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Is It Possible To Download Avast Premium For Free?

Download Avast Premium For Free

Is your computer protected? Many people have their computer wide open to attacks and don’t even realize it. Most computer users just assume the protection given by Windows 10 will be enough. In reality, you need to increase the quality of your protection. Avast is a great set of tools you can start using. Is it possible to download Avast for free? The answer might surprise you. We are going to go over that question and many others.

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Avast Premium

When considering the question, is it possible to download Avast for free, we need to think about the difference between the free version and the premium program. What can premium offer you?

The tech corner section of the Avast website points out that spoofed websites are becoming more and more sophisticated. Just like the name implies, you have a fake website that tricks you into signing in. When you do this, hackers capture your data.

Avast premium guards against issues like this. When you are caught off-guard, you might find yourself in a hurry and signing into a fake version of your banking website. These duplicates can ruin your credit for years when you hand over sensitive information. Avast makes sure you are on the right websites with their premium product. They watch out for hacked routers that have fake DNS settings.

Another vector of attack is RDP. Remote Desktop Protocol gives another user access to your computer remotely. This is great if you need tech help. It is a different matter when this is a hacker getting into control. Once again, premium is set up to watch for things like this. Knowing there are so many different ways to attack your system, is it any wonder that people are on guard and wondering is it possible to download Avast for free?

The Free Version

The free version of Avast is excellent. If you go on their website, you will understand why over 400 million choose to use Avast. Their free version tops what most companies want you to pay for. Avast gives you the following at no charge.

  • Protection from Malware
  • Protection against Ransomware
  • Network Scans
  • Password protection

The creators of Avast understand, if they give you a great product for free, you are more likely to pay for premium. Should you try and get the premium version through torrents or other cracked sites? Absolutely not.

For one, new malware is coming out all the time. Take for example some headlines that have come out recently. You have Ryuk which is ransomware. You are locked out of your computer until you pay up! Security professionals point out that you don’t need to even be good at coding to use ransomware. It is on sale on various forums for the use of criminals.

One notorious crime group in cyberspace is known as Wizard Spider. They don’t just target individuals. These criminals look to shut down huge organizations. Have they been successful in doing this? Records show that payments are sent in the form of BTC. Bitcoin can’t be traced so they are able to get away with these crimes. The total take for this crime group is now close to 4 million dollars.

If you think that cybercrime can’t happen to you, think again. Current headlines show that new ransomware is being developed at an alarming rate. If you try to pirate Avast, you could be handing your computer over to hackers as they package your security with malware. Even if you don’t download a virus, how can you get updates on the latest threats? Your software will always be old and out of data.

The Best Way To Try Avast Premium For Free

The Best Way To Try Avast Premium For Free

We recommend using the free version of Avast first. Get used to the software and see if it cuts down on spyware and other annoying programs trying to slow down your computer. Once you get comfortable with using it, look into the different upgrades you are going to get with premium. The cost is very reasonable and for less than fifty dollars USD, you are going to have access to ten different devices with Avast. Protect your phone, your tablet, and anything else that is exposed in your house. Now the whole family can appreciate the security that you are providing for them.

Next, we need to talk about attacks negated by the free version. The free version will help you manage passwords and lock out intruders. Did you know, when you leave your home office, you could be at risk? Some may find this humorous, but your devices may fall prey to the evil maid attack. What is this?

Evil Maid Attack

Many people are working from home now with the pandemic. Security at home is more important than ever. Your old building might have had great security, but what is your security like at home? Do you have a lock for that home office? How about your computer?

You need a program like Avast to make sure you automatically lock up your computer and people can’t install devices on your laptop or desktop. With so many high profile targets working from home now, corporate espionage is on the rise. The evil maid gets the name from the concept you have a maid in your home that will betray you. When you leave your computer with no password protection on, they install a sniffer or some type of keylogger on our device. Now they can retrieve it later and look at all your passwords and IP for the company that you work for. If your corporate office finds out you were the source of a big leak, how will that reflect on you?

An evil maid attack can be pulled off in different ways though which is why at the bare minimum, you need the free version of Avast. Maybe you only go into the office a few days a week now. You are constantly moving around and working out of coffee shops for a new view. These are all normal things but they leave you open. If somebody sees your laptop not guarded while you are getting coffee, they can choose that time to strike.

Real Consequences

In conclusion, something like the evil maid attack is something that would make most people laugh. The concept sounds absurd. Still, it has happened in many high profile cases. Back in 2007, a representative from the United States had his computer altered while in China for a meeting. In 2009, the CTO of Symantec was advised to leave all devices in the US before going to China. Attacks like this are real and you need a program like Avast to protect you and the people that you love.

Protection Everywhere

Protection Everywhere With Avast Pro For Free

Should you upgrade to the premium version of Avast? We recommend that you think about it. While the free version is excellent, you get so much more when you pay for this product. Take for example the VPN you get access to. This VPN or virtual private network shields you from attacks.

Changes from around the globe are making it so that people are setting up their office everywhere. You might be working in a small coffee shop right now as you read this. Are you also attached to their Wi-fi? There are dangers when you use a public access point.

Take for example ARP poisoning. This attack is done on a local area network similar to the one you have at your coffee shop. The job of the ARP protocol is to translate an IP address into a MAC address. Most of us never see the string of numbers which makes up the IP for a website. ARP was designed to be easy to work with instead of placing the focus on security. Attacks on ARP are easy to accomplish when the hacker is in the vicinity of your network. You can’t control every network that you access which means there is a chance for a man in the middle attack.

Do you have a way to watch network traffic? Avast offers this which is one way you can detect if somebody is feeding you false websites. You also have a VPN that they give you when you go with premium. This creates a safe tunnel that negates these attacks. Keep your MAC address private so that hackers can’t associate it with their own IP address and fool you. Their spoof websites are often done well to the point you won’t notice you are logging into a cloned site.

Is It Possible To Download Avast For Free Conclusion

We hope that this opened your eyes to how many threats are out there. Leaving your computer for just a few minutes can result in the evil maid attack where you have malware installed by somebody with a zip drive. Accessing a network at a coffee shop is normal. We do it all the time when we want to work in a new environment. With lockdowns going on, it is no wonder people want to get out of the house. Still though, you need to make sure you are secure when you are working with a new access point. Make sure you have Avast premium and use the VPN. The private network will keep you safe from some of the attacks we outlined here. For more in terms of computer security, make sure you come back often to Superb Themes.

Are you ready to give Avast Premium a try? Click the button & get Avast Premium for free.

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