Is it possible to Download WP Rocket For Free?

how to download WP rocket for free

WP Rocket is currently the most popular page speed optimization plugin available, that has created a new demand: NULLED / Pirated / Cracked versions of the plugin. There are websites that offer that, however the reality is that the pirated versions of WP Rocket contain virus and malware. Once you install the pirated version on your website, you’ll get the virus and it’s close to impossible to get rid of it again

Even if you manage to remove the malware / virus from your website, then you’ll face the next issue: You won’t get updates to the plugin. Over time the plugin will get outdated and will stop working, then you’re back to step one. The conclusion is that there is no good way to get WP Rocket for free.

Luckily WP Rocket has an awesome 14 day refund policy, that means that you purchase it and give it a go for 14 days and if you aren’t satisfied then you can get a refund right away.

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What is WordPress caching?

WP Rocket is known for quickly and effectively speeding up the loading of a website, but if you are not quite sure how this can be done, you need to understand the basic concept of caching. If someone visits a page on your WordPress page, a lot of data is communicated back and forth between the server, the software and the database. This is all involved in dynamically generating the webpage that is requested by the user. 

As you can imagine, this can slow things down at times. To speed up the whole process, caching can be used to create a static version of the site and its content. Each time someone visits the site, the static content is displayed instead of it being generated dynamically. As it takes less time to display the static version of the content, visitors can experience faster loading times of the webpage. Apart from the improved speed of the site, there are no other considerable differences between the dynamic content and the cached static content of the whole website itself.

Testing WP Rocket for free

Before we get to explore all that this plugin does, it can be tested whether WP Rocket speeds up the website as effectively as claimed. Based on the experience, most of the answers are quick, yes. After installing this plugin, there is a considerable increase in loading speeds along with rapid improvements.

Getting started with WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a well-known plugin that enables caching on WordPress websites to improve the time taken for loading. Along with caching, this plugin ensures that some other features on the website speed up as well. Once you can understand the basic functions of WP Rocket, it makes the experience a lot easier for a beginner that is using WordPress.

Why use

In comparison with some of the best speed optimization plugins for WordPress online, WP Rocket pushed through the best possible results. Therefore, picking this plugin is perhaps the most cost-effective choice for your WordPress site. 

How to install WP Rocket plugin

The manual for installation involves uploading all the files to the web server. These can be done through the FTP software. When the archive is unzipped, the wp-rocket folder is uploaded. After that, the plugin can finally be activated through the WordPress admin. Once it is activated, one can easily go to the settings panel.

Where web performance is truly a comprehensive field, there are also several tricky difficulties, abstract technical and terms. There is a trend followed by the people who use WordPress that they only push through the applications which are necessary for the end-user. The major difficulty faced through the existing solutions here is that everything becomes far too complex for a normal beginner to understand. This is why a simple and efficient product is a priority. This is what was kept in mind when WP Rocket was created for WordPress users.

Download WP rocket

By going to the official website of WP Rocket, you can easily download the plugin from the safer source. In short, WP Rocket is a speed optimization plugin for WordPress. It helps the users of WordPress to implement a variety of speed-boosting features to the WordPress site.

Get WP Rocket

After it was released, WP Rocket was quickly acclaimed by the WordPress community. The general public also appreciated the product from around the world. WP Rocket can easily be downloaded from the website of the platform efficiently and reliably. 

try wp rocket for free

Features of WP Rocket stand out from the rest 

When it comes to choosing the right caching plugin for your WordPress website, the deciding factor here is whether or not it reduces the loading time of the site. However, with potential improvements in the loading speeds, it is also important to know if you will be able to properly configure the plugin to get the best possible results from it.

Installing WP Rocket because it is easy to use

WP Rocket was built to stand out in the crowd. It was built to make caching foolproof. Regardless of any technical abilities, it can be used to speed up the website speed. Along with this, WP Rocket also aims to appeal to power users by providing them with sufficient options and settings to enable caching exactly the way they want it to be. One of the ways in which you can simplify enabling and managing of caching if through the user-friendly dashboard.

Along with that, as soon as the plugin is activated, caching occurs immediately to improve the loading time of the whole website. If one is concerned with the lack of technical skills needed to speed up your whole WordPress website with caching effectively, WP Rocket can be installed and activated to solve this. This allows the users to have the opportunity to optimize their site with WP Rocket. 

WP Rocket optimization 

When it comes to taking a more hands-on approach to optimize your website with WP Rocket, the settings and controls of the dashboard are nicely organized and accompanied by clear explanations that are displayed within the user interface of the plugin. Therefore, if you do want to enable additional features, such as mobile caching or HTML and CSS file minification, you can easily find out how to do so.

CDN Compatibility from installed WP Rocket 

There is another effective way that users can use to distribute files around the world. This speeds the whole website UP, and it is known as a content delivery network (CDN). WP Rocket is easily compatible with most of the CDN providers. Whether CDN is in your whole hosting plan or not, you can integrate it with WP Rocket to improve the overall performance of your site as well.

Media Optimization

It is commonly known that large image files can potentially slow down the whole website. The features of WP Rocket ensure that this problem is properly dealt with. The first thing to note here is that this plugin also has a LazyLoading feature. The job of this feature is to delay the display of images and videos until the user has actually scrolled to their position on the page itself. Loading everything altogether slows the general loading of the page itself. 

With WP Rocket, you have the option of loading the emojis in the content from the visitor’s computer. This is a viable option instead of downloading them directly from the website. There is another option of Imagify. This is an image optimization option that users can use with a free plan to compress the website images. This reduces the overall file size as well. 

WP Rocket is E-commerce friendly

If you are running an online store or selling items on the WordPress website, WP Rocket should be able to work easily with the selected e-commerce plugin. When excluding the view cart and checkout pages of your site from the cache, WP Rocket here ensures that your customers don’t experience any problems while speeding up the site. 

wp rocket test

Speed Testing from WP Rocket

Speed tests can be carried out to check the difference in performance speeds. Part of the way optimization here takes place depends on the reduction of file sizes. Optional features like HTML and CSS minification, along with image optimization, also have a considerable role to play here. That is why enabling caching on the test sites can be analyzed. However, even though no two WordPress sites are identical, this information still gives an idea of whether or not WP Rocket can improve the speed of the site.

WP Rocket pricing 

The prices for the WP Rocket package tend to vary, and different expenses depending on which plan the user chooses for himself. The first plan is the Single Package. In this, the user pays 49 dollars for the support of a whole year. This also includes the updates covering the use on one website. However, the Plus package comes at a higher price of 99 dollars. It has a whole year of support, coupled with the updates applicable to three websites. The third plan is known as Infinite, which comes for 249 dollars. This supports updates on several different websites.

According to the default setting, the license you have will be automatically renewed after a year, and a discount of thirty percent will be applied to the price. However, customers can also disable the auto-renewal in the account area on the WP Rocket when needed. 

It is important to notice that WP Rocket has its perks since it is known to improve the speed of WordPress websites measurably. WP Rocket is ideal for people who wish to speed up their website and to be the beginners; they don’t necessarily have the technical knowledge as well. This can be activated on the site, and through this, there will be a noticeable improvement in the loading time as well.

Are you ready to give WP Rocket a try? Click the button & try out WP Rocket for free!

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