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Is it possible to download ThemeIsle’s Pro Themes For Free?

download themeisles premium themes and plugins for free

The demand for pirated / NULLED / cracked versions of Themeisle’s plugins and themes have increased a lot over the last couple of years. There is a high number of websites that let you download their premium products “for free”. Sadly that is not the reality, we have looked through and scanned most of the pirated versions, almost all of them contain malware and/or virus. When you install the pirated theme on your WordPress website what happens is that your website gets infected, it’s incredibly hard to get rid of the virus once it’s there. If you manage to find a theme without any virus in it, then there is another issue – WordPress gets updated monthly, which means that over time your theme will become incompatible with the current WordPress version and stop working. After a lot of research our conclusion is that there is no way to download their premium products for free.

Luckily Themeisle has an awesome 30-day refund policy, which means that you can purchase their premium themes, test them for a month and then get a refund if you don’t want to use them:

We offer refunds to any unsatisfied customer up to thirty (30) days after the purchase was made. If you would like your money back, simply send us an email at with a description of your problem and request for a refund.

Are you ready to give all Themeisle’s Pro Themes a try? Click the button to download & try them for free.

Why Upgrade to Themeisle’s premium themes

ThemeIsle is a renowned name for providing top quality WordPress themes and plugins. It was introduced in the tech world in around September 2014. The main goal of the company is to serve the WordPress community. The initiative to build this company was taken for the mission to provide useful WordPress themes along with professional designing services. The diverse team Themeisle team comprises competent and talented web designers, web developers, customer care specialists, and different project managers. 

The main goal is to provide customers with top-notch quality themes that can be used and deployed by a non-technical person easily. From the start, the company was able to gather a large number of clients who put their complete trust in ThemeIsle products. The number of customers is increasing to a great extent day by day. 

The company provides some quality themes free of cost; they also provide Code in WP plugins without any charges. They have created a blog on Code in WP to help people to find useful information and material for creating user-friendly and interactive interfaces, web designs, WordPress explanations and examples, and other related posts. This step aided them a lot in building a rock-solid reputation.

download themes for free themeisle

How to download Neve Pro and Hestia Pro from ThemeIsle For Free

The Neve theme can be downloaded from the official website of ThemeIsle. You have to click on the themes menu on the site, select Neve from the drop-down menu; this will lead you to the webpage of the Neve theme. 

For a free download, you can click on the ‘Free Download’ button, which will show you a pop-up box asking you for your email to subscribe to ThemeIsle and to download the theme. In the same pop-up window, there is another option below to download the zip file of the theme without subscribing directly. The pricing plans for Neve are provided at the end of that webpage. There are three different plans which offer different functionalities to different prices.

For the Hestia theme, the steps are the same. Go to the official ThemeIsle website and select Hestia from the themes drop-down menu. The rest of the procedure is the same as the procedure of downloading the Neve theme.

How to install ThemeIsle Pro themes for free?

  1. The very first step you should take when you have to install a new WordPress theme is to log in to your site admin page. You have to go to the Appearance tab, followed by selecting themes when you enter the dashboard.
  2. There will be a list of all the themes which are currently installed at your dashboard. For installing the new WordPress theme, you have to click on the ‘Add New’ tab.
  3. For starting the uploading process for your new WordPress theme, you have to click on the ‘Upload Theme’ button, which is shown on the WordPress dashboard. There will be an ‘Upload Theme’ link at the top of the page. 
  4. Then you have to click on the ‘Choose File’ button followed by selecting the ZIP file of the theme which you have downloaded from ThemeIsle from your local computer, and then you have to press the ‘Install Now’ button.
  5. WordPress will upload and extract the theme archive file. Then you will have to activate the theme for the changes. You will have to locate the activate link, which will be under the message notifying you about the successful installation of the theme.6. That’s all; you are all set.

Testing ThemeIsles Pro WordPress themes For Free

The whole process of testing a new WordPress theme is interesting. But if you are beginning to launch your site, then you don’t need to have any data to test with. For this situation, the WordPress’ Theme Unit Test Data can be used to have real-world content to check how the theme is going to work for you. After setting up the staging site, or a local development environment, you have to follow these two steps:

  1. You have to install the Theme Unit Test Data on the staging or local site of yours.
  2. You have to run through each of the elements of your site and would have to adjust anything that needs changing accordingly.

