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Is It Possible To Download LifterLMS For Free?

Is It Possible To Download LifterLMS For Free?

The concept of a learning management system is expanding. Right now is the easiest time to get started building your own course to teach others. Is it possible to download LifterLMS for free? We will look into that question as well as why you will want to try this software. Is it better than the alternatives? What are the different things you can create with this plugin? Let us get started with our review as we explore the question of whether it is possible to download LifterLMS for free.

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Cracked LifterLMS Software

First, we want to address cracked software. Many think that stealing a plugin for WordPress is no big deal. The perception is that software doesn’t cost anything since it is just lines of code. In truth, stealing software actually hurts many people.

For one, developers depend on revenue from their products to continue making plugins. If there is nobody buying the plugins, they can’t continue to produce updates. The development will slow to a crawl. The quality of products will drop. A good example of this is emulation for old video games. In recent years, these developers have been rewarded by people paying for access for emulators through Patreon. Before this system was set up, the development of emulators was slow and spotty. Now that the developers are being rewarded financially, they are much more likely to spend time on these projects and they want to put out a good product.

The same holds true for plugins that you get with WordPress. You can steal the plugins and themes like LaunchPad. This will make it harder for the company to give you support and supply new products in the future. You will get inferior plugins going forward. On top of all this, the cracked and pirated versions of LifterLMS often come with malware.

In conclusion, you might think you are saving money trying to download a free version of LifterLMS. Instead of loading down your computer with a virus by using a pirated copy that was nulled, just use the real free version.

LifterLMS For Free

One of the reasons why you should not explore nulled software is that you can just get the free version of LifterLMS for Why risk getting a virus when you can use the program and get it from a safe site? In fact, all of the plugins that you see on will be safe to use. This is a great resource if you are looking to expand your free WordPress site.

What can you expect with this plugin? You will easily be making online courses. Train new people on your team for any topic. It could be real estate or trading stocks. Make learning new laws and regulations fun. Learning doesn’t have to be boring when you combine it with achievements and rewards that the player unlocks.

Keep in mind that LifterLMS will only work with WordPress. Don’t bother trying to get it to work with Wix or SquareSpace. It is much better to just go with WordPress which is a free system. This plugin will work well with builders like Divi and Elementor. The design is a bit lacking but many will use the Astra theme so that things will be more appealing.

Don’t forget, your course can be linked to Zapier and thousands of other apps. This makes it the all-in-one for course creation. You can run a trial of the program and it will only be a dollar. Pretty fair if you ask us.

People are downloading LifterLMS Premium For Free

Why are people switching to LifterLMS now? The whole world has been turned upside-down. Think about how many people have been affected by the pandemic. How can you be a life coach during the pandemic? How can you be a horse trainer during the pandemic? These are the questions that people are asking themselves now.

Like with most situations, we need to use creative thinking to overcome these issues. If people are afraid of meeting with you in person for coaching, you need to go virtual. The best way to still be a trainer or teacher is online. WordPress is a great way to make websites easily and with little technical knowledge. LifterLMS is a great way to keep teaching people and create income from spreading your knowledge.

We highly encourage people that had to cut their training short to look into this product. It could be exactly what you need to get back on your feet. The price is reasonable and the highest tier is only about a thousand for the year. If you teach something like coding or you are doing SAT prep, the monthly fee to make courses is very low. You will make that back in just a matter of a few lessons with people that are looking to learn from you. After that, all the profit is just going into your pocket. The beauty of making online courses is that there is no overhead. You have no physical product. Nothing will expire or go bad. Make your course one time and you will continue to reap the rewards long into the future. This is just one reason why you would want to make your own course. What are some other reasons to look into making a course with this product?

Download LifterLMS Pro For Free & Create Your Courses

Download LifterLMS Pro For Free & Create Your Courses

What are the reasons to create a course? Should you put in all that effort to make a course to teach others? Making learning material has many advantages. If you have been thinking about leaving your job, teaching might be the best way to do that. If you are a freelancer that is always looking for new clients, just sign up for LifterLMS and the clients will be coming to you. The better the course, the more clients you will get.

Focus on your student and you upsell them with additional products like tutorials and videos. When you solve a problem for people that they need, you are going to have something that is always in demand. Knowledge is one of the most powerful things you can possess. Membership models are an intelligent way to build consistent income. When you know that you will get a set amount each month, you can spend more time on making amazing content.

You will also become more flexible. We have all seen the ads on YouTube where a guru in their 20’s will tell us that you can travel the world and work remotely at the same time. It is accurate that remote work does make your life more flexible. If you are able to build up a nice collection of clients that want to learn from you, then you would be able to live in Thailand or Vietnam while creating courses. If travel excites you, then look into building something on the WordPress platform. The more skills that you can build up, the more valuable your courses will be.

Try LifterLMS Free

The core LifterLMS plugin can be downloaded at any time so you can experiment with making your first course. If you find that you like the platform, pay just a hundred dollars for the month to add on a payment gateway. For the users that want to experience the premium product with all the different add-ons, you can get that for a full month at a rate of just one dollar. With this, you can use your favorite plugins and themes. Keep in mind though, not all themes will work with LifterLMS. The popular ones such as Divi and Astra are set up to work with the course builder. Make sure you try out the theme you plan on using. This way you can avoid paying for a product that might not support your particular theme.

Curious about how to build a LifterLMS site? There is a free course that shows you step by step. It is not typical for a company to give you the core product for free and also give you free tutorials as well. Take advantage of all these great gifts. Build your first course and put it out there. If people start signing up and giving you money, then you can upgrade your account.

LifterLMS Success Stories

If you are having trouble thinking of ways to leverage LifterLMS, they provided many inspiring stories on their website. Learning management systems are going to be the wave of the future. With the current state of the globe, learning online is even more important.

Take for example David Blackmon. He works in the tech space and had four hundred people signing up for just his first course. That is going to be a huge influx of revenue for him and his partner. They specialized in teaching people how to manipulate Divi using CSS and jQuery. Many people find it difficult to change the look of their site using CSS and using the various functions that come with a large library like jQuery. David and his course explain all this and more so that people can have better sites and more productive online stores. It was a huge hit and they were able to become very popular online while also offering something of value to all their customers.

Is It Possible To Download LifterLMS For Free Conclusion

Is It Possible To Download LifterLMS For Free Conclusion

You should not be asking yourself the question: is it possible to download LifterLMS for free? That is an easy task using the repository. Instead, ask yourself what you want to share with the world. What are the experiences you have had that you can use to help others? When you create a course you can use it to generate a lot of good in the world. Get started today and see if you like the product. It could become your next career.

Click the button to visit LifterLMS & try their premium version for free!

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