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Beaver Builder

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Try Beaver Builder Pro with a 30-days refund policy.
  1. Click the button in this article.
  2. Fill out the billing details.
  3. The 30 days Money Back Guarantee is automatically activated
  4. Install the product on your website.
  5. Have fun!
Activate the Beaver Builder 30-days refund guarantee!

Is It Possible To Download Beaver Builder Pro For Free?

How To Download Beaver Builder Pro For Free

By now, you have most likely used Beaver Builder Lite & have fallen in love with it. We get it, we use it too, and it’s fantastic. Unfortunately, there are many requests from people who are looking to download Beaver Builder Pro without paying. We have downloaded some of them from various websites and given them a spin. After scanning them for viruses, we quickly discovered that the pirated versions of Beaver Builder Pro contain viruses & malware. In addition, most of them had backdoors or keyloggers in them.

The result of that is that after you have installed the plugin, a stranger will have full access to your website. That sucks! Another issue with these pirated versions is that they’re outdated; the chances are that your website will break after a while because your plugin is not up to date with the current version of WordPress. Is it possible to download Beaver Builder pro for free?

Beaver Builder Pro comes with a 30-days no questions asked refund policy. It means that you can download Beaver Builder Pro without paying & use it for thirty days; after that, you can decide if it’s worth the money or not. Here is a copy-paste of their refund policy:

Although we don’t think you’ll ever want a refund, we will gladly refund your purchase if it’s requested within 30 days.

Are you ready to give Beaver Builder Pro a try? Click the button & try out Beaver Builder Pro for free.

Why Beaver Builder Pro Is Amazing

Are you bored of using the same templates and modules for your WordPress website? Are you looking for new ways to build a page that can offer stunning designs and layouts? Then, Beaver builder is the solution for you. One of the most trusted page builders allows you to modify your posts and pages as hassle-free as you think of.

Beaver Builder is a flexible front-end WordPress content builder that helps you customize the page content by dragging and dropping the key elements to the site.

It does not require any pre-knowledge about HTML or coding. However, it works smoothly with WordPress themes, and the results are immediately shown on the canvas. Furthermore, it offers multiple features for your WordPress page: column-based layout, 30+ templates (predefined styles) are available; mobile-friendly content; readily optimized with SEO; import/export characteristics are general, and is highly compatible with WooCommerce.

How To Download Beaver Builder Pro For Free

Downloading the premium version of Beaver Builder is easy; head to their website here and choose your pricing plan. Beaver Builder can be downloaded to your WordPress site from multiple sources. If you want to download the lite version of Beaver builder, then do the following. First, go to your WordPress dashboard and click: Plugins > Add New. Then, all you have to do is search for “Beaver Builder” and click install.

Beaver builder premium

We always recommend using to download the lite version even though it is available on multiple websites. Thus, you are ensured to get the latest version on

The link offers a detailed demo about downloading Beaver Builder for your WordPress page to customize the content and make it more attractive. Using this site for downloading Beaver builder, you will successfully build beautiful layouts and landing pages with only drag and drop options. 

 It offers multiple features which are highly compatible for WordPress users such as; front end-editing, mobile-friendly and easily accessible, provides every theme, support shortcode and widget, reusable templates, SEO optimized, share the layouts with other users, not limited to only WordPress instead it support pages, posts, and custom posts. 

How To Install Beaver Builder Pro For Free

Go to Beaver Builders Website And click on the Account link to log in. It would help if you had a username and password to get access to it. Once you log in and access the page,’ Downloads’ show the list of downloads and a license key to update the installed builder beaver. It also shows the list of builder beaver plugins to download. Once the beaver builder is downloaded, it needs to be installed on the WordPress website. 

Note: WordPress needs a zip file to download the file instead of an individual file; thus, if you use Mac/Safari, and the download shows the file is not a zip file, you would not be able to install it. To fix this issue, see the related articles.

Login to your dashboard, select from the left ten menus displayed, and click on ‘Plugins’ –’ Add new.’ Then, from the next page, click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ on the top left side of the page and click ‘Choose file.

The next box shows the Beaver builder downloads folder, or where the beaver builder is downloaded, click ‘open’ and ‘install now.’ Once the process is completed, activate the plugin. Once the plugin is installed, it requires a license key to activate the plugin. 

Go to the ‘Accounts’ page and copy the license key, hover over the license tab, and click on the license key tab.

Once the license key is inserted to activate the plugin, it needs to be ensured if the license key has activated the plugin or not. List down the license tab and see that the license key is active now. 

beaver builder agency and templates for free

How To Download Beaver Builder Agency For Free

As mentioned at the start of the article, we don’t recommend downloading a pirated or cracked version due to the high risk of having viruses & malware integrated.

There is a high chance of it being an outdated version that will stop working due to WordPress or other plugins being updated. Beaver Builder is quite expensive; if you want to save money, consider taking advantage of their promotion code.

