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Is it possible to Download OptinMonster Pro For Free?

How to download OptinMonster Pro for free

OptinMonster has become popular over the past years, people’s interest in NULLED/cracked/pirated versions of OptinMonster premium has peaked. We have been scanning & looking through the code in some of them; they contained malware/virus, as you’ve probably guessed. Another issue is that OptinMonster is often updated to keep compatible with current themes, WordPress, and other plugins. If you use a pirated version, you won’t have access to these updates, meaning that OptinMonster Pro will decay over time and eventually stop working. Last but not least, it’s, of course, illegal to download and use pirated software. Here you can read about the right ways to Download OptinMonster Pro For Free.

Instead, when you want to download OptinMonster pro for free, we recommend that you take advantage of OptinMonster’s 14 days refund policy; they give you a refund without questions if you are not satisfied with the plugin. They word it like this: “We guarantee a full refund any time within the first 14-days of purchase.” So go ahead and purchase it; you can always get a refund if you regret buying it.

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OptinMonster Pro

Download OptinMonster pro for free more about the free version – It is a well-known fact that visitors on any site they visit have three steps during their stay. They include their search for the content, the reading on the content they find, and their exit out of the content source. From the majority of the people that leave, around seventy of those don’t ever return.

This is the reason why you want to have the best plugin for WordPress available – OptinMonster. It can help you get those visitors on the site to stay longer. When they stay longer, they get to buy something and perhaps be convinced to sign up for the mailing list that allows you to make the situation a lot more marketable. So OptinMonster is the lead software that you need for your blog or website. 

The starting price of OptinMonster is around nine dollars a month for the plans, but the pro plan costs around 29 dollars a month with an Optinmonster coupon code. This makes it about 199 dollars a year. Many people prefer recommending the OptinMonster Pro because it allows you to have a discount of forty percent. Apart from that, this version also offers exit intent technology. The Exit intent popups actually help make the visitors stay on your site for a little while longer. With their growing popularity, these Optin pop-ups are showing everywhere on the market. 

How the Exit Intent Work 

When you are on a site and try to exit it, you will see the exit option box pop up. This similar box opens up on the main website of OptinMonster as well. In addition, there is a full-screen option box. This box happens to point at the exit gate, and it is a lot better to make the visitors of the site stay back a while longer.  

Download OptinMonster Pro For Free

The pop-ups of OptinMonster can easily be used to pique the interest of more people. It can effectively convince them to consider your email list, which results in them spending money where they can. It helps in leading the conversions, as that was one of the biggest reasons behind its creation. The popups for OptinMonster are particularly built with WordPress users in mind. They help in making the email lists grow and help the sales grow a lot as well. This is what makes it more popular in the market against its competitors. 

How to download OptinMonster for free

Downloading OptinMonster is not a difficult job to accomplish. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the plugin is available for free. The place to check is the plugin repository of WordPress. However, you will need an active paid subscription for proper and seamless use. The method of downloading this plugin for WordPress is different if you are working with a Multisite network. But apart from that, you can easily install the plugin on your own. After you have downloaded the file, install it directly into your system.  

Optinmonster preview

How to install OptinMonster for free

Once the main file for the plugin has been downloaded, you have to log in to your WordPress site’s admin. After that, all you have to do is navigate to the Plugins and go to the ‘Add New Screen’ option. Once you click on that, search for ‘OptinMonster’ and select the button that says ‘install now.’ Once the plugin has been installed, you can easily activate the plugin by clicking on the button that says ‘Activate.’

It’s not possible to get OptinMonster Pro for free

OptinMonster brings great benefits to the users and makes sure that their platforms become more profitable because of it online. This is why the features offered by the Pro version of OptinMonster have to be paid for them to become available. However, since they are essential, people easily pay for the benefits that they provide. 

Testing OptinMonster for free

Testing of OptinMonster features involves trying them before actually adopting them. This makes sure that you can fully benefit from the features being provided to you. For example, when you try a feature like a lightbox popup, you can test it first to make sure whether the time delay involved is sufficient or not. In addition, it helps tell you which things need to be changed before the final decisions are made.

Setting up OptinMonster for free

You set up the features of OptinMonster; you have to make sure that your account is verified. Then, you have to sync it to the WordPress plugin, and you can do this by following certain steps. It would help if you navigate to the OptinMonster plugin through the sidebar menu link in the WordPress admin area. 

After that, select the button that says ‘Connect Your Account’ if you already have an OptinMonster account available. Otherwise, you will have to make a new one to connect. Then, you will be sent to the next screen to authorize the OptinMonster plugin with your own OptinMonster Account. 

You can continue after that by selecting the button that says ‘Authorize.’ You can connect to the next step to confirm the account you are connecting to. If the shown account is correct, select the button that says ‘Connect to WordPress.’

optinmonster pro users

Why you should get OptinMonster 

When you visit the site, passing the subscriber’s information on is a very significant marketing tool that can be made use of. However, collecting this information is not a manual task for you to fulfill. You can’t really hire a professional or use premium tools to collect this information, either. This is when the OptinMonster comes in handy. 

There are several reasons why you should make use of OptinMonster. First, it can integrate very seamlessly with the other apps, and all it really requires is some API information. Second, OptinMonster is there to ensure that your time isn’t wasted while trying to figure out technology, and the main focus of your work remains on marketing and sales. Finally, apart from the exit-intent technology, other features of OptinMonsters can be used. 

The Lightbox Popups

When you have to log in to the dashboard of OptinMonster, you will be able to see a variety of different options. There are around 14 different prebuilt themes available for the lightbox popups. These pop-ups can easily be configured to show up after a certain number of seconds in which the visitors remained on the website. This is why the configuration for exit popup passes on. You can find out which option is ideal for you through the help of testing.

The feature of After Post / In-Line

This feature of OptinMonster is basically used when boxes appear in the middle of the blog post. They also appear after the blog post in certain cases as well.

The features play an active role in increasing people’s engagement with the content when they read the page.

After Post/ In-Line also pops up when someone has finished reading the article, and this will easily create an option to subscribe without creating any friction in the middle for them either.  

The feature of Floating Bars

OptinMonster offers the feature of floating bars on the top or the bottom of the website. These bars remain pinned to the screen, so when the user is actually scrolling through, these floating bars remain in place as they don’t move away. This is a great feature for some websites, and people like them as long as they are not obstructing any content by being in the way of the view.  

Slide-In Optin Boxes Feature 

Slide-in option boxes slide from one of the corners while a user is browsing the website. They can be configured to capture emails or display a Facebook-like box, which will help you increase your brand’s social media following. Here’s a screenshot of how one of the slide-in boxes looks: 

The feature of Sidebar Optin Boxes

This box for OptinMonster stays at the sidebar of any given blog. Apart from the usual method, one can easily create the sidebar option boxes through much better alternatives. This offers the one-stop solution you need to ensure that you get the best sidebar Optin Boxes easily to serve your website or blog’s purpose. 

Download OptinMonster Pro For Free – The Canvas feature 

This is actually a unique feature available in OptinMonster that is seldom available in other tools for websites. It helps you create a blank canvas of around any size, and once that is done, you can use this option to display HTML codes on your website. These codes can be displayed on any popup you want.

Are you ready to give OptinMonster Pro a try?
Click the button & try out OptinMonster Pro for free.

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