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Is it possible to download MetaSlider Pro for Free?

How to download MetaSlider Pro for Free

MetaSlider is more popular than ever, almost a million people use the plugin. The demand for a pirated / NULLED / cracked version of the MetaSlider has increased. We have looked through the code of a few pirated plugins and the result was horrifying. Every single one we checked had virus and/or malware in it. In reality that means that if you install the NULLED / cracked / pirated plugins on your website it’ll get infected with a virus, which is almost impossible to remove.

If you manage to remove the malicious code then you’ll face the next problem after a few months: The plugin will become outdated. Over time WordPress, Woocommerce and your theme will get updated, and so will MetaSlider to keep being compatible with them. When you don’t have access to updates the plugin will eventually stop working. Our overall conclusion to download MetaSlider pro for free is that there is no good way to do it, instead we recommend that you purchase it, try it and request a refund if you don’t enjoy using it.

MetaSlider has a 30 days refund policy you can take advantage of.

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Why use MetaSlider Pro

There are lots of WordPress slider plugins available for you to add a slider in your WordPress site. MetaSlider plugin is one of them, which is good in quality, performance, and representation. MetaSlider plugin can effectively be used to make the best use of available space to display your content in an eloquent way. 

The plugin consists of multiple different options for slider styles and transition effects for your slides to display your content in a stunningly eloquent way. With this slider plugin, you can easily create basic image sliders for the use of your WordPress site along with short codes and template tags. 

MetaSlider refund policy

History of the MetaSlider Plugin

MetaSlider is a WordPress slider plugin, which is a product by the Matcha Labs, which is a digital agency of the UK; it is currently doing specialized projects in WordPress and iOS development. They have made this plugin with a team of experts and are still striving hard to ensure that you get the quality work to make use of for managing your WordPress site. 

Advantages of the MetaSlider Plugin

The MetaSlider plugin is a very useful and optimally performing plugin that provides you the slider related functionalities to make your content to be displayed in the most eloquent way possible so that your work is visible to everyone in an impressive way. 

The advantages of using the plugins include the availability of the free version, which provides all the basic functionalities to cater your needs on a small scale level. For the pro version, their prices are comparatively reasonable and affordable for the value and functionality level they provide. The free plan does comprise of some advanced features; plugin consists of a variety of diverse features which are useful and are really helpful, and the users are found to write nice reviews about the plugin, appreciating the efforts of the makers, along with writing about the ease of work due to an intuitive user interface. They have also written that they were able to save a lot of time due to the use of the advanced features and the users have found the support team very competent and efficient for helping in different possible scenarios.

metaslider free

The Documentation and Support for the plugin

The documentation of the MetaSlider plugin is available, which provides an overview of the plugin and its functionalities. Though it has been reported and seen that the documentation is in a very abstract manner, it provides a very basic overview, so it does not provide extensive detail in an easily understandable manner. It is a suggestion that it would be more helpful if examples and screenshots are included in the documentation.

The support for the free version of MetaSlider plugin is that they can post their issues at forums at, but that may become a slow overall process. The premium version provides you top priority support with a private ticketing system.

How to download and install MetaSlider

The MetaSlider plugin can be downloaded for free (the free version) from the official website of You have to go to the plugins page; there will be a search box there to search for specific plugins by name. 

You have to use the search term ‘MetaSlider’, write it in the search box, the very first search result will be of the MetaSlider slider plugin, click on it, and it will take you to the webpage of the MetaSlider plugin on the WordPress website. There will be a download button shown on the top right of the page, just click on it, and the download of the rar file will begin. 

For installation, you have to go to the Plugins menu in WordPress, then you have to find the MetaSlider plugin in the available plugins, click on install, and you are all done. There is another way to install, which is to upload the ml-slider folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, followed by activating the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Then you have to manage your slideshows using the ‘MetaSlider’ menu option, and you are all set.

Metaslider pricing

Testing MetaSlider Pro

The free version of the MetaSlider is for you to download without any payment or credit card details in a very pressure freeway in order to provide you the facility to check the product. You can even use the free version of MetaSlider if you have a small scale business setup, as the free version provides you with all the basic requirements and functionalities which are needed to cater to the needs of a business in the slider scenario. 

The availability of the free version for you to test is very effective and helpful as it provides you the opportunity to get a hands on experience of the product so that you could extensively look into it to see if it suits your situation or not, then you can decide to buy the premium version or not.

How to download MetaSlider Pro

It is very easy and simple to download the MetaSlider plugin free. You just have to go to the official site of the WordPress org, followed by going in the plugins menu (it will open a plugin page), where you will have a search box to search for MetaSlider plugin, in the search results, select the MetaSlider search result, it will lead you to the MetaSlider plugin webpage on the WordPress org site. There will be a download button on the top right of the page; upon clicking on it, the download for the rar file of the plugin will start.

The best slider plugin available

You need a slider plugin in order to make the best use of available space to display the maximum of your content in the best way possible, to do that, you need a plugin like MetaSlider.  The MetaSlider plugin comprises multiple different options for slider styles and transition effects for your slides to display your content in an impressive way, which gives a strong impression to your site visitors. The strong pros of getting this plugin are that its prices are comparatively very reasonable and affordable which returns you with the best value possible, the free plan or version comes with multiple advanced features to cater your needs, the plugin comprises of a lot of amazing and useful features, and it was listed in the list of Best WordPress Slider Plugins 2021 as well as in the list of Best WordPress Carousel Plugins 2021. 

Moreover, the users are found to write reviews about the interface of the MetaSlider plugin being straightforward and intuitive, which made it easy to work with. The users have said that they found the customer support team is very helpful and competent. Some users wrote that some of the advanced features save a lot of time.

 Getting MetaSlider Pro for free

 As stated in the above-mentioned paragraphs that the free version of the plugin can be downloaded from the site of WordPress org. The plugin is available in the plugins category of the site, you can do a search for, and after landing on the plugin webpage on the site, you will find a download button on the top right corner of the page which will enable you to download the rar file of the plugin to your computer. Further details and installation guides are provided on that same page. 

As it is the free version, it is always advised to download it from the official site of the WordPress org as it is always 100% assurance of the product is authentic and genuine on the site, there is a huge chance that if you download it from somewhere else, you might be getting a pirated version, which is an illegal and unethical thing to do. Always discourage piracy and use genuine products from official suppliers to promote the use of legal means to get genuine products.

Downloading Meta Slider Pro for free Conclusion

MetaSlider is an extremely lightweight and simple slider plugin, which is found to be very user-friendly compared to the other available options in the slider field, like Slider Revolution and LayerSlider. It is possible that you may come across some minimal flaws in the design of the interface, as it is reported by some of the users that the interface is not ideally designed, but that does not mean that it does not offer the needed functionalities. It takes some time to get used to it once, which is not a serious issue. 

There are different types of sliders available to cater to your needs for different scale situations. If you need a very basic structure and do not want a very fancy work for your small scale business setup, then the free version of the MetaSlider is enough for you, else for making unique designs and representations to create a stunning look, you will have to use the premium version of the MetaSlider slider plugin which is a paid version. Overall the plugin is very helpful and useful for the working of your WordPress site.

Are you ready to give MetaSlider Pro a try?
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