Beaver Builder is a WordPress plugin and a page builder that works smoothly with every theme and offers multiple features to your WordPress page. A demo is provided on the web page, which provides a stepwise guide to download the Beaver plugin. 

How To Get Beaver Builder Add-ons & Power Packs For Free

It’s the same concept as for the Beaver Builder Pro, agency & standard version. Unfortunately, there is currently a no good way to get these things for free unless the Beaver Builder Team decides to release them for free one day.

The Beaver builder with Power Pack is the first Premium Beaver Builder add-on, initiated on 15th June 2016. Following Beaver Builder, add-ons with Power Pack templates can be downloaded from the given list.

Beaver Builder Power Pack: This add-on offers unique modules and stunning templates with its custom functions. There are more than 50 easy-to-use modules, 250+designs, and sections, column, and row templates to increase the speed of the website development procedure. In addition, call to action, popup creator, and banner creator options are also found in this fantastic add-on.

Ultimate Add-ons for beaver builder: This allows terrific features to your website link. One of the most impressive features is ‘Modules’ that provide uniqueness to your posts, such as fancy texts, dual-color heading, image separator, and many others.

BB Power Pack: The Power Pack beaver builder add-on is the most potent add-on with multiple features to offer to your website. 

All of these mentioned above can be accessed when you have the premium version of Beaver Builder Pro.

Beaver Builder Refund Policy

Beaver builder has the policy to forward the request for a refund within 30 days of purchase. However, Beaver builder happily accepts an upgrade and renewal policy within 30 days of its purchase. For a refund, submission of a support ticket is required, which shows one of the three e buyer’s intentions- refunds, renew, upgrade

beaver builder modules, power packs and addons for free

How To Get Beaver Builder Modules For Free

It’s not possible to get these modules without paying or through trying out their premium version for thirty days. We do, however, really recommend you to take the trial period & give it a go.

Beaver builder offers 50+ modules for your website page, which provides unique layouts and striking designs. There are five broad categories of modules;

  • Content module
  • Lead generation
  • Form styling modules
  • Creative modules
  • Extensions

Furthermore, using the beaver builder plugin for WordPress, Dadevarzan Beaver Builder Modules are available, which can be downloaded from the website after. It includes:

  • Yoast Breadcrumbs
  • Displaying current Date and Time.
  • Adding/removing CSS class based on vertical scroll.
  • Displaying Iran SVG Map with province path.
  • Power by modules

Download Beaver Builder Pro Templates For Free

Beaver Builder provides stunning ready-made templates, which can land pages for any website only by dragging and dropping the page builder option.

Beaver Builder offers you 300 plus beautiful templates for building a page on your website link, fully customized according to your wish. Moreover, the templates are ready to use with exquisite row and page templates.

It is not possible to get the Beaver Builder templates for free. However, you can sign up for the 30-days trial period & test the templates out before you spend any money on the templates.

The Best Beaver Builder Templates Of The Year!

Following is the list of Beaver Builder templates, which are considered to be the best templates of the year

Photography: The template used by photographers, artists, and bloggers. It is mainly used to build ‘About Me’ or ‘About Us’ page

Creative agency template used to market your products with colorful layouts. This is extensively used by online stores and small businesses, which supports WooCommerce to show your product stunningly.:

Small business: The template used to promote your small business, which has the feature to offer a full-screen background image with bold fonts

Construction: The template used by real estate, contractors, and construction agencies. It offers a template that can be used to land multiple pages to market your business.

Full Screen: The template which is suitable for any website page to land businesses

Editorial: The template used by the editors, fashion gurus, bloggers, and online magazines. This particular template is best to increase your page views due to its full-screen background image.

Restaurant: The template used to build a page for promoting your food and recipe blogs, cafes, and restaurants.

And More Beaver Builder Templates

Musician: The templates used by DJs, bands, singers, and performers to land their page and promote their business.

Crossfit: The template used by gyms and fitness business websites to promote their business.

Coming soon: If the business wants to promote its message about ‘Coming soon, this template is the best choice for you. It has an email newsletter subscription box and a logo with a tagline customized based on your preference.

eBook: The best template for writers, authors, bloggers, and library websites, compatible with WooCommerce, so you can easily organize your eBooks.

Mobile app: It is the best template to promote your mobile applications, gadgets, and application, which offers a simple layout and easy to set up the beaver builder page.

get beaver builder without paying

How To Download Beaver Builder Standard For Free

Alright, so we’ll write it out one last time. You cannot download Beaver Builder Pro / Agency / Standard for free. Neither can you download the modules or templates for free.

The cracked & pirated versions we tested out had malware & virus in them, which sucks. Remember, the web is a beautiful place and where people with bad intentions set up traps. Your best bet is to take advantage of their loose refund policy, which guarantees you a 30-day refund period; if you feel like they are not worth having, then create a ticket and request a refund. It’s that easy.

Are you ready to give Beaver Builder Pro a try?
Click the button & try out Beaver Builder for free.

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