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Imagify Review

Imagify Review

Sites are slowing down. Have you found that it seems like your main page is taking longer to load? It could be that the pictures on your homepage are holding you back. Pictures are now high-quality and high-resolution as everybody has access to great cameras with their phones. With our Imagify review, we wanted to highlight how you can lower the load time for all your pages. The same team behind WP Rocket does it. This group is already known for speeding up sites with the help of plugins. Using this guide, you can understand better how Imagify can help your site and also increase revenue. Let’s begin our Imagify review.

Are you ready to give Imagify a try? Click the button & try out Imagify for free.

The Upside Of Imagify

Why should you choose Imagify? Some of the things that stand out that we have seen include the following:

  • Better SEO results
  • Faster optimization
  • No detectable loss in quality

You may wonder how just one plugin can offer all these advantages. The team behind Imagify already has a ton of experience with getting sites optimized. They were behind the viral plugin WP Rocket. If you have spent any time trying to optimize your site, you have already come across this plugin. WP Rocket is one of the most famous and used in caching content so that you are not loading the same content repeatedly. Let us look at how Imagify works hand in hand with WP Rocket to improve upon an already fast product.

Let us take a look at how Imagify works hand in hand with WP Rocket to improve upon an already fast product.

SEO Results

Users of Imagify have reported higher conversions and additional revenue. How does a plugin that works with pictures and images equate to additional revenue? For that answer, let’s go to Yoast, experts in the field of SEO.

You will find some surprising figures in this Yoast article. For mobile, the average site is taking roughly 15 seconds to load in full. What does the average user expect from a website? Most people feel a site should load in around 2 to 3 seconds. Once you go beyond this threshold, people will go back out and try another site for their solution—literally every second count.

Imagify is going to chop your loading times down to get you in a range where your customers won’t notice the loading time. This results in many benefits.

  • Ranking increases for SEO
  • Google can crawl the site more easily
  • Lower bounce percentages
  • Easier navigation in general
  • Increased sales

Would you turn down these numerous benefits considering the low price of Imagify?

Imagify Pricing

As we saw in the previous paragraph, Imagify provides a huge amount of upside to your business. Faster load times result in a boost to sales. In the long run, though, it will only put extra money in your pocket for as long as you make additional sales while subtracting the plugin’s cost.

Imagify charges every month. You will continue to use a service over time versus a plugin that you only pay for once. The lowest tier starts you out with a gig of data. That will run you only $4.99. If you run over 1 gig, the cost is still very reasonable. For each additional gig, you can expect to pay another five dollars. It is great to work with a company that doesn’t punish customers with exorbitant prices if they go over their cap. If you have a month working with many high-resolution images, you won’t need to panic.

Beyond that, if you move up to the basic tier, you will get 2 gigs for $8.99. There is a small saving here versus the lowest tier. Additional gigs of data will cost only $4.00. This is one of the more popular tiers and proves to be adequate for many companies as they get started with the idea of optimizing images on their site.

Imagify Review – Great For Large Companies

As you are reading this Imagify review, you may wonder if the service will also work for your personal business. What if you run a real estate company with fifty agents under you? That will be a lot of videos and images on your site as you have new listings popping up all the time. Can Imagify handle that kind of workload?

You will be fine to go with the highest tier of service that they offer. For $69.99, you are going to get 50 gigs to work with. If you need additional images done, it will only be one dollar for every gig. That means if you go past your cap by fifty gigs each month, it will just be fifty dollars. That is a low price for image optimization that is very reasonable.


We have gone over the very efficient pricing and just a few of the great benefits you will see with Imagify. What are reviewers saying on the web? Let’s look at a prominent tech reviewer, Ryan @ Web Eminence. He had already tried other similar plugins on the market. Compared to plugins like Smush, Ryan prefers to go with Imagify because of the ease of use. He also comes from the perspective of trying both the paid model as well as the free version.

During his video review, he points out how easy it is to choose which files you want to compress. Search for the plugin through the dashboard you have in WordPress. Activate the plugin and then type in the API key you have been given. You can see an app on the main page where you drag and drop images. Don’t worry about complicated directions and trying to set up batch scripts. Just pull your file over to the page and select the level of compression you want from three different choices. This comes in handy if you need to compress something quickly and don’t have access to WordPress.

This comes in handy if you need to quickly compress something and you don't have access to WordPress.


You may wonder how hard it is to work with the plugin or the online app. One of the main reasons that reviewers love to work with Imagify over Smush or Shortpixel is that everything makes sense even if you are not coming from a technical background. Look at the three levels of compression to choose from. You have Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. Just from these names alone, you will have a good idea of how much compression will be applied to your image. If you have further questions, make a visual comparison offered through a link next to the compression settings.

 If you have further questions, do a visual comparison which is offered through a link next to the compression settings.

Next, you will have some boxes that you can check and make things even easier. When you click on the box for automation, you won’t need to worry about dragging in each image you want to compress. The system will automatically take care of it for you. This is handy for business people that may be low on time and already know which compression levels work well for them and their site.

You also have the ability to create automated backups. This is another great feature if you try to juggle working for yourself, setting up a website, and still having an optimized site. If something unexpected happens and the site gets wiped, no problem. Just go into Imagify to retrieve what you lost, and it will already optimize things for you. Perfect!

Imagify Review Conclusion

If you are serious about running an online business, you need a service like Imagify. It is simple to use and won’t get you bogged down with confusing jargon and presenting you with algorithms that you don’t understand. When you optimize your different images, it will keep track of them and make it easier to pull them back up later.

The bulk optimizer under the media menu is perfect for people that are in the e-commerce space. When you are selling many products, you will also have plenty of product pictures that will need to be optimized. The bulk optimizer will start going through whatever folders that you feed into the system. This all runs in the background and allows you to take care of other things while compressing down the things you send it. Reviewers have noticed that they compressed up images they sent through the system at times even were to 90% in size.

We recommend this product if you are trying to increase your SEO rankings. For any business owners that are shooting to make the first page of Google for specific terms, you must have fast load times. Google wants to promote the sites that are going to be the most popular and also the fastest. The only way you can do this is by paying attention to the load you are getting from heavy images and scripts running in the background.

Imagify For Free

Keep in mind also; you can get a free version of Imagify. This service works great through the plugin and really comes in handy if you are a business startup that is low on time and you have thousands of images that you need to run through quickly. Don’t bother trying to search for torrent plugins that will be packed with malware. Just stick with the real deal, and you will notice big increases to your bottom line.

Are you ready to give Imagify a try? Click the button & try out Imagify for free.

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