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Is It Possible To Get Formidable Forms Pro For Free?

Is It Possible To Get Formidable Forms Pro For Free?

Forms are one of the best ways for you to gather data and communicate with your customers. When you create easy to use forms, you can set up meetings, create listings, and hold your own classes. Integrate the data with other applications and you are going to have an edge on your competition. One of the best ways to create these forms is through Formidable Forms. Is it possible to get Formidable Forms Pro for free? It comes with a bunch of features and it is going to add a professional polish to your current site. Let’s see how we can use this software for free and hopefully increase our bottom line at the same time.

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Testing Formidable Forms Paid Plans For Free

If you Google for a free version of Formidable Forms, you may come across pirated or cracked copies. Torrent sites and other less than ethical sites will advertise that you can get this software for free or at just a fraction of the normal price. Should you be tempted to take the plunge and try to save some money on software?

Many people feel like software piracy doesn’t hurt anybody. They convince themselves that they can download the software and just try it out for a time. After all, how would you know if you like the program if you never use it? That is dangerous thinking due to the nature of pirated software. While it seems like the software is free, it comes with a catch.

Hackers and crackers that break the protections on software do not do it for altruistic motives and to give away copies at no charge. You end up paying these hackers with the usage of your computer. These free versions of Formidable Forms come with back doors where other people can take over your computer. It is better to go through the normal channels instead.

Formidable Forms Elite, Business & Basic Versions For Free

Formidable Forms Elite, Business & Basic Versions For Free

Instead of taking your chances with hackers and free torrents for Formidable Forms, go through the official site. How can you do this? Is it possible to get Formidable Forms Pro for free through the site that they set up? The surprising answer is yes.

They are trusted by over 200,000 users. Despite such a huge user base and clients that are as large as Wells Fargo and Audi, they will still offer you a free trial. The trial will last for a full two weeks. At the end of the two week period, if you are not convinced that you will be making more money with the plugin, you can return it. There will be no questions asked. Just return the product and you will get a full refund. The best part is that this is a digital product so the returns are even easier.

Formidable Forms Pricing

After you have worked with the free demo, you will want to look at the different tiers that they offer. Which one will be best for you? The lowest tier comes in at under a hundred dollars. What can you expect with this lowest tier? You will be glad to hear that this is only paid on an annual basis and not every month like so many other plugins. You are going to get the following:

  • As many forms as you would like to create
  • Unlimited entries for forms you make
  • Formidable views
  • Premade calculators
  • Polls to be taken by visitors
  • Forms with advanced features
  • Support for MailChimp
  • Support for AWeber

We are just looking at the tip of the iceberg. With a full year of support and the use with your main site, the value is there with the lowest tier. If you calculate the cost over the span of the year, you are paying less than ten dollars on a monthly basis. When you try to hire a programmer that understands how to integrate your WordPress site with forms, you are going to pay much more than just a few dollars for the month.

Suitable For Beginners

Suitable For Beginners

Now if you feel intimidated about the idea of making your own forms, don’t worry. Formidable Forms are always working with beginners. You don’t need to feel shy if you are not a code guru. This is why they offer support for the full time you are using the paid product. Any questions you have on form creation will be answered in a timely manner so you will be ready to tackle those multi-page forms that stretch on for several pages.

Support will also be able to hook up your current account with MailChimp or AWeber. These are some of the most popular services for sending out quick email batches to everybody on your list. The pros over at Formidable Forms will explain to you how to connect the two services so that emails that go into your form are automatically added to your MailChimp or AWeber account. There will be no need to import a list over from one program to another.

Formidable Forms Tutorials

We gave several reasons why Formidable Forms will work well for a beginner. Here is one more main reason why you will want to pick a form builder like this one if you are not familiar with developing your own forms for the web.

There are many tutorials on video sites such as YouTube. Even if you have the lite version of Formidable Forms, you still have many people that create step by step instructions on how you can make forms on your own. If you are a visual learner, this is a huge advantage. How many of us have felt like it takes so much longer when you are just trying to follow written instructions? These plugins are complicated and it helps when you can watch another person work their way through several basic forms.

The creators also have their own channel. What can you expect from their own YouTube channel? We would like to see more video tutorials for Formidable Forms. They do have a project where you create your own job board and that takes you through several aspects of the software. Multiple projects like this would motivate the customers to invest in the product, but with their example of the job board, it will give you a good idea of what you can accomplish.

Accepting Payment And Beyond

Following their own tutorials, you will learn how to use a form to accept payment that is totally digital. If you have wondered about how you could accept PayPal in the future, take notes on this section. They also tell you how to manipulate the front end. Now you can tweak the user interface so that the colors will flow with the rest of the website.

Need a way to follow up with customers later on? That is also shown in the video tutorials as well as how you are going to connect to your favorite mass emailing program. While they could add more videos, all of the basics are here for you to learn from.

Paid Options

We have looked at several options you have if you are wondering if it is possible to get Formidable Forms for free. It would make sense to also explain all the advantages that you will get along with the paid version.

In the above paragraphs, we discussed how many people have already created tutorials for the lite versions. When you upgrade to paid, you will be able to use all the tutorials that have been uploaded to video sharing sites.

Maybe you run a used car lot and you need to put together a calculator to help people figure out their payment and how much of a loan they will need to qualify for a new car. You are going to get a visual walkthrough that shows you all the steps that are involved in getting up and running.

This includes showing you how to find the template where the car payment calculator already exists. Why reinvent the wheel when you have Formidable Forms to thank for an already existing calculator? Moving over to all the different default fields, these can be manipulated to reflect things specific to your state or area. Make sure you include the local taxes that people would pay when doing business with you. All the ids are laid out to show you exactly what the calculation will be when visitors are utilizing your calculator.

Once you are done customizing this, head back to your WordPress dashboard. Make a new page for your calculator that will be static. From here, make a title that describes the calculator you are bringing in. Below that will be a plus sign. Click on the plus sign and type Formidable Forms into the widget section. Once that pops up, you can pick from the list of forms you already made.

Is It Possible To Get Formidable Forms Pro For Free Conclusion

Is It Possible To Get Formidable Forms Pro For Free Conclusion

We looked at the question of whether it is possible to get Formidable Forms Pro for free in this article. While torrents may be tempting, you put your computer at risk. It is much better to just use the free trial to see if you like the layout. We also went over the many tutorials that exist for the free version. Once you are comfortable making forms with these, you may want to upgrade to pro. Then, you will have access to all the pre-made features like real estate listings, payment calculators, and forms to accept payments. Remember to keep coming back to Superb Themes for more in regards to what you can do with this software.

Click the button to visit Formidable & try their premium version for free!

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