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Is it possible to download All in One SEO Pack Pro for free?

How to download All in One SEO Pack Pro for free

All In One SEO Pack is more popular than ever, in fact it has more than 2 million active installs currently. There’s a huge demand for pirated versions of All In One SEO Pack Pro because of the expensive pricing plans Semper Plugins have. Sadly it’s a bit of a trap because the pirated / NULLED / cracked contains malware and/or virus. Once you install the plugin on your website it’ll get infected and it’s pretty much impossible to get rid of without recreating the entire website. Even if you manage to remove the virus from the plugin then you’re facing the next issue: The pirated version will become outdated over time. After lots of research our conclusion is that there is no good way to get the plugin beside buying it.

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The Strengths of All In One SEO Pro

The amazing strengths of the plugins have managed to attain the right to be discussed as they play a crucial role in setting this particular plugin apart from other plugins in the relevant scenario. This plugin provides the functionality to add Google Analytics tracking directly to the WordPress admin area, which is a unique thing, which is not provided by the top competitors of this plugin. There are numerous other amazing features of this plugin, which are stated below in this article.

There is always a need for an SEO plugin, but you will usually find many of the beginners questioning it. To understand the need, we have to get to the details of the situation. The search engines nowadays are the main source of traffic for almost every website on the World Wide Web. So there is a very strong competition always going on between different sites to come up in the search results of a search engine to increase the chances of getting traffic. Ultimately increased traffic means increased business. You cannot imagine how much loss you can bear, just because of not optimizing your website accordingly with SEO. 

So related to the whole scenario, the role of an SEO plugin is to make your website search engine friendly in order to make it secure a nice visible spot in the search engine result index to attain an increased number of visitors to increase your business. The All in one SEO is among the very first plugins which were introduced in the related scenario, in the WordPress repository, which brings you the functionality to optimize for an on-site SEO. 

It was introduced in 2007 and has managed to be in the good books since its existence. The plugin is downloaded for more than 50 million times since it was brought into the market. It is available in 57 languages. It is available for free in the WordPress repository so that you can download it to get a hands on experience of working with it.

Features of the All in One SEO Package

  • The beginners do not have to look at the options because the plugin is all set in the working position; you are just required to install it.
  • It can be integrated perfectly with the e-commerce websites (includes the woo-commerce)
  • The plugin will automatically optimize your titles in accordance with Google and other search engines.
  • It will automatically generate the Meta tags where needed.
  • It will remove duplicate content if found on WordPress blogs.
  • If you are an experienced user, it allows you to make any changes as you desire in order to optimize your SEO of the website. 
  • This plugin works along perfectly with almost every other plugin.
  • This plugin is available in 57 language translations.
  • This plugin is perfectly compatible with PHP 7.
  • It lets you submit your sitemap to Google and Bing for improving your site’s SEO.
  • Even it enables the Image XML sitemap to be submitted to Google and Bing for improving your image SEO.
  • The provided Google AMP support contributes to getting more traffic from mobile search users
  • It lets you override any title; you can set any Meta description along with any meta keywords of your choice with this plugin. 
  • This plugin provides the custom post types support.
  • It provides you with SEO Advanced canonical URLs for better SEO.
  • Automatically communicates the search engines regarding the changes in the site.
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All in One SEO Pack is made by Semper Plugins

The plugin was introduced in the market in around 2007 by Michael Torbert and Steve Mortiboy. It is placed and is a crucial part of the portfolio of Semper plugins. Since its existence, it has managed to successfully gather a huge user base along with providing a large download number. 

The main goal and agenda of making this SEO plugin was to create maximum possible helping support for your WordPress sites to optimize them to make them search engine friendly. The whole process of optimization for search engines makes the listing of the websites in the search results better, ultimately increasing the number of visitors to a site, thus increasing the business. 

The Integration Features of All in One SEO Package

 The free version of All in One SEO can be used to integrate things like Google Analytics, Google Plus, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Center, and Pinterest with your WordPress site. The stated features can contribute to giving you the picture to verify the performance of your site in accordance with the SEO and social media marketing-related things. With proper use of the plugin, you can save yourself from the trouble of installing additional plugins to provide the previously stated feature, thus enabling your site to run smoothly in a load-free environment. 

The plugin can be used to create an XML sitemap, which can then be delivered to the search services like Google and Bing, which will enable the search engines to understand how your site is created in which organizational manner and will contribute in helping them to find all of your published content. It can ensure that all of your posts and pages are indexed in search engine databases to provide better results. The All in One SEO package (free version) also has the functionality to send a sitemap for your images, helping to get them indexed in search engine databases too. 

Along with that, whenever your site is updated, the plugin will notify the services to which it has submitted the XML sitemap to get your updated content to be indexed.

Download & Test All in One SEO Pack Pro

The SEO all in one pack (free version) can be downloaded from the official website of WordPress org. You have to go to the homepage of the website, followed by selecting plugins from the top, which will direct you to a plugins list containing page, there will be a search box on the top of that page, where you can type all in one SEO plugin. Click on the plugin name; it will take you to the page of All in One SEO pack plugin. The plugin page contains all related details, reviews, development, and support options, along with that there is a download button on the top right side of the page, clicking on which will enable you to download the plugin.  

 All in One SEO Pack Free

All in one SEO pack free version is available for download on the official website of WordPress org. You have to search for the plugin in a search box; you can also go to the plugin official page at WordPress or through searching on Google. The free pack can be downloaded easily from the plugin’s page. 

The All in One SEO pack plugin provides you with a lot of amazingly powerful pre-built features and functionalities that are ample for your content optimization for search engines. The unique thing which is very important and good for a person who does not possess extensive technical knowledge is that you are not required to change any settings of the plugin, as it is pre-enabled with all the functionalities.

How to install All in One SEO Pack Pro for free

The step to step guide is given below to guide you regarding the installation procedure of this SEO plugin.

  1. You have to go to the plugins directory, which is in your WordPress admin section, click on the Add New, and then search for All in One SEO Pack with the provided search box. The plugin can be downloaded here for free.
  2. The first result should show the required plugin. You have to click on the ‘Install Now’ link, followed by activating SEO plugin.
  3. After you have clicked on the activation link for the plugin, the next window will require configurations to be made from the admin page.
  4. You are now required to click on the admin page link. You have to enable the plugin from the next window by selecting the Enabled button, which would be against Plugin Status, click on Update Options.
  5. The same window shall be used to set metadata (like its Title, Description, and keywords) for your blog home page. You can set the format (for the post title, page title, category title, tag title, and search title level).


The plugin provides the best SEO features for most sites, which is wanted by all the WordPress site creators. The plugin provides a bloat-free, simple, and time-saving experience with all the needed SEO functionality to optimize your site for better indexing in search results. It caters to the needs well, ranging from a beginner’s needs to a professional’s needs. 

So if you are looking out for a plugin to make your site search engine friendly, then this option is worth considering, you can download it from the official website of WordPress org absolutely free so that you can try out.

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