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Is It Possible To Download Ninja Forms Pro Add-ons for Free?

How To Download Ninja Forms Pro Addons for Free

Ninja Forms is one of the most popular form builders available for WordPress, it has more than 1 million users currently. It has a bunch of add-ons and premium features you can purchase, which are quite expensive. We’ve been looking through the code of some pirated / NULLED / cracked versions of it, after a quick scan we were able to see that they contained malware/virus. If you’d install one of them on your website then it’d get infected right away, it’s terribly hard to get rid of malware & virus.

The second issue we found is that there’s a lot of updates for Ninja Forms that keeps it compatible with current WordPress version, themes and popular plugins such as Woocommerce – if you use a pirated version then you won’t get updates, so your pirated version will decay over time and eventually stop working. Because of that, we recommend that you take advantage of their 14 day refund policy instead. All their themes come with a “Risk Free 14-Day Full Refund Policy”, which means that you can purchase the plugin and test it for two weeks, if you don’t like it then you simply ask for a refund and move on.

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Introducing Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is an ultimate creation tool for form creation for WordPress. You will be able to build multiple forms in a short amount of time through a mighty, simple, and drag-and-drop form creator. It is super friendly for beginners as well, as it has an easy and quick design learning mechanism for forms creation with absolutely no need for coding skills. For developers, it goes a step further as it provides filters, uses built-in hooks, and carries customized field templates in order to do whatever that needs to be done at any stage of form construction.

Why you should get Ninja Forms Pro Add-ons

Ninja forms are one of the best WordPress creation tools on the market. Ninja forms provide a lot of different features that include the following but are not limited to the following features. There are no limitations on the exact number of fields, forms, fields, actions, emails, or submissions that can be added. You are given the freedom to add information with a successful message or get redirected to someplace else after a form has been completed. 

Import and export forms are available, and you have a favorite field for you to choose from. Every time a form has been processed, email form data is sent to users or administrators. You can also find validated required fields alongside specific entry formatting for their customized input masks. You can also edit, export, and manage form user submissions for your WordPress dashboard. 

There are many different anti-spam options, which include Akismet, reCaptcha, honeypot fields, and question or response fields. There is the availability of submission of forms through AJAX without any need for page refreshers. You will have improved integration and functionality whilst using many different types of add on extensions. You will be able to save a lot whilst making purchases with multiple add-ons when you are buying memberships from Ninja Forms Memberships. Through conditional logic, you will be able to either show or hide different fields and send emails or processes form actions that have been based on the input of the user. You can also make use of file uploads. 

Users will be allowed to upload different types of files to their servers. Through fantastic layout and styles, you will be able to have the ability to make complex form layouts and even make rapid changes to fine-grained CSS without having the need to place a bunch of CSS to your theme’s style-sheets to your theme. Through multi-part forms, you will be allowed to very easily break up long forms into many different parts of form submission and part titles. 

With PayPal support, you will have the freedom to make payments to the express API of PayPal as one of the parts of the form submission. Through the campaign monitoring feature, you will be allowed to send different types of submission data into your campaign monitoring list in an automatic manner as the form has been submitted from the user. Through constant contact, you will be able to send submission data to your entire constant contact list in an automatic manner when a form has been submitted by the user.

Download & try Ninja Forms Pro

The installation process of ninja forms is very simple; just follow the steps below. At first, head on over to your WordPress Dashboard and head to plugins and then add new. Now search for Ninja Forms in the box that has been provided and then click on the Install now button. Once the installation has finished off, you can click on activate, and you will be ready to work with Ninja Forms.

Install and test Ninja Forms Add-ons for free

The installation of add-ons from the WordPress Dashboard is a little more complex. These add-ons are basically regular WordPress plugins whilst the installation is almost similar to the installation process mentioned before. First off, you will need to download the add-on from the account page, which can be found under the download tab. 

