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Is It Possible To Get FixRunner For Free? Introduction To Their 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

Possible To Get FixRunner For Free?

If you have been running a WordPress site for any time, you already know endless problems can pop up. Plugins can conflict with each other. Hackers are constantly testing your defenses. If your software is not kept up to date, hackers can break in and make your life difficult. It would be great if we had the time to become WordPress experts. Unfortunately, both family and work demands make it hard to sit down and study WordPress in depth. That is where FixRunner can help. With a team ready to go, they can solve any of your WordPress issues. Is it possible to get FixRunner for free? We will show you how you can use the service for free and expect from them.

Get FixRunner support and maintenance with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

Constant Support

Keeping your site going is a constant struggle. There is always a need for changes ranging from typos in your content to minor HTML tweaks. Also, don’t forget to always check for bug fixes to make sure you are running the right software. It can seem overwhelming when your attention is split into so many different directions. This is why many people are wondering is it possible to get FixRunner for free?

Here are just a few advantages that they can provide your site or online business:

  • No loss of business due to site outages
  • Save time on troubleshooting your site
  • Faster load times for images and content
  • WordPress experts you can always contact

We all have that person in our life that we go to when we have technical issues. Maybe your laptop won’t connect to your printer. You have tried to power cycle all your devices. You check your Device Manager several times. Nothing seems to work. When you give your friend a call, he comes over and takes a look at the issue. You were missing an important driver. The fix was easy, and it only took a few minutes to download. If you had spent time trying to solve this issue, it would have taken hours!

FixRunner is like that friend that you can go to with technical issues. They won’t be able to go into your business and look at your SOHO in person, but they can show you what is going on with your WordPress site. This really comes in handy when you are low on time and can’t spend hours trying to troubleshoot an issue. Around-the-clock support also means that they are always on when you are on.

FixRunner For Free services

FixRunner For Free

We all understand if our site goes down for several days, it can cost us our reputation and potential business. Is it possible to get FixRunner for free? Absolutely. Let’s take a closer look at their terms of service.

With FixRunner, you pay a monthly fee for various packages. Each package has a tier, and all of them are subject to Fair Use. This policy was designed to protect the company. In the past, WordPress maintenance services have been taken advantage of. People would sign up to utilize the service and use services like FixRunner just for a week before canceling. This was mainly because they didn’t understand how to make simple changes to CSS and HTML. This was a bad situation because this was not what the service was designed for. Low-level users that had no intention of learning how to use WordPress expected the maintenance company to make all of their small changes for free.

Obviously, WordPress maintenance companies could no longer offer a free trial for a full week. It attracted too many individuals that never intended even to test the service. The way they were using the staff did not fall under Fair Use. If you want to test out the service, feel free to sign up. You have the option to cancel the service, and then you will get a full refund back for that month. If you do not want to pay the supplementary fee, that is not an issue. FixRunner wants to discourage users from using the service under the impression that they will make any minor changes at no cost. As long as you are not trying to take advantage of the refund policy, you can decide that maintenance is not for you and then end the free trial at the end of the month.

Beyond The Trial

During your free trial with FixRunner, which can be refunded, make sure to check your statistics so that you are giving the service a fair chance. A good way to determine this is the amount of time you spend on tickets. Ticketing software has made it easy to track how much time you use to resolve a ticket. When looking at the statistics when you are using FixRunner, you may find that it actually pays, in the end, to have them handle small changes to your site instead of trying to handle things on your own.

Take, for example, a customer who has paid extra to access a VIP section for your website. Many sites have special access designated for contributors or higher-level customers. It is a great way to create another revenue stream and determine which customers are actually serious about the product you offer. However, if a customer finds that part of the WordPress site is not functioning and not allowing them into the VIP area, it can take hours to figure out what went wrong.

Instead of wasting time finding the source of the issue, when you work with FixRunner, they can send in an expert who is already familiar with the system. When your Honda is having issues, you bring it to a Honda mechanic instead of trying to resolve it on your own. You could fix the issue with your car or truck, but since you don’t have the proper tools, it will take you much longer. The same stands for using FixRunner. They already have the right tools for the job and can help your customers much faster than you can.

Extensive Training

Not only will their expert team help keep your site running smoothly, but they also keep you informed. Training and teaching are other huge aspects of working with FixRunner. If you look on popular video sites, including Vimeo and YouTube, you will notice that FixRunner has already posted much content. Beyond that, though, the WordPress maintenance site has also created an e-learning center that you will have access to when you start to pay for the service.

They call it the WP College, and this online learning library is always updated with new tutorials. You have guides that you can read through as well as video tutorials. If you learn better by reading through a guide, you can utilize that learning center section. However, many learn better by watching somebody else go through all the actions. No matter which way you feel more comfortable, you will find awesome tips that will help you with your WordPress knowledge.

Zak narrates videos. He can walk you through how to solve common problems, and he will also demonstrate tips that save time when you are just starting. Don’t think that the tutorials are just for people that are brand new to the platform. They have tutorials and tips at every skill level. Premium content goes more in-depth for advanced users so they can hone the skills that they already have.

Overall, this is a great feature that they set up to help everybody learn more about WordPress. However, if you need more shortcuts or guidelines to the best practices, give this a try.

FixRunner In Atlanta

If you are in Atlanta, you can visit FixRunner in Sandy Springs. With a beautiful office just a short drive from the heart of the city, it is easy to check in with WordPress experts. While you can’t use the service for free past the month-long trial period, you will find that having constant monitoring for your site is very helpful.

Bypassing off tedious or complex WordPress tasks to FixRunner, business owners find more time to focus on what they love. Many got into business to promote specific products and services. If you are great at photography, catering, or real estate, you need to focus on what you enjoy about your business. Nobody expects you also to become a tech expert that can quickly resolve all of these website issues.

What are the current users saying about FixRunner? On Google, the reviews are almost a perfect five out of five stars. Customers say that the response time is lightning fast. Team members are patient as they explain the issue and how they are going to fix it quickly. If you feel like your site is running slow or could be better, why not give them a chance? You have nothing to lose when you get a quote from their expert staff. They can act like your personal developer that can code solutions for you while also maintaining your site.

FixRunner one time fix service

Is It Possible To Get FixRunner For Free Conclusion

In conclusion, FixRunner will charge you for their monthly service, but their customer support and e-learning center make it worth it. If you want more reviews and coupon codes for WordPress and hosting, make sure you check back with Superb Themes soon! We will have more content to improve your site or business.

Get FixRunner support and maintenance with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

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