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Is It Possible To Download iThemes Security Pro For Free?

how to download ithemes security pro for free

iThemes Security is by far one of the most popular security plugins. iThemes are known for quality plugins, but also expensive pricing plans. Lots of people are exploring the options when it comes to NULLED / cracked / pirated versions of iThemes Security Pro. We have been looking through the code of some of them to check if they actually work – They don’t. Most of them contain malware/virus, when you install them on your WordPress site then it’ll get infected right away.

The next issue we found with using a pirated version of iThemes security is that it gets updated weekly to close security holes and keep being compatible with the newest WordPress version, over time the pirated version will decay and eventually stop working. Instead we recommend that you purchase the plugin and only renew it every second year or so.

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Introducing iThemes security

iThemes security or is one of the most renowned WordPress security plugins. Its main objective is to secure and protect WordPress. IThemes security has direct competition against brands such as Envato, Template Monster, and Themeforest. iThemes Security is a high-quality WordPress plugin that has many different features. The target audience includes but is not limited to marketers, freelancers, designers, entrepreneurs, and developers. iThemes pays special attention to the building, running, maintaining, and, most importantly, securing WordPress websites. iThemes security saves you a lot of time, money, and different kinds of other issues. iThemes security is one of the features of iThemes. With this feature, you can have a website running in a short time and for a very small cost. 

WordPress is basically a management system for free content. It is simply a method of maintaining and creating websites that are simple when it comes to interface. Once it has been installed on your web hosting, you will need a computer and an internet connection in order to configure your website. 

Now, if you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can operate WordPress; it is as simple as that. All themes from iThemes work with Microsoft word. When it comes to discount codes, iThemes security has offered numerous coupon codes over the past year. When it comes to coupon codes and promotional codes, iThemes security is perhaps the most active WordPress security plugin that is on the market.

ithemes security pricing

Why iThemes Security rocks

There are a number of reasons why iThemes security has done so well for itself in the past few years. Let us look at some of the features that iThemes brings to the table. They include Detection of file change, Brute Force Protection for WordPress, Enforcement of Strong Passwords, Detection of 404, Away Mode, Locking out all bad users, Backups for databases, and Notifications for emails.

Let us look at these features in detail.

1. Detection of file change 

If an individual is able to get himself or herself into your website, that is most likely to change, add or remove a file. When they do so, you will receive email alerts showing you that file changes have occurred. You will know that you have been hacked, and you will have time to recover your data or take other drastic steps.

2. Brute Force Protection for WordPress

You will be able to reduce the number of failed login attempts with this new feature. If an individual is trying to hack into your system by guessing the password, they will eventually run out of attempts, and only you will know how many attempts they will have to hack into the account.

3. Enforcement of Strong Passwords

You will also be able to set up multiple levels of users’ on your website. This includes admins, users, and editors. The administration of a strong password is perhaps the best method to protect your WordPress.

4. Detection of 404 

There are many scenarios when bots try to scan your website. They do so in order to find vulnerability in your websites. When this happens, iThemes security will generate multiple 404 errors. iThemes security will successfully lock down your IP after a set limit has been reached. The default setting is twenty errors in five minutes.

5. Away Mode

If you are someone who is not making changes to your website all the time, then iThemes security has got you covered. iThemes security makes all WordPress dashboards practically inaccessible. You can do so for multiple hours, so no one can try to make changes to your website.

6. Locking out all bad users

Through iThemes security, you will be able to keep all the bad users far away from your website. If they are someone who makes many unsuccessful login attempts, theiThemes security will generate a lot of 404 errors.

7. Backups for databases

You will receive emails for all of your database backups. You can also maneuver plugins from WordPress backup in order to improve your entire backup routine. You can create backups and then send these backups to storage destinations that are off-website.

8. Hiding Admin and log in

You will also be able to edit the URL from your login area WordPress. This is done so that hackers will not know what to do. This feature is also helpful so that clients can remember their login link.

9. Notifications for emails

Through iThemes security, you will be able to get email notifications when someone gets themselves locked out of their account way too many times. This will happen if too many login attempts take place or even when a specific file on your website has been subjected to change.

ithemes security features

iThemes security pricing 

Like many other WordPress security plugins, iThemes security comes in an annual plan for the three different plans. These are the gold, small business, and blogger plans.

The gold plan has reduced from 199 dollars to 120 dollars per year. You will be able to protect and secure an unlimited number of websites. You will have one year of plugin updates and one year of ticketed support.

The small business plan has reduced from $127 to $77 per year. You will be able to protect and secure seven websites. You will have one year of plugin updates and one year of ticketed support here too.

The blogger plan has reduced from $80 to $48 per year. You will be able to protect and secure a single website. In the blogger plan, you will also have a single year of plugin updates and a single year of ticketed support.

Download and Installing iThemes security for free

First up, you will need to pick up the scheme of iThemes security you have decided to buy. You will need to install and then activate iThemes security. Free version installation can either be downloaded and then uploaded through the WordPress admin, or you can head on to the plugins section on admin and then select add a new form where you can search for iThemes security and then install it. On the other hand, if you are someone who purchased the pro version of iThemes security, you will need to make the download from the iThemes security website and then install the plugin through either WordPress admin or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

iThemes, The Company

Other than the official website, which is, you can achieve discount codes and coupon codes for iThemes security through other coupon websites and services. iThemes security has numerous availability of coupon codes. iThemes security, which is one of the most popular security WordPress plugins on the market. iThemes Security also gives you many different methods to protect your website. 

Protection is very necessary for this day and age as there are about 30000 to 50000 websites that are being hacked every single day. Hackers take a particular liking to the WordPress platform. Hackers are searching for vulnerable websites from WordPress every single day. Some websites are being updated regularly in order to provide you with an amazing discount deal. Mostly, a link on the website has to be clicked in order to get a discount code of up to 25 percent. It is not sure when these coupon codes will be stopped; it makes sense to utilize these discount codes as quickly as you can. It is also advised that you read the proper configuration guide at the iThemes security page. 

Getting iThemes Security without paying

The official website offers a massive 40 percent discount in the month of January due to the 12th birthday celebration of iThemes security. The 40 percent discount applies to the entire website. You can hence now save up on all of your essential needs alongside all of the tools from iThemes security. The birth celebration is being provided in order to continue the awesome service iThemes security provides to all of its users. The offer is valid till the 18th of January, so make sure you make use of this once a year offer. Apart from this stellar offer, iThemes Security offers four outstanding offers for you to make use of. All of these can be looked up at their official websites. With these amazing offers, there is absolutely no need to risk having to pirate iThemes security, especially with the affordable pricing scheme iThemes security has come up with during the past few months. 

Downloading iThemes Security For Free Conclusion

iThemes Security is growing fast and is very well known in the market for their high tier service. Their quality has been remarkable throughout. If you are an individual who either works as a digital web designer or are working in a growing development agency, you should get acquainted with iThemes security straight away. Just make sure you keep one eye on all future discounts and coupon deals as they come by in small numbers for iThemes security. Definitely give iThemes security a chance and make use of their free service before heading on to buying their pro version.

Are you ready to give iThemes Security Pro a try?
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