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Is it possible to Download BackupBuddy for Free?

How to Download BackupBuddy for Free

The story of a person who just wanted to download a pirated copy of a WordPress plugin but got malware instead is getting old. We have looked at the code of various pirated versions of BackupBuddy, most of them contained viruses or malware. Once you install them on your website it’ll get infected, getting rid of viruses is incredibly hard.

If you manage to remove the virus from the pirated version of BackupBuddy, then you’ll face the next issue after a couple of months – the plugin will get outdated. Because of all these things, along with the fact that it is illegal to download pirated software, we strongly recommend that you purchase the plugin instead of downloading a pirated / NULLED / cracked version.

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Why You Should Be Using BackupBuddy 

BackupBuddy  is a WordPress backup plugin. This can be installed on any WordPress website that is self-hosted. When BackupBuddy  sets up a backup for your website, you can download a zip file for yourself. This ensures that you will always have a backup with you. BackupBuddy  is an extremely popular backup service plugin. With BackupBuddy , you can back up all WordPress websites, which includes database websites and many other types of files and folders. 

BackupBuddy  comes packed with features like scheduled backups and automated real-time backups. You can also store these backups on Dropbox, Amazon S3, Stash, Rackspace and other backup services. What separates BackupBuddy  from other WordPress backup plugins on the internet is that it takes one step further and backs up the installation process of your WordPress too. 

BackupBuddy  also offers a backup file that includes everything that is required to run your WordPress website. You will also be able to back up WordPress media libraries, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. BackupBuddy  lets you schedule on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. While being able to store your data at an external location.

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The best free Backup Plugin Available

There are a couple of things that can be considered the core of a security WordPress backup plugin such as BackupBuddy . First, there needs to be a complete backup. This is offered by BackupBuddy , as stated above. BackupBuddy  saves your themes, media libraries, plugins, content, settings, database and widgets. There are many backup security plugins that only store your database, beware of these, as you will not be able to restore your website completely. Secondly, your backup security plugin needs to have a restore function that aids you in quickly resorting to your website. Again, BackupBuddy  is equipped with this feature.

BackupBuddy Features

BackupBuddy comes coupled with a WordPress security plugin known as BackupBuddy  so that your website is secure. BackupBuddy includes many built-in features that your experience is optimized and your websites are efficient and safe. Let us look at features from BackupBuddy .

1. Exclusion of Files and Database Tables

You will have complete liberty to choose which files and database tables you want to place in your backups and which not to. One would wonder why this is a feature at all? This is important as in cases where you have a folder that carries high-resolution pictures and videos, and you will need every single byte of data you can save.

2. Malware Scans for WordPress

BackupBuddy provides you with a free malware scan for your website to make sure that your website and your entire online reputation are clean with all major blacklist checks.

3. Server Tools for WordPress

Server tools from BackupBuddy that is a built-in feature are extremely helpful for tracking your hosting issues by tweaking your capabilities and server settings.

4. Serialized Data (developer feature)

This is a developer feature only. Most of the WordPress backup plugins that exist today simply skip over the serialized data as it can get a little complicated to migrate properly. However, BackupBuddy refrains from doing this.

5. Database Mass Text Replacement (developer feature)

This is also a developer feature. You can, with BackupBuddy, update your text via your database. A fantastic feature for upcoming dating URLs and strings of text.

6. WordPress Cron Manager (developer feature)

This is also a developer feature. With BackupBuddy, you can view or delete scheduled WordPress CRON occupations on low-traffic websites. You can also manually perform this action.

7. Database Scanning and Repair

You can also scan and repair simple and common issues through your database with BackupBuddy.

8. Customizing your Backup Storage Limitations

Through BackupBuddy, you can limit up or down the limiting number of your storage. The whole size of your backup will not fill up your Stash account with your previous 40 backups.

BackupBuddy features free

Why Backups are necessary for your WordPress Website

Without having a proper backup, your WordPress website may get lost forever. You will need a reliable backup source when you are running a WordPress backup plugin. BackupBuddy  is one of these reliable sources. WordPress websites do not include a real-time built-in backup service; therefore, an external service has to be used. 

BackupBuddy  was made in the year 2010 so that people have a backup solution for WordPress. The host backup service might not be enough if your server experiences a crash. You do not want to leave this to chance. Some other issues that WordPress goes through when it comes to security are malware, hacks, errors, bad commands and deleted files. These issues can potentially harm your website; therefore, it is necessary to affiliate your progress with a backup. BackupBuddy  will do this.

BackupBuddy  Pricing

There are three different categories for the pricing of BackupBuddy . These include gold, freelancer and blogger. Let us have a look at them.

1. Gold category 

The gold package is priced at 120 dollars. You can back up unlimited websites with this package; there is no limit. You will also have a year for ticketed support and have access to an entire year of plugin updates. You will also have access to 5 GBs of stash storage space. Not to mention, access to a complete live stash for an entire year.

2. Freelancer category

The freelancer package is priced at 76 dollars. You can back up to ten websites with the Freelance category. You will also have plugin updates for an entire year. You will also have a year for ticketed support. You will have access to stash live for an entire year. You will have access to 1 GBs of stash storage space for BackupBuddy.

3. Blogger category

The freelancer package costs only 48 dollars. You can back up one website and a chance to save another if you receive a bonus. You will also have plugin updates for an entire year. You will also have a year for ticketed support. You will have access to stash live for an entire year. You will have access to 1 GBs of stash storage space for BackupBuddy. The additional license can be used for moving your websites to a brand-new domain, deployment between two different websites and backing up for additional websites.

Downloading and Installing BackupBuddy For Free

It is very important to consider that BackupBuddy  can only be downloaded through its developer, which is iThemes. It cannot be downloaded from any other WordPress plugin Directory. 

To download BackupBuddy , you will need to head on to and then choose the pricing plan that suits you the best. After you have completed your purchase, you can log in to iThemes Member panel and then select the downloads section from the menu. Now you will need to choose BackupBuddy  from the submenu of downloads in your product list. Now click on the BackupBuddy link to start the download. Make sure not to decompress the .zip file. To install BackupBuddy , you can log in to your WordPress and then click on ‘Add New’ from the plugins section. Now you can navigate to upload plugin and click on to choose the file to select the .zip file from where you have downloaded the file. Press Install now to start the installation process. Click on to activate the plugin after the installation process is completed.

Taking backups with BackupBuddy Without Paying

To create your first-ever backup from your website BackupBuddy , you will firstly need to navigate to the backup panel from the BackupBuddy menu to start the backup process of the compilation process of your entire website. When your backup process is complete, you will receive a green light. 

Next up, you will need to click on to send the backup to the destination. On the other hand, you will also be able to have the option to download your entire backup process. Now you will need to select your remote destination from your pop-up window to backup. Do all of these steps again to make your first database. 

Downloading BackupBuddy For Free Conclusion

BackupBuddy  comes equipped with fantastic and top tier features. With all of the features that BackupBuddy  comes with alongside the low prices that you affiliate with BackupBuddy , we advise you to steer away from pirating, to stay away from legal troubles. The excellent features justify the money that you have invested in BackupBuddy . If you are an individual who works with the WordPress website and requires a security plugin for backup purposes, then BackupBuddy  might just be what you are looking for. For the time being, there are minimal coupons and discount codes on the market, but always are on the lookout for them, especially around the holiday season. 

Are you ready to give BackupBuddy Pro a try?
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