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Is It Possible To Get Cloudways hosting for free?

How to get Cloudways hosting for free

Cloudways is an awesome hosting company, but it’s also quite expensive. If you’re looking for a way to get Cloudways hosting for free or cheap, then you’ve come to the right place. After a bunch of research, we’ll sadly have to say that there is no way to do it. Your best bet is to take advantage of their refund policy or use a coupon code to save money on your initial purchase. Click the green button below to view Cloudways discounts & coupons!

Are you ready to give CloudWays a try? Click the button & try out their hosting for free.

What is Cloudways Hosting? 

It is a platform that facilitates choice and gives the best performance. This platform manages to host plans for everyone with 24/7 expert support and unlimited installation. It is always ready to help you achieve your goals. It gives your business unlimited growth, and it guarantees you the success you dream for. 

It is the best cloud hosting for WordPress that you can ever use for your website. It takes away all your cloud server related hassles, and you can easily scale your website the way you want to. Its cutting Edge managed cloud web hosting features include a simplified cloud way cache, advanced caches coupled with Breeze, and Cloudways CDN for an amazing performance. They all are there to provide you with an exceptional hosting experience.  It’s a great hosting experience that is looking for individuals and businesses looking for a complete hosting for their WordPress site.  It is very secure. But is it possible to get Cloudways hosting for free and how good is Cloudways actually?

Hosting WordPress on Cloud is Simple for Everyone

Cloud hosting understands your business needs, and it is managed in such a way that everyone can benefit from it. The Cloud Hosting caters to the WordPress sites and provides hosting effectively.  It has flexible plans and has 100% uptime and web-based customer service support that cares about their customers. You can count on Cloudways hosting to keep your website up and running. 

Fre Cloudways migration

Hosting for Individuals 

Hosting for individuals is for the self-employed or freelancers, and Cloud hosting serves them effectively for server requirements to their website launch. It’s simply amazing that it covers everyone, and even the individuals can benefit from it. It’s not restricted to companies only.

Hosting for Ecommerce 

Cloud Hosting also provides hosting for E-commerce sites, and it’s a very reliable and powerful platform with built-in scalability. It can grow your eCommerce store and bring you more customers. It has a lot of features that bring a lot of customers to your way.

Hosting for Agencies and SMBs

Cloydways builds the platform for you that considers the agency workflows and monitors your websites. It doesn’t only monitor your websites but also monitors cloning and site servers.  It also hosts small and medium-sized businesses. They can easily host their WordPress sites without any issue or technical skills. 

SSD Hosting with Built-in Cache 

An SSD disk offers you the fastest speed and reliability than other disks. It accommodates the modern website demands and gives exceptional performance. Cloud Hosting also has a built-in cache mechanism that includes Reis, Varnish, and Memcached that will enhance your WordPress site speed.

Cloudways CDN & Breeze Plugin  

Cloudways CDN helps you reduce the latency when serving WordPress sites and also improves your response time efficiently. Breeze is their in-house developed cache plugin, and it also comes pre-installed with WordPress sites and improves the performance drastically.

Hassle-free Migration

You can use this feature to migrate unlimited WordPress websites from any hosting. It is very simple, and there are no hard ways to do it. One migration is already done for you, but you can also use the Cloudways built-in migratory to migrate the WordPress websites.  

Payment Adaptable to your Budget 

This amazing thing about Cloudways hosting is that you can host unlimited websites and pay at the end of the month. You can use Cloudways for the whole month, and you don’t have to worry about paying for the server in advance because Cloudways hosting has got you covered.  You can pay easily according to the adaptability of your budget.  You don’t have to pay infrastructure charges, and it’s the best thing about the Cloud hosting of WordPress. The plans include all the infrastructure charges and provide you with the best experience.  

Cloudways features

Dedicated Firewalls 

The firmware upgrades are performed regularly by Cloudways hosting, making your website very safe and secure. It is safe from all the potential threats and will allow you to use it without worry about its website security.