Try ThemeIsle themes before purchasing them

For a better hand on experience, ThemeIsle provides you with the facility of 30 days money-back guarantee so that you can check a theme to see if it works for you perfectly or not. There is no pressure or strings attached to this thing. If the theme does not work for you, you can claim for your money back, and no questions will be asked from you. So this facility will provide you with some relief in making a decision.

ThemeIsle Features

The different features and functionalities provided by the ThemeIsle are:

  1. The tools for creating a front page for ECommerce online stores are provided that will ultimately lead to an increase in the sales by increasing and improving the accessibility of the store to a customer or a visitor, without any regard to the location.
  2. WordPress themes provided by ThemeIsle do not require the users to be tech-savvy and to have extensive knowledge in coding, so the beginners in the IT field can easily take advantage of the features of Themeisle products.
  3. The Live Customizer tool is provided to the users, which is very simple, and ultimately is easy for use by people who do not have detailed knowledge of technology or web design.
  4. The users can freely customize a theme completely in their required or preferred way.
  5. If the customers face difficulty in any related situation while working with the WordPress themes, they are always encouraged to get in touch with the Themeisle support team to seek help and guidance. The customer support is available round the clock, seven days a week.

Good Selection of Themes

ThemeIsle provides the users with a spectacularly huge variety of themes. At the moment, they are offering more than 30 themes free of cost.

If you include their premium provided options, they do provide another more than 20 themes that can be used to cater the needs of different categories like:

  1. Business
  2. E-commerce
  3. Photography
  4. Magazines
  5. Portfolios

Get The VIP Bundle For Free

The most suitable bundle for handling multiple websites costs 199 US dollars. The features include: 

  1. Access to more than 10 PRO WordPress Themes and Plugins.
  2. Applicable for up to 5 websites.
  3. One year of support and updates
  4. Priority support is provided5. Live Chat support is also provided.

Test ThemeIsle personal plan, business plan and agency plan For Free

The personal, business and agency plans are applicable for different themes provided by ThemeIsle. The personal plan is for beginners. The business plan is for medium scaled businesses, whereas the agency plan is for large organizations or freelancers who have to cater to multiple projects. The basic plan is a personal plan, from which the prices start to increase along with an increase in functionality as you go up in the plans.

There are different bundles available on the ThemeIsle websites like:

Essential Bundle

This bundle is best for handling single websites projects. It costs 89 US dollars. The features include:

  1. More than seven PRO WordPress themes of ThemeIsle.
  2. Applicable for up to 2 websites.
  3. One year of support and updates are provided in this bundle.

Business Bundle

This bundle is considered best for a growing business, available for 129 US dollars. The features include:

  1. Access to more than 10 PRO WordPress Themes and Plugins of ThemeIsle.
  2. Applicable for up to 3 websites.
  3. Support and updates for one year are provided.4. Priority support is provided in this bundle.

Free ThemeIsle Premium Themes

Premium WordPress themes are not available for free. These themes provide stunning appearances with amazing features. The pro versions are usually considered premium themes of ThemeIsle.

ThemeIsle Pros 

The advantages and good things about ThemeIsle products which make them stand out from all the other options out there are:

  1. Beginners can use their products, you do not have to possess extensive knowledge of coding and web design.
  2. ThemeIsle has managed to make a combination of simplicity with clarity, which has aided it in becoming more handy and practical in use for the standard users.
  3. Themeisle provides extra services like after the sale support, guidance related to products along with training; this is a unique thing that makes ThemeIsle stand out from most of the other companies operating in the same field.4. They provide free shared hosting for a year in all their plans.


ThemeIsle is a suitable option for you if you want to deploy a WordPress theme or a plugin. Their products are of top quality, and their stunning appearance can aid in the growth of your business.

Are you ready to give all Themeisle’s Pro Themes a try? Click the button to download & try them for free.

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