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Is It Possible To Download ExpressVPN Pro For Free?

how to download expressvpn for free

The story of a person who just wanted to download a pirated copy of a ExpressVPN but got malware instead is not new. The reality of NULLED / pirated / cracked software is that it often contains virus/malware, so once you install it your computer gets infected. We have downloaded and scanned various pirated versions of ExpressVPN, and the results are as you expect by now, they contained malware. Even if you manage to get rid of the virus and remove them from the files, chances are that it’ll become outdated within a few months and stop working. Luckily ExpressVPN has an awesome refund policy, so you can purchase it, use it for thirty days and then get a refund if you don’t like it.

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ExpressVPN Service

A VPN or virtual private network, in general, is basically a secure tunnel that is established between the devices that you are operating and the web. VPNs are basically utilized for protection purposes — protection from unwanted online traffic like snooping, censorship, and interference. ExpressVPN is also a proxy service. This allows you to cover or edit your current location from the web and enjoy your time online as an anonymous user.

ExpressVPN is a frontrunner in almost all different features from the VPN industry of today. To this date, ExpressVPN supports more than three thousand servers and that too, in almost 94 countries all throughout the globe. ExpressVPN also offers fantastic customer service, security, and usability. For these specific reasons and many more ExpressVPN is classified as a top tier and premium VPN provider. 

It is a subscription VPN that provides high secrecy in a user-friendly and instinctive package. The cost is on the higher side ever, so it is slightly, but that is justified thanks to its high tier performance. ExpressVPN also comes equipped with server selection, device support, and a 24/7 chat support system for all your troubles. They made sure that their features are designed for average users.

expressvpn free servers

Different ways ExpressVPN can help you

There are many features that ExpressVPN brings about to aid you in your internet browsing. 

1. Hiding your location and IP 

You can utilize ExpressVPN in order to cover your IP address and your location. There are roughly 160 VPN server locations that vary from Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and 94 different countries worldwide.

2. Encrypting communication 

ExpressVPN utilizes a strong 256-bit encryption algorithm in order to protect your precious data. You can safely browse via Wi-Fi hotspots from public places like airports and cafes with no worries whatsoever. As you will know that your passwords, emails, photos, bank data, and other sensitive information can’t be intercepted.  

3. Viewing your absolute favorite content 

You can stream all of your favorite shows or movies in HD quality on any device. ExpressVPN optimizes your network in order to provide extremely fast speeds with no limit on bandwidths.

4. Unblocking websites that are censored

With ExpressVPN, you can easily unblock websites, for instance, Skype, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype. You can simply get to any website you require, even if you are in a country where the website is blocked or are in a place like a school or an office where you have limited access. 

5. Avoiding throttling and spying 

You can stop excessive snooping by network administrators, governments, and also your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Having ExpressVPN to guard your entire activity online, you can simply be sure that no one is reading your information, looking at what websites you are visiting, and also limit down a certain form of traffic such as streaming videos. 

6. Finding different deals and advertisements 

Through ExpressVPN, you can hide your location and IP address, as we have stated before. ExpressVPN makes it much tougher for websites and different services to have high prices based on your location. You can avoid getting charged higher for an online order or a vacation. 

How to test ExpressVPN for free

In order to know if your ExpressVPN is working properly, firstly, you will need to connect to ExpressVPN itself. To do so, you will have to head over to the ExpressVPN application or head over to manual configuration. Next up, you will have to complete your connection steps. Then head on over to your IP address. You should have a green indicator saying that your IP address is secured. 

On the other hand, you can also have a DNS leak test. If, after the test, you get zero detected leaks and have only a single listed server IP, ExpressVPN server IP, then you can say that your ExpressVPN is working properly.

How to download ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an app for your phone, computer, router, and tablet. In order to get the VPN application, you will need to be a subscriber of ExpressVPN. First off, you will need to Log in to your ExpressVPN account by simply entering down your credentials and clicking sign in. Next, you will need to set up your ExpressVPN. Right after you sign in, you will see your activation code; you need to make a copy of this activation code as you will need it later for installation purposes. 

Up next, you will need to download your VPN on your computer or operating system. On the left side of your screen, you will find the section of your entire operating system. Then the instructions will pop up on your right side of the screen. All operating systems have different installation procedures. For instance, in order to get ExpressVPN for windows 10, just simply click the download button in order to get the application.

get expressvpn for free

How to install ExpressVPN for free

After you have chosen where to download ExpressVPN and the download is complete. Click on the installation file to start your setup. Make sure to click on the .exe file. A simple prompt will ask you if you want to make changes to your computer. Click the yes button to proceed. Once you complete your installation, click on the ExpressVPN app to open it. You will see a window pop up that has a red sign. Click on it. Now you will need to enter the activation code that you saved earlier. If you do not have your activation code, head on over to the ‘My Account’ section online account. You earlier received this activation code when you made your account after you signed up. After the activation code, you click on sign in. After the installation process, you will have the option of either launching the VPN automatically or not. You can also send up usage reports every now and then in order to improve your ExpressVPN experience. 

In order to connect to a server to start your experience, you can click on the round and massive button that says either on or off. You can also select your location before you press the big round button. So now, you can simply and safely start your online activities with no worries.

Updating ExpressVPN on Routers, Windows, Mac, and Linux

To update ExpressVPN, you will simply need to sign into your account. Press the set up ExpressVPN on the left side of your screen. Next up, select your device platform. For instance, if you have Linux press Linux. 

On the right side of your screen, navigate to the ExpressVPN software button to download the ExpressVPN software on your device. The setup comes in with the rest of the very simple updating instructions to aid you further.

ExpressVPN overview

When it comes to ExpressVPN Pricing, it is considered a rather expensive application. It has a subscription plan of 30days. If you are not satisfied with the application, you are guaranteed with your money returned back to you.1-month subscription rates are at $12.95, 6-month rates are at $59.95 (which is $9.99 per month) while12-month subscription rates are at $99.95 at the time of writing this article. (Which is $8.32 per month)

When it comes to connectivity, ExpressVPN is considered highly reliable and comprehensive. It also comes in support of the major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You will have excess not only streaming devices such as Apple TV and Fire TV but gaming devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii. It comes packed with stellar router support, a DNS system that is standalone, and around three thousand servers spread all over the globe, in about 94 countries. More so, it also carries an in-built system of speed testing.

The security of ExpressVPN is considered extremely good. You will have high anonymous features and a famous encryption methodology to aid you. OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, and L2Tp or IPSec are all available. The AES-256 bit is also a feature. Additionally, you will have zero data logs and the availability of making purchases anonymously.

When it comes to usability, ExpressVPN is simple to use. The interface itself is simple and streamlined. Server selection is smart and efficient; you can obviously choose the servers manually if that is what you prefer. It also has a smart and fast switching of the server’s quality to aid you in having a better overall experience.

The Service and Support system of ExpressVPN is absolutely fantastic. It has a great 24/7 live support and helpline system that operates over chat and email. The service is quick and efficient. They also feature online frequently asked questions on their website in order to aid their users even more, especially in the fields of installation and troubleshooting.

expressvpn refund policy

Downloading ExpressVPN for free Conclusion

Although a little expensive, ExpressVPN comes packed with top tier qualities, that justifies every penny that is spent on the purchase of the application. If you are someone who wants to upgrade to a better VPN or have yet not used VPNs at all in their online experience, make sure to have a look at ExpressVPN for protection and privacy features.

Are you ready to give ExpressVPN a try?
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