Free SSL Certificates 

This is a certificate that can secure the visitor’s trust and ensure that data is transferred encrypted. These certificates are good to gain the visitors easily and can deploy them in just a single click.

Login Security & IP Whitelisting 

Cloudways hosting provides you with two-factor authentication and automatically detects all the suspicious attempts happening on the site. It sends you notification immediately whenever someone tries to log in to your website. It keeps your account end server safe and sends you notifications about all the things that happen on your site. You can also create a list of whitelisted IPs and can block IP addresses. You can also allow the IP addresses you want without any issue. 

Application Isolation with Database Security

Multiple sites are on a single server, and they are isolated to prevent them from any kind of effect from the other website.  Cloudways hosting has an inbuilt database system that protects any unauthorized access to your data and prevents you from all the vulnerabilities. You are secure with Cloudways hosting, and you will experience great security through this hosting because it doesn’t risk your information and puts the best efforts to protect you. They take the security very seriously, and the firewalls on all the servers protect your website. 

The top-notch security and their advanced techniques provide the customers with satisfying service. They also take care of all the customers, no matter how big or small they are. Every site is hosted on dedicated cloud hosting.

Free Block Storage 

You can use the additional storage capacity if your existing storage capacity is full, you can replace it with the existing storage without any hassle. You can replace the servers without altering other server parameters. Isn’t it an amazing opportunity? It all happens in one click, and you can scale the server resources easily.

Cloudways Hosting is not for Free

You cannot get this hosting for free. It has a lot of amazing features that can take your website to another level. This hosting is charging you a reasonable amount to buy it and enjoy the features. You cannot get anything for free when it is doing a great job for your WordPress site. The WordPress plugins are not even for free, so how can you get a full Cloudways hosting package for free? 

Don’t go for shortcuts; you can buy it easily from the website and have the adaptability of payment. You can pay at the end of the month if you want, or there are hourly payment plans. It takes care of your budget and provides you with an amazing experience like never before.

Unlimited WordPress Websites 

Cloudways hosting charges you only for the resources you consume, and you can enjoy the hosting unlimited without thinking of the payment. You can get access to hosting unlimited WordPress websites on a single server. A single server will allow a lot of WordPress sites to get hosting, and it comes with many benefits. 

In comparison to other hosting providers, you get many additional features that can change your website looks. It allows you to experience industry with an optimized WordPress hosting platform. If you are a developer, you can easily have this option to use API for integration and automation of the cloud hosting platform.  It has different plans to get started with, and they all have the following benefits:

  • Unlimited WordPress installs 
  • Server and website cloning 
  • Easy Server scaling available 
  • 24/7 monitoring 
  • Regular security patching 
  • Free WordPress Cache Plugin 
  • Automated Backups for the websites 
  • Dedicated Server IP and the Firewall 
  • SSD Based hosting for WordPress sites 
  • Free SSL certificates 
  • Multiple PHP versions 
  • Git Integration 

24/7 Live Chat Support 

The Cloudways Hosting has an amazing support team that is available 24/7, and they have experts in the support that are ready to answer your queries whenever you message them. The live chat support is available for you to resolve your issues. You can talk to them anytime you want. They are very responsive and try their level best to resolve your issue. 

You can talk about the hosting and what are the things you don’t understand. It is also possible to message about the issues you are facing using the hosting plan. You should quit worrying and start talking about your concerns with their 24/7 available live chat support.  

No restriction on the use of WordPress Plugins 

There is no restriction in using the hosting platform, and you will have the freedom to use any plugin you want to. You can use any plugin you want without any issue. You are the website owner, so Cloudways hosting helps you build your website with no restrictions. It is also possible to choose the server nearest to your target audience and improve the websites’ load time using WordPress Plugins.

Are you ready to give CloudWays a try? Click the button & try out their hosting for free.

If you are looking for more information about Cloudways than the possibility of getting Cloudways hosting for free check out our Cloudways review.

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