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Is it possible to download ShortPixel Pro free?

How to get ShortPixel Pro free

ShortPixel is an awesome plugin for optimizing images. All image optimization happens directly on their server; when you pay for one of their subscriptions, you get a license that allows you to use more space on their servers so that you can optimize more images every month. But is it possible to download ShortPixel Pro free?

Because everything is run directly on their server and is controlled through licenses, it’s literally impossible to cheat their system what you can do instead of purchase one of their pricing plans using a coupon code to save money. If you end up not being satisfied, you can ask for a refund and get your money back.

Are you ready to give ShortPixel Pro a try? Click the button & try it for free.

Why Use ShortPixel

ShortPixel is an advanced technology that reduces image size without disturbing the quality of the image. It makes your page load faster and gives you quick backups and a better search ranking. It improved website performance and resulted in smaller size images with no difference in the image’s quality. 

If your website is slow, you can use ShortPixel to run a quick image optimization test and increase your SEO Ranking. It has an almost 90% compression rate and supports the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, WebP, etc. You can be a happy internet user through this tool.

Getting ShortPixel credits for free is not possible 

It’s not possible to get ShortPixels credits for free. ShortPixel offers you a free trial for 30 days, and you can use it and experience this tool. It can’t be gotten for free for more than 30 days. You have to pay if you want to use it to buy a plan and start using it. Please don’t wait for free credits because it’s not going to happen. So, it’s impossible to get ShortPixel credit for free.

Short Pixel One time plans For Free

There are 4 plans for ShortPixel, and they are effective according to their cost. 

1. One Time 10k 

In this plan, you can get 10k image optimization for $9.99, and it gives you priority support. It is easy to use and has no file limit. The plan has one API key for multiple sites. IT is useless, glossy optimization. The small plan also provides you with WordPress plugins and PHP compression tools. It also offers automatic and bulk optimization.

2. One Time 30k 

In this plan, you can get 30k image optimization, and it costs $19 with 10,000 bonus images included. It also provides priority support and an easy to use plan. There is no file size limit and has automatic and bulk optimization. It has a WordPress Plugin and PHP Compression tools for you. The phenomenal features can help you make your site more speedy and attractive.

3. One Time 50k 

In this plan, you get 50k image optimization for only $29.99, and it gives you a 20,000 bonus as well. It gives you priority support, and it’s straightforward to use. Anyone can use it without any issue.  You get PHP Compression tools and a WordPress plugin. No file size limit and One API key for multiple sites. It has bulk and automatic optimization available too. 

4. The largest version – One Time 170k

This plan provides you with 170,000 image optimization in just $99.00, and it also includes a 70,000 bonus included and offers a priority support system. It also offers the same features that other plans offer, but it includes an enormous number of old images that would help you make your site out of the box. The amazing features and unlimited images can give a classy look to your site and speed it up as well.

Free ShortPixel Subscription Plan 

ShortPixel is a popular website for the WordPress image compression plugin. It automatically compresses your images when you upload them on WordPress. You can get the plugin when you buy the subscription to ShortPixel. You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying a plugin for your website. It will also save the time that you have to spend on preparing your blog posts etc. ShortPixel has a lot of features that give you more control over how to optimize your images. 

You can convert PNG to JPG for size reduction, and it also gives you an option to convert to WebImages for the web users. You can get a free ShortPixel subscription for your WordPress plugin and enjoy its features. 

ShortPixel Subscription Plan

ShortPixel Image optimization can’t be obtained for free

You can’t get ShortPixel for free because the image optimization is not available to free anywhere. You can use the free version but for a month. Image optimization is essential for the websites, and they spend money on maintaining their sites and speeding them up. You can get ShortPixel at a very reasonable price and get your images optimized through this amazing tool. Don’t wait for free image optimization because you have to spend some money to improve your site’s performance. It will help you make your site quicker and speedy than your competitors by reducing the images’ size. 

ShortPixel Free version 

ShortPixel has a free version with limited image optimization, and it costs you nothing. It offers only 100 images per month, but it exposes you to what it is like to use ShortPixel. It has some amazing features, but you can only use the free one for 1 month, and then you have to purchase the paid version to carry on with ShortPixel. The free plan gives you regular support for 30 days with 100 images. The Shortpixel plugin is very straightforward to use and has no file size limit. It has one API key for multiple sites and glossy and lossy optimization. Shortpixel has automatic and bulk optimization and has a WordPress Plugin. It has compression tools for you. 

ShortPixel Paid Version For Free

There is a paid version, and it gives you image optimization in thousands. These are 3 plans that are the paid ones. They have amazing features, and they can help you load your website faster and optimize images in thousands and improve your site’s speed. The images make up 63% of an average website file size, and these images are a big part of your website. When you reduce their site, you will notice a change in the speed of your website. 

You can use the paid versions of ShortPixel to reduce the size of images and optimize them easily through this tool.

ShortPixel Short, Large XXL For Free

These are the following plans that can be bought easily for your website and image optimization.  

Short Plan 

The short plan costs $4.99, and it has a 5000 images limit per month, and it’s a very reasonable one with unlimited support. It is also straightforward, and you can cancel anytime you want. It also has all the tools that you need to have at this cost.

Large Plan 

The large plan is only $9.99 and provides the facility of 12000 images. Isn’t it amazing> you also get a 2000 bonus included in it. It’s simple to use and has no file limit, and all the features and tools. Automatic and bulk optimization, WordPress Plugin, and PHP Compression tools are included in this plan.

XXL Plan 

You get 55,000 images per month, and this plan costs you just $29.99 and provides you with a 2000 bonus and priority support. It’s straightforward to use and has no file size limit. It has a WordPress Plugin, PHP Compression tools, and one API for multiple sites, etc. You can cancel anytime you want without any issue.

Shortpixel free features

How to set up ShortPixel on your WordPress site For Free

You can set up ShortPixel in some simple steps without worrying about long procedures. In some quick steps, you will set it up for your website.  

  1. Install and activate the ShortPixel plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Request your ShortPixel API Key 
  3. Register your API key and create an account 

These are some steps through which you can easily set up your ShortPixel account on your site. Many people are using it for image optimization, and it has some advanced features that you can find by going on the Advanced Tab. 

Once you set up ShortPixel, You can easily use Web images, convert PNG images to JPEG, exclude images if you don’t want to optimize them, and optimize the retina images through advanced settings. It’s great to have access to such features and make your site look more catchy to the viewers. They don’t have to wait for your page to load, and it will decrease your back out rate and improve your Google Search Engine rank as well. You can buy it and set it up with a few clicks and start using it.

Why Image Optimization matters

Page speed is essential for you, and it has a huge impact on your audience. If you have a large un-optimized image, it will make your site slow and clunky. Your users will not wait for you, and they will back out from the site. It makes them wait if the page is loading for long. When it takes longer, the user doesn’t have a good experience. 

Image optimization also helps you ensure if your ranking for keywords is relevant according to your business, and it will keep your bounce rate steady and give speed to your page. It also ensures that your images rank in image searches on the Google Search Engine. It’s very beneficial for the overall SEO optimization of your optimization. Page speed plays an important role in ranking your website higher and helps you avoid searching for a slow website.  

Are you ready to give ShortPixel Pro a try? Click the button & try it for free.

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