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Is it possible to download RafflePress Pro For Free?

How to download RafflePress Pro For Free

If you really want RafflePress pro but think it’s a little expensive then you’re not alone. We have been looking through the code of some of the NULLED / cracked / pirated versions and as you probably wondered then yes, they contain malware/virus. When you install them then your website gets infected, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it again. Instead we recommend that you take advantage of their awesome refund policy, test it for 30 days and request a refund if you aren’t satisfied. You can read their refund policy here:

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee! You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee. If you don’t like RafflePress over the next 14 days, then we will happily refund 100% of your money.

Are you ready to give RafflePress Pro a try? Click the button & download it for free.

RafflePress- WordPress Giveaway Plugin? 

RafflePress is a user-friendly and powerful WordPress contest plugin. It helps you grow your email list, the website traffic, and increase your social media followers through viral giveaways and contests. It captures the visitor’s attention, and when visitors come to the site to enter the giveaway, it will get the email of visitors and increase your list this way. 

Visitors can also get benefits if they share the giveaway and make money from more entries. It will boost your engagement, and word of mouth advertising also takes place when people see giveaways they talk to their friends and family. You get more traffic faster, and it will lead to an increase in your sales and revenue. It allows you to unlock viral growth by turning your website visitors into your brand ambassador. You get more website traffic, a double number of subscribers, and social media engagement in a very faster way without buying any paid ads.

Get Giveaway and contests by RafflePress Pro for free

You can get the giveaways and contests when you buy the subscriptions, the giveaways are created for the visitors, and when they enter, you get their information. These giveaways are free for the viewers, and they enter to win it. These contests are organized to increase the engagement on your website, and it will give you viral traffic once you start giving giveaways to the viewers. When they participate in the contest, it will be built in interest in them to be more engaged and win the giveaways and bring a lot of visitors to your website.  

It’s not possible to get the Pro Version for free

You can’t get the RafflePress Pro version for free. You have to pay to get the version. It is available on the RafflePress website, and they charge you some money to get it on your website. It’s a great version and has exceptional features. You can get access to more sites in number.  You can use three sites on it and have a lot of amazing features that cant be acquired for free. You also get multiple prices and entries in those giveaways, and it can be availed for one whole year in just $79.20 with additional features. So, you can’t get it free, spend some money and enter into the amazing giveaway plugin for your website.

How to download RafflePress Pro For Free

You can download the Plugin easily without any issue.  You can go to the site and download the plugin from the source. You have to follow the simple steps to start using it. 

  • Step 1: Go to the website and download RafflePress.
  • Step 2: Go to the WordPress admin area and visit Plugins.
  • Step 3: Add a new page and click on upload plugin on the top of the page 
  • Step 4: Click on the choose file button and select the plugin file you downloaded 
  • Step 5: When you select the file, click on the install now button, and you will get the message once it’s installed and ready to use.
  • Step 6: Once it’s installed, you can activate it and start using the RafflePress. 

It’s not difficult to download the plugin because it gives clear instructions with some easy to go steps. It will help you increase your traffic like crazy once you activate it and start using it.  

How to use RafflePress Pro For Free

How to use RafflePress Pro For Free

You can use RafflePress by activating it on your WordPress website. Once you have it on your site, you can make some amazing giveaways that are catchy and attractive. It will make your site look a way that your viewers will like it. You don’t need any coding skills to use because it’s very simple to go ahead with it. 

You can create and manage viral giveaways without any coding knowledge. It’s a 100% drag and drop contest builder available for you at reasonable prices. It’s very beginner-friendly and makes your life much easier. You don’t have to hire a developer to do this task. You can do it with templates and attract many visitors to your site.

Type of Giveaways and contest you can build with RafflePress  

RafflePress is the most powerful Giveaway builder in the market, and it’s combined with add-ons and provides you drag and drop contest building skills. You can create several WordPress contests through it. Some of them are the following:

  • Facebook contest to grow your Facebook page 
  • Instagram giveaway to grow your Instagram followers
  • Instagram contest to get more likes and comments 
  • Twitter Contest to grow your followers 
  • YouTube contest to grow your channel 
  • Refer a friend’s viral giveaway to get more traffic on your website. 
  • Pre-Launch contest and giveaway of your website 
  • Contest landing page and giveaway landing page 
  • Email Sign up a giveaway to grow the email list faster.
  • Poll giveaway to boost the engagement of users on your site 
  • Social media contests and many more

Testing RafflePress Pro For Free

There are some types of contests and giveaways you can have when you buy the RafflePress plugin. There are many more types that are included because the Pro version has automatic updates and priority support for you if you face any issue, you can get your problem resolved through the support team. You get the complete version of it if you upgrade to the Pro version and purchase a license so you can get all types of contests and giveaways that can enhance your website’s performance, but you cannot test it for free.

RafflePress Pro Features For Free

Get RafflePress 

You can get RafflePress from the official website if you are looking for something that brings traffic to your site, improves your engagement, and grows your followers. It is perfect for business owners, designers, developers, photographers, bloggers, and everyone who wants to gain online traffic and make the most out of it because it has unlimited benefits and grows your email list in such a faster way that you can’t even imagine. It’s best to make a WordPress site go viral with the help of giveaways and contests. You can get it in different versions, and it’s available at a good price so everyone can afford it easily.

Social Logins, Fraud Detection and many more 

It is a great platform where users add their information without any worry of fraud or hack. It makes it easy for the users to enter the information that is their email address through a social login feature that will directly take them to log in with Facebook. The fraud detection will help you verify every action taken and user’s email address etc. so you can invalidate the fraud or hack entries easily. It also makes it extremely convenient for you to pick the winner for your giveaway campaigns using the random generator that will generate the name of one winner. 

If you are giving many prizes to multiple people, you can also do multiple generators and pick winners at once without putting a lot of effort into finalizing the winner of the giveaway. It saves your time and energy and gives you a great chance to grow your social sites at the same time.

Easy to customize and extend 

The giveaways are very easy to customize and extend with the help of RafflePress. You can customize your giveaway and make it look according to your choice. You don’t have to put effort into making it from scratch. You will get the giveaway templates, and you can customize it if you want to. You can also extend the date of the giveaway with RafflePress. If you don’t get the contact forms on time, you can extend the giveaway for more entries and do it according to your convenience because it comes with tons of hooks and filters to create custom functionality. 

Exceptional features of RafflePress 

You would be feeling much better once you buy this miracle plugin for your website. It has some exceptional features that not only increase the traffic but also give you a sense of professionalism with how fast and efficient it works for you. Some of the features are listed as:  

  • Drag and Drop Giveaway Builder 
  • Viral giveaway templates 
  • Tracking and reporting 
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly giveaways
  • 1 Click entry 
  • Fraud Protection 
  • Viral sharing through referring a friend 
  • Social media integrations 
  • Marketing and CRM Integrations 
  • Easy to use with no coding required 
  • Giveaway landing page and many more 

This Plugin can change your life and will give you a 100% response. It also ensures the maximum speed because it is one of the fastest WordPress content plugins available in the market. You can easily embed your giveaway on any page with its optimized title and description. It is SEO Friendly with higher conversions. It boosts your engagement and is proven to be 100% effective by many business owners and websites.  You can get it to bring more visitors to your website.

Are you ready to give RafflePress Pro a try? Click the button & download it for free.

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