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Is it possible to download HideMyAss Pro for free?

How to download HideMyAss for free

HideMyAss is known for being one of the fastest VPNs available on the market. It’s quite expensive though, so there’s a high demand for a NULLED / pirated / cracked version of it. We’ve been looking through the code and scanning the pirated versions we could find. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that most of them contained malware/virus, which means that as soon as you install the program, then your computer gets infected. The next issue is server availability & updates – HideMyAss gets updated a lot to keep it working, if you download a pirated version chances are that it will stop working again within a month. And of course, it’s also illegal to use a pirated version. Instead we recommend that you take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee. Below is their refund policy.

HideMyAss comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can claim a refund any time within 30 days of your purchase. As we always seek to improve our services, we may ask you some questions about your experience and what may have led you to request the refund.

Are you ready to give HideMyAss VPN a try? Click the button & download it for free.

HideMyAss / HMA

HideMyAss is a VPN service that ensures your online privacy and security. It is simple to use, and its subscription protects all your devices. You can do unlimited installs up to 5 connections at a time. It doesn’t log your IP address, and it has some remarkable features available for the customers. It has:

Smart Kill Switch 

It ensures that there is no leakage of your personal data even if the connection drops. So, you don’t have to worry about your connection if it drops, and it never leaks your data and secures you from internet traffic.   

Split tunneling 

It makes sure which apps go through a VPN. Not all the apps, VPN goes through. You can select the specific apps, and that is free to go through the VPN, and they are secure. 

IP Shuffle 

You can switch your IP address every 10 minutes to up to once a day. It’s a great way to ensure your security. It doesn’t cause destruction and create logs of your IP address and never searches for what you were doing on your device. 

Leak protection

It has built-in protection against IPv4, IPv6, and other DNS leaks. Get out of the world of leaks and protect your connection like never before. HideMyAss has the capability to protect you no matter where you live.  

It’s not possible to get HideMyAss for free

It’s not possible to get HideMyAss for free. There is no VPN Service that is of great quality, protects your data, and you have to pay nothing for it. It’s not possible at all. You have to pay to get this VPN service for you. It has exceptional privacy and security available for the customers. 

How can you get something for free, which is of high quality and amazing features? Yes, you cannot. If you try to download it for free and you access a VPN service, which is not the original one. It’s the pirated version, and it’s illegal to download that. It doesn’t have all the features, and it cannot ensure your privacy and security in the same way as HideMyAss does. You better not download that because it can be spam and harm your system. 

These pirated versions are for free, but they damage your information and don’t protect you from hackers. It’s illegal to download and use such versions. You can pay a little amount to get an original version for yourself, and it will offer you high security and maintain your privacy.  It’s not possible to get excellent speeds for free, and it is very rare that you achieve fast connections for free.  

How to use HideMyAss For Free

It’s a very simple and easy VPN service, and you can follow the steps to start using HideMyAss.

  1. Buy the VPN Service
  2. Log in with your VPN username and password or license key provided to you
  3. You are done! 

Yes, it’s that easy to start using this VPN service, and if you are using their app, you can purchase it from the play store or app store and start using it anywhere in the world. It gives you global coverage and has exceptional features that no other VPN can achieve until now. After logging in, you have to tell the app about the connection mode. There are two connection modes.

Hidemyass free web proxy

Location Mode 

Through this, you can connect sitting anywhere In the world. You can choose between the countries, cities and your favorite locations. IT also has the feature of Quick Access. You can see all the locations and also choose between the servers that are optimized for you. They can be for streaming, peer to peer, or your favorite location servers. You can browse your websites like a local and choose the desired location by simply clicking next to the name of the server you are connected to. You then enter your desired location in the search bar. You can also navigate easily through a server by choosing the regions. On the left side, you can see the list of P2P and streaming servers.

Lightning Connect

You can secure your account with a single click and get world-class privacy and security in your hand. It’s great for online banking and encrypting your connection even to public Wifi. 

Kill Switch Option 

There is also a kill switch that simply opens the HMA VPN application preferences for you. You can select privacy and navigate to the Kill Switch and then activate the kill switch option for you. You can connect by closing the preferences. 

Confirmation of connection from HideMyAss

You will also receive a confirmation notification once you are connected to the VPN service, and you can surf online anonymously and securely. You will be protected, and your online info is also protected from internet traffic and can use your connection anonymously with HideMyAss. 

How to download HideMyAss

You can download the app easily on Macbook, PC, Android, Linux, etc. It’s very easy to start using it and download it on the go. You have to download it, and the first step you have to do is login so you will be there on the app and it will start working for you. Once you download it, the app will check your VPN subscription whether it’s active or not. Once the subscription is confirmed by the support, you can use the app and establish a VPN connection on your device. You can download it and enjoy the benefits and discounts it offers to its customers on the subscription.

How to install HideMyAss For Free

First, you have to download the HideMyAss, and then you can install it. For installing it on your system, start the Client setup file and select run as an administrator. After that, Connect using the new client option and you will see a dashboard. You can start the application and find the file among your applications. Now, you can connect to the VPN Service by logging in. Put your password and username to get started with the VPN service. 

What makes HMA great

HideMyAss is a great VPN service, and there are a lot of features that make it great. It lets you enjoy servers that operate 20gbps and one of the fastest VPNs in the market. It doesn’t log your IP address and what you do while being online. Just one subscription protects you throughout, and you can use it on 5 devices at once on Mac, Android, Linux, and another router. You have the option to pick from 290+ locations across the world. No other VPN gives you this much access. 

It has blazing fast servers that run on 20 fps, and it is one of the fastest VPNs in the market. You can use the open and secure VPN protocol for better speeds maintaining your privacy. It connects with just one click and stays connected unless you move from networks to networks. It blocks all the internet traffic if your connection drops. It doesn’t rely on any log DNS servers to handle the URL requests. Just keeps them private and clean from the threats. It has speed tests that can help you greatly when you want to check which connection is optimal.

Hidemyass features

How to access HideMyAss VPN For Free

You can access the HMA VPN by purchasing it and start using it without any hassle. Amazingly, you don’t have to do a lot to access this HideMyAss. Simply log in to the app once you buy it, and you will be up in a VPN service that has no logging, no leaks, and you don’t have to worry about your online privacy when you are on HideMyAss VPN service. You have nothing to lose, and it allows you to experience the fastest VPN service by sitting anywhere in the world with world-class speed. Anyone can install it and get access to this VPN; you just have to pay for it, and you are good to go. No worries and make your devices secure from hackers and the spasms that are harming and stealing data nowadays.  

HMA Has a 30-Day money-back guarantee

Don’t worry about your money because it gives you a guarantee to get money back if you are not having good experience with this service. There is nothing to lose, so you can buy it and use it and see how your experience goes. a 30-day money-back is a great chance for you to experience this VPN service because your money is safe, and there is nothing at risk. 

Many people buy it and find it amazing for their system and never want to lose it. You also get discounts if you are a customer, you get discounts of up to 60%, and it’s a huge money saver. SO, don’t think a lot, buy it and secure your connection. It’s very stable and reliable, and you will enjoy it by working from any site remotely without any tension.

Are you ready to give HideMyAss VPN a try? Click the button & download it for free.

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