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Is it possible to download SeedProd Pro Plugin for free?

How to download SeedProd Plugins for free

SeedProds plugin “Coming Soon Page, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode” is incredibly popular. It currently powers over a million websites. When any plugin, theme or other type of software becomes that popular a new demand rises for a nulled / cracked / pirated version. We have been reading through the code and scanning some pirated versions. To nobody’s surprise they contained malware/virus, it means that if you install malicious pirated versions on your website then your website gets infected and it’s close to impossible to get rid of. Another issue with pirated software is that it doesn’t get updated, which means that it’ll get outdated and stop working eventually. Instead we recommend that you use their 14 day refund policy and test it for 14 days and request a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Are you ready to give SeedProd Pro a try? Click the button & download it for free.

SeedProd WordPress Plugins 

It’s a coming soon page and maintenance mode plugins for WordPress and creates beautiful coming soon pages. They can make your email list grow and limit the access to your website when it’s under construction. You can create a professional coming soon page in just minutes and have huge traffic and leads on your website when it launches. It works on your sites privately. You can get a jumpstart ranking in Google and go viral with social sharing and referral tracking. 

SeedProd has helped more than 3 Million websites launch over the last six years. It has some amazing features that can help you a lot if you are a WordPress site owner. Creating a coming soon page can help you create a buzz for your new website, collecting the emails from the most interested visitors and growing your social following. 

Everyone recommends a coming soon page before launching the website because it helps you get more customers that are interested and want to revisit your site. You can use your icons and take full control of the designs you want to make for your page. It’s also integrated with Typekit by Adobe so you can display your logo on any other site as well. 

Realtime Page Builder

You can create an amazing customized coming soon page in minutes with the help of SeedProd, and it’s the most powerful builder. It has built-in designs that control and let you design virtually any part of the page. There is no restriction for you. You can change texts, fonts, colours, and layout in seconds without any problem. It has full-screen backgrounds with full-screen slideshows. It’s mobile-friendly so you can use it when you are out. It’s such an amazing page builder that gives you custom CSS templates and social icons support as well. 

Free 500,000+ backgrounds available, 750+ Google fonts and 50+ themes

Free 500,000+ backgrounds available, 750+ Google fonts and 50+ themes 

You can choose from a wide variety of images, backgrounds, and themes to design your coming soon page. There are pre-made themes that can help you get an idea of how you want your page to look. From a variety of collections, you can choose what you like and make the page in a few minutes. It looks huge to select from a lot of backgrounds, but you can filter according to your choice and see which one goes with the theme you choose for your page.

Easily collect Emails 

It collects the emails and saves emails to the WordPress database. You can send a small message autoresponder so you can build up a good relationship with your visitors. You can build a relationship with them by sending them emails and making your bond stronger. These visitors further convert into your potential customers. It’s very simple for beginners and a great option for developers and agencies. It stores all the emails directly in the WordPress page and uses the integration to connect to 1000+ services through and collect the leads from day one.  

Social Sharing and Referral Tracking 

This plugin will skyrocket your email list and bring a lot of traffic to your site. It offers incentives to people who share your site, and it goes viral. It makes it easy for people to share your website on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They reward people according to their sharing. If they share more, they will be rewarded more. It creates a viral loop and gives you a lot of benefits. You can grow your social sites easily by allowing people to share your websites as much as they can on social media accounts. You can make as many people share your website as you can, it will get you to top ranking, and more people will be able to see it.

Multilingual and GDPR ready 

You can change the text or translate it easily with the help of this feature. You can change the language on your coming soon page and make it multilingual. Some GDPR tools help you achieve compliance. There are optin checkboxes and an area for privacy that helps you if you face any issue. This option can give a lot of diversity to your site because many people who don’t understand your language will translate it into their language to avail of the benefits of the plugins. There will be no issue of language, and there will be a proper privacy policy for the customers to follow.

Built-in Contact Form 

People can easily access you through contact forms. You can add a pop-up contact form, so there is no problem for people who want to contact you before the site goes live. You can start talking to your visitors and build a relationship with them. Those who are interested would love to hear from you about the site. You can tell them what you have come for. It can build a really good relationship with the customer. The loyal relation with one customer will bring more customers to you because it’s a word of mouth promotion. People tell one another about different information. You can get some potential customers by developing a good bond.

How to Download Coming Soon Page, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd For Free

You can’t download the coming soon page for free. It doesn’t have any link that lets you download under construction and maintenance mode coming soon page free of cost. It takes money if you want to download it. You have to buy the subscription and download it to your system. There is no method to download for free, and if you get a link, it is a fake one. You should not open it because it can harm your data and steal your information. 

Download SeedProd Coming Soon Page for free

There are a lot of links you will see when you go online, showing that you can download SeedProd for free. The reality is different, it’s not possible to get it free because it has a lot of features, and you can’t get such exceptional features for free. Don’t go for the fake links; they only harm you, and if you download the pirated version, it will not have all these features and would not work effectively. It’s better to pay for it and use it without any issue. You need to keep it in your mind that you can’t get it free, so don’t wait for the miracle. Spend some money and get into the world of WordPress Plugins that can change the game of your page. It will look amazing, and the beautiful templates will make it look so fascinating for the visitors. You will get more visitors if you make your page catchy and attractive. So, buy it and enjoy the exceptional features of SeedProd. 

Install under Construction & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd without paying

Installation of Construction and maintenance mood can be done easily but not without paying. You have to pay for it to use the features and install them on your system. You can follow the installation process to install it in your system. 

Step 1:  Navigate to the Add new button and add new to the plugins dashboard.

Step 2: Search for the coming Soon.

Step 3: Click to Install Now

Step 4: Activate the plugin on your Plugin Dashboard.

You are done! Yes, it’s very simple to install if you buy it. You cannot download it for free without paying anything.

No ‘free’ option available

No ‘free’ option available

It’s currently not possible to get Coming Soon Page, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd for free.

Yes, it’s not possible to get a soon to be created page for free. This is a huge thing when you get to know about it. It cannot offer everything free.  It’s professional coming soon page and under construction and maintained mode so you can buy it at a reasonable price.  You can get a complete guide and how it can be installed on the official website of SeedProd, and it will also show you that it’s not free. 

Benefits of SeedProd 

There are a lot of benefits to SeedProd, and it has played an amazing role in making WordPress sites successful. Some of its benefits are:

  • Works best with any of the WordPress Theme 
  • It has a translation tool and i18n support for you
  • Multisite support is available 
  • BuddyPress Support is available 
  • Uses best practices of WordPress 
  • Easily add custom CSS and HTML
  • Responsive 
  • User Friendly 
  • Customize the look and themes easily 
  • No coding is required for you to learn 

Who can see the website when it’s under construction? 

Not everyone can see the website when it’s under construction. The logged-in visitors can see that the website is under construction, and the logged out will see the beautiful coming soon page. It depends on you which model you select to appear for logged out visitors, the coming soon page or maintenance mode page.

Are you ready to give SeedProd Pro a try? Click the button & download it for free.

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