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The Importance of Coming Soon Plugins

SEO, brand awareness, contacts. We could finish our post here, but if you aren’t a weathered WordPress expert, you probably need a bit more thorough explanation.

Let’s start with the coming soon pages themselves. They are frequently underrated, especially by WordPress novices. Now consider how long it takes for a proper website to be built, from optimised content to adequate design to development. This process can take ages…or more accurately anything from several weeks to a few months. In that time, you have two options: to leave your website blank or set up a good-looking and informative coming soon page.

In the first case. you are saving some insignificant time and doing a lot of damage to your search engine ranking and reputation. In the second case, you are investing a minimum initial effort and just a bit of time which then goes a long way for the future of your business. Did we convince you now?

If you are not confident in your WordPress skills, you can always ask a professional to help you set up your coming soon page. Still, always do it through a plugin as it significantly simplifies the process and reduces the possibility of making mistakes.

Now let’s take a more detailed look at the advantages of setting up a coming soon page and doing it via a plugin.

SEO from Day One

SEO from Day One

You are probably familiar with the importance of search engine optimization. Then you know that you will have to dedicate a lot of attention to optimising your website if you want it and your business to become visible to a larger audience.

First of all, Google doesn’t allow new sites to reach high ranking positions. This is why you should set up your under-construction page as soon as you start working on your site. It will serve as a placeholder and an SEO tool for the upcoming website.

Now, when it comes to the step-by-step optimisation, there is nothing you can do if your site is empty. This is where coming soon plugins come to the rescue. Just to make it clear, some steps don’t require this type of plugin, and that’s something like adding meta description. However, these plugins can help immensely with all other adjustments.

Firstly, they simplify the text publishing process. You’ll be able to quickly post content containing some of the most important keywords. Also, you’ll easily have access to different appearance customisation tools. Thus, you won’t only make your site more beautiful, but also move away from the default WP theme. All these changes and tweaks will together help Google properly index your website and start sending it some traffic. In time, the amount of received traffic will grow and steadily climb the engine ranks. This way, when you launch your full website, Google will have already recognised it as a topic-relevant site, and it will be easier to go on from there.

Improve Brand Awareness

With coming soon pages, you get the chance to introduce your brand, build its image, and attract the audience, but you must do it wisely. It’s easy to publish a lengthy post about the history of your brand, a case study, or a description of all the benefits your clients will experience. 

However, this approach is not at all engaging and won’t gain you many clients. Long texts are okay for later SEO in the form of blog posts, but cluttering your coming soon page with long texts isn’t such a good idea.

Instead, use other options that coming soon plugins offer. Primarily, use attractive visuals. Many plugins allow you to pick among thousands of free pictures, tens of themes, and various colour schemes. Select those that best correspond to your core business and the aesthetics of your brand. Maybe the best choice would be uploading one of your promotional images or videos, i.e. on condition that it is done professionally and in high resolution. 

These plugins often use the drag and drop editing principle, so it is generally simple to publish anything you would like your new audience to see when they are introduced with your brand. In case you would still like to publish slightly broader content such as several lines or multiple pictures, the best solution is choosing a plugin that offers a slider feature. With this option, you can post more comprehensive content without cluttering your coming soon page.

Create Hype

Create Hype

You don’t want to attract someone’s attention and then just let the memory of your website be whipped away by some other more dynamic content. This is why you should work on creating some buzz and hype around your brand.

For example, in case you actually know when your site will go live, it’s a good idea to put a counter on your coming soon page. It is relatively easy to do this through one of the better plugins. It is worth a try as it conveys a message that you are putting in the effort to keep your promise and deliver your website on time. Also, a countdown to the release of some quality content truly helps you retain the interest of your audience.

Another even more effective strategy of creating hype around the publication of your website is announcing or offering various website launch discounts on your coming soon page. Plugins will enable you to properly edit the text of the announcement and make it more easily spotted.

Similarly, you can create excitement among your clients by announcing upcoming events, presentations, or available appointments on your under-construction page. What a better way to boost hype than to reveal that you are cooking up live events while building your website, and then allowing your audience to book their seat on your lecture or a ticket for a sought-after event. 

Coming soon plugins can help here as well – they allow you to add an event calendar to your landing page and thus automate the booking process. This way, you will easily be able to plan out your events and also promote your business. 

Raise Social Media Following

Social media are always a good advertising tool. They are especially handy during the time your website is under construction or inactive, and serve as a good substitute since they take less time to fill with info than the full-blown websites. This is why it’s a good idea to link your website with your social media pages.

Also, there are probably many people among your prospects who are more accustomed to informing themselves via social media. They see it as more convenient – once they reach your Facebook or Instagram page and follow it, they will have an automatic feed of your activities, posts and notifications. So, they hit the like button and expect all news to be delivered to their newsfeed without them having to do any digging for it.

Another thing characteristic of the modern-day audience is that they can’t form an opinion about a brand until they’ve seen its Instagram page.

These are some strong reasons to connect your social media accounts to your website’s coming soon page. Luckily, most of the under-construction plugins enable you to add social media buttons with links to your accounts. Make sure you employ this feature, especially in case your social pages contain a lot of useful info on the brand.

Build an Extensive Database of Contacts

As much as social media is handy for the modern buyer, it is not that beneficial for the brands to rely on the Facebook algorithm to deliver the news you’d like your audience to see. Your posts may be lost among the heaps of new content published on social media every second.
This is why email marketing is still unsurpassed when it comes to reaching the target audience and conveying the message you want to send.

