put on their site. It is a marvel to see how the technology works.

The Professional Tier

The next tier up in terms of HubSpot is where the site takes a huge leap in price. Most companies and individuals will be able to stomach a forty dollar bill each month to give them access to well-designed forms, chatbots, and landing pages that are going to convert better.

With HubSpot, the professional tier is $800.00 each month. That will be more than most people are willing to pay. With this giant leap in price, you will be given tips on SEO and what your blog should focus on. While this will increase your conversions and draw more traffic, most consumers will not be willing to pay such a huge increase when they can use other SEO tools and then start to write the content on their own.

Using HubSpot for Free

You may question if the lowest tier for HubSpot is even worth your time. After all, don’t you have to try out a product and really experiment with it before you know if it will increase sales?

HubSpot has provided a huge number of free tools to show you what they can do for your site. The CRM tools they give you at no charge are going to help you do a ton of different things.

  • Contact Management
  • Contact Website
  • Web Activity
  • Companies Details
  • Scheduled Tasks and Activities

We all know how hard it is to keep track of all the leads you are trying to follow. With HubSpot, you are going to find it really boosts your sales effort. Easily track who you need to call and when using contact management.

Free Marketing Tools

HubSpot doesn’t just try to help you keep track of all the different leads you need to follow up with. They are also going to give you free tools to help with marketing as well. What can you expect with your free tools?

  • Ad Manager
  • Segment your lists
  • Inbox conversations

When you run campaigns, the ad spend can easily reach thousands every day. Between Facebook, Instagram, and ads running on other forms of social media, it is easy to start racking up huge bills on your credit card. You can track all of it using HubSpot. What ads are performing? Which ads do you need to cut? Figure it out by using the right tools. On top of that, HubSpot will also help you with email marketing. It is one thing to get the email from the lead. You still need to close the deal. Free tools given out by HubSpot help you figure it out and let you create amazing emails that will look professional and get clicks.

Free Service Tools

What about servicing? We know that you need excellent customer service if you want to keep your customers. It is not just enough to close the deal. With excellent attention to detail, you can keep your core group of consumers happy and make sure that they stay with you over time.

When you work with HubSpot, they are going to help you with the following:

  • Ticketing
  • Live chats
  • Bots that cover questions

All of these aspects work together to make sure your customer base feels like they are being heard. When you have a large enough company, you need a ticket system to keep track of all the issues! HubSpot has given you free tools to make sure you don’t feel like you are being overwhelmed. Keep in mind, with these free tools, and they pledge to always keep these tools for free. That is amazing considering how much software now costs.

Bots working in the chat window are an excellent way to make sure that your visitors have all the information they need to make informed choices. When you are sleeping, how can you respond to calls and issues? There is no way you will have people who can constantly respond to every problem that crops up. That is why HubSpot has given you tools like chatbots that can answer those simple questions, so they don’t make your employees’ time.

HubSpot review – Conclusion

HubSpot provides many different types of software that all work together to address any part of your company. They have provided a lot of different free tools that let you try out parts of the service before you sign up for the monthly fee. At the professional level, as well as the agency level, the price is quite high. Keep this in mind before you sign up for the monthly payment. Continue to check back with us for further reviews and the latest in technology.

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