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Is It Possible To Download Neve Pro For Free?

How to download and try neve pro for free

The internet is a wonderful place, you can download almost all software for free, that includes WordPress themes and plugins. There is a downside though, NULLED/ pirated/cracked versions of WordPress themes are often full of backdoors, malware and virus – that’s bad! Even if you manage to clean out the virus of your pirated theme, chances are that WordPress, or an important plugin such as Woocommerce released a major update so your theme doesn’t work anymore. For reasons such as those, we never recommend that you download illegal versions of software in general, and themes are not an exception.

Luckily Themeisle has an awesome refund policy, so you can purchase the theme, try it for up to 30 days and then simply request a refund if you do not like it. Here is a copy-paste of their refund policy:

We firmly believe in and stand behind our products 100%, but we understand that it cannot work perfectly for everyone all of the time. We offer a full refund, no questions asked, for the first 30 days after purchase.

Are you ready to give Neve Pro a try?
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Neve WordPress Theme Overview

The Neve theme has the motto or mission to provide you a lightweight theme built for optimum speed in the new WordPress world. It strives to offer you easy customization through the native, real-time WordPress Customizer. You will be enabled with the functionality to customize your site’s layout, header, style, etc. just by simply using the interface controls along with a live preview of your site. Neve provides a variety of pre-built demo sites for you to import easily, with just a few clicks. Another good thing to mention about the Neve theme is its mobile supporting design or mobile-first design. Neve emphasizes on quality design for mobile, even going to an extent to utilize the native support for Google AMP.

Why Use Premium Version of Neve

 When you browse for the free themes at, it is not possible that you do not come across the Neve theme. It has made its position in the popular available themes and is deployed upon more than 30,000 sites. It has managed to get a top 5-star rating from the users. The core or basic theme is available for free; there is a pro-add-in plugin available to provide you with more functionality and premium features. This theme is customizable, getting perfectly along with the page builders like Elementor. It provides you with a performance-wise optimized foundation that will contribute to making your WordPress site load faster.

Download the Neve demo version

The Neve demo version is available for download on their own website. You can search for the Neve theme demo version over the search engine, and you can easily get multiple results leading you to web pages providing a download for the Neve demo version. We of course recommend that you download it through or

Neve by Themeisle

Neve is a theme that is lightweight, is fast, is easily customizable, and it serves multiple purposes. It is best applicable for blog sites, small business sites, for startup sites, for the working of agencies, firms, e-commerce business sites, along with personal portfolio sites. It is a fully AMP optimized theme that provides superb responsiveness. The Neve theme provides faster loading along with adaptability in viewing on various devices. Along with being lightweight, it has a simple minimalist design and is found to be highly extendable. It comprises a highly SEO optimized code that contributes to your site to be listed in the top rankings in Google search results.

How to download Neve for free?

You can download Neve from the official website of Themeisle. Just go to the themes section, and select Neve from the available themes in there. It will lead you to the page of the Neve theme, where you will see in the start button for free download. After clicking on the button, a pop up will appear asking you for your email address to subscribe to the Themeisle, which is not mandatory, as just below it, in the pop up there is a statement (clickable) which states ‘Thanks, I want to just download the zip’, click on this to directly download the zip file for Neve. You can also download Neve from Along with these, you can easily find a number of websites on the internet, like  

try neve pro for free

It comes with detailed WooCommerce compatibility.

If you want to make an e-commerce store, the Neve theme is there to provide you with full WooCommerce compatibility.

In addition to offering cohesive styling for WooCommerce content right out of the box, the Neve Pro add-on plugins gives you access to the WooBooster module which adds a bunch of new features like:

  • Wishlist functionality
  • Multiple shop layouts
  • Distract-free checkout
  • Product videos

Try Neve Business Plan For Free

This plan is constructed with keeping in view the best interests for those who want to create a state of the art business site; it is designed for suitability for online shops. It starts at $ 59. The features include header & blog booster, elementor booster, custom layouts, scroll to the top, one year of support for unlimited sites, one year of updates for unlimited sites, premium starter sites, the WooCommerce booster, and priority support. This plan is a balanced feature-wise between the absolute basic and advanced criteria. You can save a few bucks by using a coupon code for Neve.

