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If you have chosen iPage, you have made a wise choice; they’re one of the best hosting companies available. However, there is one part where iPage fails to compare to other hosting companies, that’s their price – luckily, that problem can be solved easily with a coupon code! Please click the button below to see the latest iPage coupon code available.

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Cheap and Affordable Hosting with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

iPage has managed to be known as the most economical hosting service available for you. It has consistently been one of the most affordable web hosts over the past few years. Moreover, they provide further discounts and savings for the starting prices and new customers. Nowadays, the iPage plans start at $ 1.99 charged per month. They give only one shared hosting plan.

The critical thing to consider is that you have to pay three full years to get a $ 1.99 charge per month rate. Else, the regular renewal rate is $ 7.99, which is charged per month.

Like many other hosting services, iPage also has a no-questions-asked 30-day refund option available for you. It gives the users the ease of practically experiencing their services to determine their suitability for their work. This option provides a more hands-on experience to the customer and lets the user decide whether to stick with the product or not easily.

Why it makes sense to use a coupon code

The coupon codes are popular and valuable in modern online shopping and e-commerce. Coupon codes are also known as promo codes, as they are used to promote various products. It makes sense to use a coupon code as who does not like to save? Who wants to pay the total price when you could get a discount? That’s why people use coupon codes, and the manufacturers or service providers are bound to provide them to promote their services and compete with the competitors. 

Coupon codes attract price-conscious customers looking for more significant discounts on different products. So to save and take advantage of discounts, you have to use a coupon code provided by the manufacturers, sometimes it is directly provided by them, sometimes, a little effort for searching is required.

Friendly and Competent Customer Support with great uptime

iPage provides you with good customer support via an online help desk ticketing system. They also provide you with different tutorials to better understand fixing the issues quickly by yourself. They do provide phone and online chat support.

iPage does provide a lot of features that you are going to like. Along with them, what matters the most in today’s fast world is available at all times. The customers and visitors can visit your site at any time of the day. If the site is not up all the time, it can make a bad reputation for your business, resulting in loss of customers and business. Thankfully, iPage strives hard and provides you with reliability in uptime. 

ipage discount

iPage has coupon codes, not bonus codes

It might be possible that the iPage does not provide bonus codes openly. iPage may give existing customers bonus codes or return customers as an incentive. Usually, companies deploy the methodology mentioned above to provide the bonus codes, so it might be why bonus codes are not commonly found over the internet for iPage. 

Though there is a significant number of websites, especially those coupon-providing websites which claim to provide a variety of coupon codes for different types of discounts on products and purchases of iPage. Which claim to provide other promo deals and discount coupon codes. You have to search over the internet for coupon codes for iPage, and you will find a lot of results, which will ultimately land you on the page having the coupon code for you to make a significant saving.

Lots of Third-Party Applications, enhanced security features & WordPress blogging tools

iPage works perfectly well with an extensive range of third-party applications. For example, iPage can be made to work integrated with third-party services like PayPal, Google Apps, etc. In addition, the platform provides a lot of e-commerce integration capabilities for payment transactions.

The iPage hosting provides you with SiteLock security suites with every plan they offer. In addition, it has the functionality of regular malware detection. It can eliminate the malware through constant updates and scanning, which prevents the risk of leaking and compromising security.

iPage is a suitable option for those who want to create a WP-based blog. In addition, the platform provides a variety of helpful plugins and widgets.

Don’t miss out on iPage discounts

As stated in the above paragraphs, there are various coupon codes available over the internet for you to avail discounts on products and services of iPage. There are different deals available over the internet, like Black Friday deals and Halloween deals. Other agreements provide additional coupons that are applied directly to the checkout page when making a purchase. So when there are discounts available for you to make considerable savings, why pay full? Do not miss out on the available discounts on iPage products.

free domain name & website builder

 You are provided with a free domain with each plan offered by iPage.If you need to register more domains, you will have to pay. iPage is a perfect platform for hosting to get started with. You are provided with free website-building tools along with a free domain.

ipage hosting promo code

Remember to use a Promotion code for hosting providers

The availability of promotion codes is something very common nowadays in the world of e-commerce. Almost every hosting provider that offers is easily available over the internet to avail yourself of those discounts that those coupons claim. So why pay a total price when you can easily find a coupon code and use it for helping a discount on your purchase. So always remember to use promotion codes for hosting providers; it is so easy, you have to search for a coupon code along with the name of the hosting provider over a search engine, and you will be provided with numerous results leading you to the web pages having the discount promo codes.

Cons of Using iPage Hosting

iPage is a cheap option that provides you with a good time, but there are aspects in which it does not perform very well. The cons of iPage are discussed below in detail.

  1. Mediocre Loading Time: They do not provide a very fast loading time. In this area, iPage is found to perform just average.
  2. Lots of Extra Costs incurred for taking additional services: iPage does not offer a lot of functionalities, and you have to buy additional services for that, which can be a costly process.
  3. Site Migrations are not free: the majority of the hosts are found to migrate a site from someplace to their hosting; do it free, but iPage does not.
  4. There is no cPanel provided: to provide a cPanel is an industry-standard, iPagedoes not provide it, it has an alternative called vDeck, which is not equivalent in functionality to the cPanel, but somehow can do your work.
  5. It does not provide everything unlimited: iPage is better for smaller sites and limited use of functionalities and resources. 
  6. iPage is no longer green: They used to be included in the green hosting companies, but recently it is being removed.

Pros of Using iPage Hosting

Introduced in 1998, iPage hosts around a million websites from all over the world. The average of their provided uptime has been 99.97%, which is quite impressive. In addition, they have the cheapest shared hosting plans. They provide two WordPress-related plans, which come with some extra functionality like Sitelock and automatic malware removal control. Their basic or default plan comes with unmetered bandwidth and disk space; it also provides a free domain name for the first year and a free SSL certificate. 

iPage is a relatively cheaper option if you sign up for the first three years. They have excellent uptime and friendly customer support, which is there to help you round the clock. In addition, they have access to a wide range of tools or open-source applications that you could need to use. The pros of inPage are discussed below in detail.

iPage Coupon Code Conclusion

iPage is one of the commonly recommended services. They can get you a good uptime, solid reliability, and a relatively cheap and affordable cost. They have beneficial customer support. They provide simple and easy DIY troubleshooting and installation. It is a good option if you don’t need many resources to be applied to your site. For simplicity, it is the best available option out there.

Grab an iPage Promo Code and get your next purchase at the best possible price!

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