The best approach here is to build trust and never let the potential client forget about your brand and soon-to-be-launched site. Keeping your prospective posted about your website building progress via short emails is a great way to make sure they visit the site once it’s finally done. This way you also make sure you retain them as potential customers until the very launch date, and once you have the site, keeping their interest will be much easier.

Another good practice is using email communication with your potential clients to gain their trust. You can do this by sending them a preview of content or discount coupons directly to their inbox. We have mentioned a similar approach above, but the effects are somewhat different, as with the email discount messages the potential customers will feel more valued and probably become loyal to the brand.

But there is still the question of getting people to give you their emails. And once more, the answer is a coming soon plugin. A great majority of them offer different pop-up windows or opt-in boxes which invite the customer to join your mailing list. Adding any of these is fairly simple, and the choice depends on you. What’s important is that whichever you pick, you’ll set it up in no time and start creating a database of emails, which are the basis of an effective online advertising campaign even after the launch of the final version of your website.

Build an Extensive Database of Contacts

Our Choice of the Best Coming Soon Plugins

Knowing the importance of coming soon pages doesn’t mean very much if you pick an inadequate plugin which fails to truly help you set up your page. No worries we’ve got your back! Here is the list of our personal favourites among the most efficient coming soon plugins.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Pages created with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode are unique, functional, and easily adjustable to different industries and brands.

This plugin offers over a million pictures which you can use for your coming soon page free of charge, and combine them with one of 120 themes. If you’d like to further customise the appearance, you can apply some of the filters and make the photos on your coming soon page more special and personalised. Additionally, you can choose your favourite font among the numerous available options, select the colour scheme, and tweak various other elements.

How to change fonts

When it comes to the functionality of the coming soon page, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode covers all the essential features. Firstly, the pages made through this plugin support CMR and enable you to collect and update a database of valuable contacts. On top of this, your relationship with your clients will be facilitated and developed thanks to the universal autoresponder support.

How to update settings

In addition, this plugin enables you to adjust your SEO, together with all the necessary testing as well as guidance for the less experienced site owners. On the other hand, for those of you who are familiar with CSS and HTML, it offers an option to write the page in code.

How to write in text


UnderConstructionPage is a plugin with a great reputation. It has around 380,000 active users and a noticeably high rating. One of the most distinct features that attract the users is its smooth installation and setup processes.

Not only is it smooth, but also simple – first, you pick the theme, then name, and the rest of the elements are added via drag and drop system. This means you’ll be able to launch your coming one-page site in no time.

Another tempting feature of this plugin is a variety of pictures and themes that can be combined into beautiful and original coming soon pages. There are 210 themes, over a million HD and 4K images, and uncountable combinations – you’ll certainly be able to build a page just to your taste.

The team behind UnderConstructionPage is diligent and does a great job of maintaining the plugin and updating it to meet the compatibility requirements of the new WordPress versions and features. A part of the responsible team are also customer support agents who make sure all your questions regarding the functioning of the plugin are promptly answered and all UCP issues resolved.


Maintenance has over 400,000 satisfied users and is compatible with 4.0 WordPress version and all later ones. It will enable you to set up and personalise your coming soon page fairly quickly and painlessly.

There are many features that you can adjust depending on your needs and liking – anything from the colour scheme and background image to the logo and text. Additionally, you will be able to translate everything you’ve written on your coming soon page to more than 100 languages and in only one click. This translation option is the reason many website owners choose this plugin, especially in cases when their target market transcends the borders of one country.

You will also be offered an option to add opt-in pop-ups and boxes to the coming soon page you are building. In addition, this plugin offers you a connection to MailChimp and different other autoresponder services. This means you will have plenty of options to collect contacts of your perspectives before the launching of your website.

Besides, you will have an option to add Amelia booking calendar to your plugin and thus create an event calendar on your coming soon page. This feature doesn’t only show the upcoming events related to your business, but it also allows your visitors to book meetings or reserve tickets. This special touch is a great way for you to improve communication with your clients and keep them interested while your website is being built.

WP Maintenance

This coming soon plugin offers several appearance customisations. Firstly, you can tweak the title and text by changing their colour and font. Secondly, you have the option to adjust the look of your logo. Lastly, you can also choose to upload an image or a pattern and use it as the background, which really adds to the genuineness of your page. 

Some of the other handy features that this plugin has to offer are a slider and a countdown. A slider can be a great way of adding dynamics to your coming soon page, as well as sharing more info without cluttering the page. Counter, on the other hand, helps maintain the interest and build up to the website release. 

WP Maintenance also enables you to link your coming soon page with your social media accounts, as well as Google analytics. Still, only download versions 5.0.9 or later. This way you won’t face any security issues which have been reported for some previous versions, but thoroughly taken care of in the revised version.


Your website’s coming soon page is what the world first sees of it. As all first contacts, it is a decisive moment and a chance to influence the first impression you leave on your site’s visitors and potential clients. We’ve already gone through all different ways how a well planned coming soon page can become a great basis of a highly ranked website with a loyal following. To publish your coming soon page effortlessly and professionally, all you need is a good plugin and a bit of time and creativity. Try out some of our plugin suggestions and good luck building your future.

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