Neve Theme Pricing Plans

The Neve theme can be downloaded as free from the website of Themeisle or from Pro add-on plugins can be purchased according to the three different plans. Each plan offers a different type of features, with prices charged accordingly. The three plans are:

  1. The Personal Plan costs $39 without a discount.
  2. The Business Plan costs $59 without a discount.
  3. The Agency Plan costs $99 without a discount.

Test Neve WordPress Theme For Free

You can download the free version of Neve from or You can also download it from other free versions providing websites in order to use it for testing purposes to get the hands on experience for a better understanding of the product.

Neve Header and Footer Builder

The header and footer are important for your site’s appearance. The requirement becomes crucial when you are going to use a page builder to design and manage your content. For this, the Neve theme has a really good approach, which lets you build your desktop and mobile header with the use of the drag and drop method. It provides you widgets for:

  1. Logo and Site Identity
  2. Primary Menu
  3. Menu icon
  4. Button
  5. HTML
  6. Search Form
  7. Search Icon
  8. Secondary Navigation

The Pro add on plugin provides additional functions related to header options like:

  1. The Transparent Menus
  2. The Page Header Builder
  3. Social Icon component to build the header.

Download Neve with Personal Plan for free

This is a beginner or basic plan, which is considered best if you are getting started. So it is ideal for beginners. Its charges are $ 39. It provides header & blog booster, elementor booster, custom layouts, scrolls to the top, one year of support for unlimited sites, and one year of updates for unlimited sites — the best pan with features to satisfy the needs of a person who has just started.

Neve Booster Features

They come with the pro add on plugin. The Neve pro add on plugin provides booster features for your header and blog, along with an Elementor Booster if you select to use the Elementor page builder for your website.

Lightweight with a Performance Optimized Design

The Neve theme is remarkably lightweight, which lets your website load faster.To provide a quality experience to the mobile using visitors, the Neve theme has built-in AMP support through the use of AMP plugin.

Download Neve One-click starter sites & demos for free

The Neve themes let you build the site from scratch, but it always provides an option to skip that process and import demo sites in an easy way, which you can modify according to your requirements.

try neve pro starter sites for free

A variety of layout options is provided

For customizing the look of your website, the Neve theme provides a number of different layout options in the WordPress Customizer.

To state a scenario for better understanding, if you want or need to change the layout of your blog archive page, for that you could quickly make a switch between:

  1. List with a featured image on the corresponding or same side
  2. List with alternating featured images.
  3. Grid

Try Neve Agency Plan

The Neve agency plan is produced, keeping in mind the perspective of Freelancers and Agencies. The plan charges $99. It includes the header & blog booster, elementor booster, custom layouts, scroll to the top, one year of support for unlimited sites, one year of updates for unlimited sites, premium starter sites, the WooCommerce booster, the White label and the priority and the live chat support. This provides all of what this theme offers.

Neve White Label 

This feature comes with the pro add on plug in. If you are a developer, the Pro version provides you the functionality to white label the Neve theme in order to present it as your own theme.

Download Neve Pro For Free Conclusion

Neve is one of the best themes included in the new arrivals of WordPress themes, which strive to deliver on giving a lightweight, customizable foundation along with integrating with WordPress page builders like Elementor for controlling the actual content of your pages. It is relatively fast and lightweight compared to the other available options. It provides a number of WordPress Customizer controls, which helps to get along perfectly with page builders in a perfect manner.  If you select to buy the Pro add-on plugins, it will provide you with all those Boosters to get more functionality for your header, blog, and WooCommerce content. The core theme is available for free at and Themeisle website so you can give it a try for a hand on experience.

Are you ready to give Neve Pro a try?
Click the button & try out Neve Pro for free.

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