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Is It Possible To Get GeneratePress Premium For Free?

Download GeneratePress Premium For Free

What is the smallest and fastest theme out there? That is a question that many wonders as the importance of speed for your page loading becomes crucial. If you search for the smallest theme on Google, you will get back many results from a variety of themes that all claim they are the smallest and most lightweight. Without any doubt, GeneratePress ranks among some of the most lightweight themes out there. Is it possible to get GeneratePress Premium for free? We are going to look into this question as well as why you would want the premium version.

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Speed Up Your Site For Free With GeneratePress Premium

If we really break down a website, it consists of a few parts that are interacting together. If any one of these is weighed down by excessive libraries and requests, it can cause lazy loading for all other aspects. Let’s take a look at HTML.

With GeneratePress, the reason so many wonder is it possible to get GeneratePress premium for free, is that they keep their HTML to the bare minimum. Why over complicate things when most people just glance at the homepage before they start scrolling and navigating around? Some of the best landing pages consist of just a simple image, a phone number, and a form to collect information from the customer.

Other themes get weighed down with how they write their HTML. It results in negative performance that can be avoided.

Looking At The DOM

GeneratePress is made up of an excellent team that really scrutinizes each line of code to make sure it is completely needed. One of the first places they look to make cuts in the DOM. What is the DOM? Is it just the HTML that you wrote to form your page? In a sense it is, but a more accurate representation would be the HTML that you see when you access the developer tools through your browser. Here, you can see the HTML along with added tags that you may have forgotten when putting together your site.

The DOM, or Document Object Model, is made up of nodes. The more nodes that are present, the longer your page will take to load. A good example of this is when we write a bit of JavaScript that is looking for a mouseover event or an element. This element would be considered a DOM node. Too many of these start to add up and make it difficult for people to view your page quickly.

If you think of the DOM as a tree, there are many nodes connected to each other and branching into each other. Why load the nodes or elements that a user does not see right away? This just makes it harder for the page to load, and the user won’t notice anyway. Data costs like this quickly add up and impact performance.

Users interacting with the site itself can also recompute nodes. If you have a large number of nodes that are impacted as the user scrolls and clicks on things, you are costing yourself valuable resources. GeneratePress takes all of this into account and makes sure you are not loading nodes that will not be viewed by the visitor until they are needed.

Is It Possible To Get GeneratePress Premium For Free?

Download GeneratePress Premium For Free

The creators behind GeneratePress are experts when it comes to stripping away everything from a theme that you don’t need. Using tools like Lighthouse, they can see all of the DOM nodes and they understand which ones need to be pulled.

This is one of the reasons why they decided not to use the jQuery library. Normally, to save time, many themes will bring in a library. This allows you to have access to various methods for events associated with the page. For example, look at this sample code:


Taking a brief look, see that this is used to hide paragraphs from the user. Instead of writing out this code along with many other methods, you can just import the jQuery library. This has both upsides and downsides.

jQuery saves a lot of time that you can spend on building new themes. On top of this, many users will have already downloaded jQuery from Google while browsing the web. If a user has already downloaded this library, it will still be in their cache and should not slow down load times as much. Content Delivery Networks can also be used to distribute the library. If a theme creator decides to use this library, the CDN will distribute it.

The downside though is still load times. While your users can download this library from the closest CDN, it still means that they are downloading extra things. In terms of SEO and themes, every second counts. If you spend just one extra second downloading libraries, that can mean the difference in terms of sales. That is why the experts behind GeneratePress cut out the libraries.

Download GeneratePress & Get Fewer Requests

Download GeneratePress & Get Fewer Requests

One of the reasons why so many wonder, is it possible to get GeneratePress premium for free, is they have extremely low HTTP requests. We already have a better understanding of the DOM and how they use very few nodes. The previous paragraphs also made it clear why you want to avoid using libraries if you don’t need to. Now we want to talk about the lack of HTTP requests.

For GeneratePress, the main JavaScript file is just 2.3kb. Think of your theme as the base layer for your website. Everything else is built on the base layer. This theme adds two HTTP requests. That totals up to just 7.5kb. To put this into perspective, that is about as much data as you would see with three emails.

These files are then further compressed to make sure the size is even smaller. There will be some scripts that are loaded along with CSS styling, but that is unavoidable. All of your modern themes are going to have some sort of styling from CSS so the theme looks modern.

A great way to check on your own is by using the program Lighthouse. After you download this, not only can you see a grade for page speed, but it also clearly shows you what files are loading and how big they are. Don’t take the word of the creators for GeneratePress. Lighthouse will clearly show you everything that is loading including files names. If you think something is not vital, cut it out.

Is It Possible To Get GeneratePress Premium For Free With Cracked Copies?

Some may be tempted to try to get a cracked copy of GeneratePress Premium. Many will tell you it is not possible to get a good idea of how to use the software unless you actively work with it for several weeks.

This is not accurate and can end up hurting your site. We mainly are thinking about downloading themes because they are light and will load quickly. When you go with programs that come through a torrent, you can actually slow down your whole system. How is this possible when you use a nulled copy of GeneratePress?

Security blogs have discovered that many of these pirated copies ship with heavily obfuscated JavaScript. This malware will look like gibberish when you first see it. It can be difficult to tell it is even JavaScript. When you decode it though and take out the parts that are designed to disguise the true purpose, you will see that these are programs that are mining cryptocurrency. Why is this such a problem?

Anything that is hidden on your computer and mining a currency is going to tax your system. Nothing is going to run quickly and this can spread to all of the computers located in the network of your home and your office. We all know with Bitcoin that these currencies can be worth real money. When hackers send you a hacked theme, they are looking to get paid in alternative ways. The hacked themes may seem to be free, but many times you are paying for it behind the scenes.

A much better solution is going through the official source for your theme. They will provide you resources like support as well as help when you run into issues.

Download and test GeneratePress For Free

If you feel like you need to test out themes, head on over to People are constantly putting up new themes that are completely free to use. WordPress is open source. There is no company out there that restricts freedom to information. You are freely able to download the source code for software you want to use. put the emphasis on accessibility. They go in with the understanding software is for everybody. You should not have to be an expert to set things up. Focus instead on telling stories, spreading word about your product, or getting your service out there. That is why all the software on is simple and easy to use.

If you want to see if GeneratePress Premium is going to be right for you, experiment with the free version that they put up. This is the best way to see if the theme loads as fast as everybody says. Lighthouse is a great tool to look at the size of all the files so you can make sure you will not overload your system. For all things, WordPress, keep coming back to Superb Themes.

Click the button to visit GeneratePress & try their premium theme for free!

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