Next up, you need to head on to WordPress Dashboard and then click on add new in the plugins section. Then press the upload option that can be found at the top section of the page. Then you have to click on to choose the file tab and click the zip file that you downloaded from your account from Now click on to install now, and after the installation has finished off press activates, and you will be set for working with the add-on that you had purchased. For every add-on that you have purchased, you will have to repeat the entire process mentioned above. Make sure to license your keys, however. In order to do that, once again, enter the WordPress Dashboard found in the licenses tab in the settings section of Ninja Forms. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to get automatic updates for all of your add-ons.

download ninja form addons

Ninja Form Pricing

There are three different pricing categories for ninja forms. These include agency, professional, and personal. All of the categories come equipped with their own features.

The first category is ‘agency’, and it costs 499 dollars a year. You will receive all of your professional and organizational needs. You can configure unlimited websites. You will receive all the add-ons and features of ninja forms. You will get all the CRM integrations that include Zoho, SalesForce, Insightly, and many more. You will receive slack and SMS notifications. You will also be able to connect forms in order to help Trello and Scout. You will receive advanced analytics and high email marketing, which includes CleverReach, ActiveCampaign, and many others. There is a hundred percent guarantee of receiving any future add-on that comes up. 

The second category is ‘professional’, and it costs 199 dollars a year. You will receive a business-class solution to all of your needs. You can configure up to 20 websites. You will be able to empower users and clients. You will also receive management login and registration forms to work with. You will be able to update profile forms. There will be post creation forms and will be able to save form progress. You can integrate Webhooks and Zapier from anywhere. You will be able to receive payments for PayPal Express, Stripe, and Recurly. There is a guarantee of a reduction of 40 percent on any future add-ons.

The third category is ‘personal’, and it costs a mere 99 dollars a year. You will receive all sorts of essentials. You can configure a single website. You will receive priority support. You will be able to empower users and clients. You will get essential form buildings for Multi-Part Forms, Layout & Styles, File Uploads, and Conditional Logic. This category also provides you email marketing for Constant Contact, MailChimp, Emma, Campaign Monitor, EmailOctopus, and ConvertKit. There is a guarantee of a reduction of 0 percent on any future add-ons.

Payments from PayPal Express will be accepted.

Testing Ninja Forms Pro Add-ons

If you are looking for an easy solution that has been built especially for WordPress that carries a WordPress plugin that is fully featured, then you are in luck as there are many different testing services that will help you test Ninja Form services.

Nelio is one of those testing services. Nelio is basically a professional and established service which has a focus dedicated to WordPress services. This feature sets it apart from any other type of testing skill. Nelio is also very gracious as they offer a free trial for you to test their service. After the free trial, you will be looking at only 29 dollars per each month for their basic plan. For their pro plan, you will get 89 dollars per month. The enterprise plan is more generous than any other companies’ enterprise plan as well.

try ninja form pro for free

Downloading Ninja Forms Pro Add-ons For Free Conclusion

Ninja forms can be obtained for free, and as far as free versions go, Ninja Forms offers one of the best free versions on the market. This is probably the reason why Ninja Forms has installations over nine hundred thousand. With such good customer service and low price, there is no need for pirating Ninja Forms and endangering yourself with the harms of pirating. The paid extensions that you receive from Ninja Forms give you direct access to much different functionality to go neck in neck with any other premium tier WordPress form builder. 

Keep an eye out on the pricing policy, however, as they keep changing every once in a while. Depending on what features you require to make the decision of what category you require for yourself. Ninja Forms, in most cases, will come cheaper than WPForms and Gravity Forms, which are two of the top competitors for WPForms. Make sure you do the required math before you make your final decision. Other than the entire money issue, there is absolutely no reason why you will go wrong with your decision to choose Ninja Forms for WordPress form creation.

Are you ready to give Ninja Forms Pro Add-ons try?
Click the button & download Ninja Forms Pro Add-ons.

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