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Is It Possible To Get Grammarly Pro For Free?

Is It Possible To Get Grammarly For Free?

Is it possible to get Grammarly for free? That is what a lot of us are asking ourselves. If you do writing in any sort of capacity this is a must have plugin. For those that write professionally, it is even more important to make sure that your writing is top notch. In this article, we are going to talk about a few tips to show you how to use the service for free and also why you may want to upgrade in the future. Let’s jump into it and take a look at some of the best ways to try out Grammarly.

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Try Grammarly Pro For Free

Grammarly has a great system set up to prove to you that you need the product. How do they do this? I have personally utilized this tool along with the rest of the team. Writing professionally, you have to have something like Grammarly running at all times. Writing for private clients gives you more leeway in terms of what they expect in terms of grammar and punctuation. However, when you write for some writing services, they rate you in terms of typos and usage of punctuation. Make too many mistakes and you can have your rating downgraded. This restricts access to better paying accounts and clients.

You never know what your client is going to expect from you in terms of grammar and sentence construction. This is why it is so important to make sure all of your writing is uniform across the board. Grammarly makes this easy and integrates in well with your favorite browser such as Chrome or the email client that you like the most.

The setup process is easy and in just a few minutes, you are going to have Grammarly turned on all the time. It will watch what you are typing in your browser and loads in automatically right off the bat. There is no need to remember to start the program because it is always going in the background. This is a great feature because there is no concern that you just wrote a big email to your boss but then you forgot to turn on Grammarly. It will always show you where you made mistakes and give you helpful hints.

Free Versus The Paid Model

Grammarly is truly genius with how they marketed this product. With so many people wondering if it is possible to get Grammarly for free, they made the decision easier. The free version gives you a preview of exactly how the paid version behaves. Even as I write this current article, I have Grammarly running in the background as it looks out for mistakes and ways to improve tone.

When you use the free version, it will give you tips on simple spelling mistakes. These are easy to correct as you just click on the word in question and it will then give you the option to change it over to the correct word with just a click. That saves a ton of time and makes editing very simple. I can run through an article quickly and just click the words that are underlined in red. Once you click an underlined word, it will suggest what it thinks you meant and then you select from those options. Even better, if you are writing in an industry that uses a lot of jargon that is not recognized, it accounts for this as well.

For example, say you work in the mortgage industry in America. Terms like TRID and RESPA are very important to mortgage banking but are not used by most people. If these are not found in the Grammarly dictionary, you can easily click on the link so that they are added to your personal dictionary. Now you will no longer get flagged for terms that are correct! It is as simple as that and you won’t have to mess with a giant database of terms where you are adding each one in by hand. An awesome service and you can be assured that Grammarly already has a huge dictionary to pull from.

Free Versus The Paid Model of Grammarly

Using The Free Version of Grammarly

When you utilize the free version, you are going to get a grade on your writing out of a hundred. This is similar to school but you are not being tested here. Grammarly just wants to help you become a better writer. At any point, you can adjust your text and bring your score up to a 100. What is the score based off of? The following aspects are considered.

  • Engagement with the audience
  • Is it correct?
  • How clear is the text?
  • What is your delivery like?

Add all of these factors together and you get a score. Even with the totally free version you can see what your rating is going to be considered.

Engagement – Grammarly wants you to write content that is going to capture the attention of your reader. There are infinite ways to write up an article, but it takes real skill to suck in the reader. If you want to sell a service or increase your conversions, you need to be engaging. When you go with premium, the system is going to give you hints on how to make your writing standout.

Maybe you have a limited vocabulary. Not a problem. You don’t need to rip out the thesaurus when you go with the premium option. The system will detect when you continue to use the same words over and over again. It will also suggest synonyms or words that have a similar meaning. This gives your writing a better flourish and changes things up a bit. Now you won’t be making the same boring articles anymore. You are going to have the help of technology to make sure that your ideas come across clearly but also in an interesting way. We have all read a book that was a page-turner versus a book that didn’t grab you. Engagement is important and the premium version helps you keep interest high.

Deliver Your Message

Another way in which the paid version is going to help you is that you get access to help with your delivery. Years have been spent making the AI system so that it is tweaked to the right levels. The more data the team takes in, the better the Grammarly AI can act on your behalf. When you pay for the service, a portion of these profits go back into research and development. This, in turn, creates a better product and an AI that will be more in tune with what you need.

Currently, the AI will scan over the words you have already written. From this, it can tell how formal you are with your writing. Is this an important email that is going out to shareholders in your company? The system understands this and will make sure you are addressing the people high up in your company in the appropriate way.

The AI can also look at your word choice and let you know things like confidence in the text or how friendly your message sounds. If you are in marketing, are you turning off your customers because it sounds like you are unsure of yourself? You need to upgrade to the premium version of Grammarly so that your word choice gets across your meaning and you sound like you understand your services and products.

Your tone will also be measured. If you are choosing words that make it seem like you don’t care about your customers, sales are going to suffer. Make adjustments to your tone so that you come across as a friend or somebody that customers can identify with. Grammarly makes this a simple process and will suggest new words to you so that you are not scrambling for synonyms. It is always important to make a good impression. Make sure your website looks professional and the text is also on point.

Going Premium

You might not realize that you even have any issues with your writing when you first decide to use Grammarly. That is fine. You will be notified that there are issues with word choice or intricate text. Perhaps you are getting too wordy with your paragraphs. The free version will notify you of this problem and then you can upgrade to the full version to see what needs to be changed.

This is smart marketing on the part of Grammarly. If you are convinced your writing is already perfect, install the free version and see if any errors come across. You will be surprised many times by the things that you are missing. Are you using the passive voice wrong? Premium will show you how to fix this issue. Introductory clauses can be tricky and need the correct punctuation. Depending on who you are writing for, editors may view these things as major mistakes. When you go with the paid version of Grammarly, you will be notified about this and it will become a teaching tool in turn that makes you a better writer.

Is It Possible To Get Grammarly Pro For Free Conclusion


Is it possible to get Grammarly for free? Absolutely. You can use the free version for as long as you would like and it will notify you of any mistakes. It is easier though to upgrade to a paid version as it will save you time. The system tells you when there is an issue but the paid version is how you can get more details that allows you to quickly fix the issue in your writing.

If you have any reservations about paying for the service, remember that for educators there are discounts, and sites like Superb Themes will often have discount codes that you can take advantage of.

Is It Possible To Get Grammarly Pro For Free Conclusion

In the end, you could choose to use this tool for free for a long time and it is going to improve your writing by leaps and bounds. If you want to advance as a writer even faster, upgrade to the premium version. It will help you with tone, delivery, and fixing the errors faster. If you write professionally in any capacity, you need this second set of eyes immediately to make sure there are no glaring errors.

Are you ready to give Grammarly Pro a try? Click the button & get Grammarly Pro for free.

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