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Is It Possible To Get Hostgator Hosting For Free?

How To Get Hostgator Hosting For Free

This article is about how to get Get Hostgator hosting for free.

HostGator is an excellent host with superior service. How can we get free hosting through a reliable source like HostGator? After all, when you start a new website, it is always better to save money to spend on software later. If you would like free hosting through HostGator, you have two options. The first is through their 45-day money-back guarantee. Using this, if you are not satisfied with the service in your first 45 days, simply contact them, and they will refund your money. This is a great way to check out the service and see if it is right for you.

The second method is to use a coupon code. There are always digital coupon codes floating around out there. By clicking on the green button below, you can check to see if there are any coupons currently available to help you save big and take a significant amount off the final price.

Are you ready to give Hostgator a try? Click the button & try out their hosting for free.

Advantages of HostGator

HostGator is one of the largest and also oldest hosts out there. Surprisingly, even after all of these years, they continue to improve their hosting service, and they keep getting better. While other companies have stagnated over time and started to slow down, HostGator is making bold strides to have some of the best average uptime figures.

In the last two years, reviewers that have used HostGator reported that they had noticed an uptime of 99.98%. Considering how large the company is, that is quite a feat. When you are running a business or professional website, your uptime will be everything to you.

Basics of HostGator

When you use HostGator, the basic plan will be suitable for most users starting. It will give you shared hosting with unlimited storage as well as bandwidth. As long as you have a not metered connection, you won’t need to worry about any slowdown once several customers visit the site at the same time.

You also can get a free domain through them for the first year. This is another great way to save when you try out HostGator for the first time. Normally, a domain would cost you between 5$ – $10 each month. For a desirable domain such as or, the cost to get a memorable URL would be huge. You won’t need to worry about that when you go with HostGator as your first host.

HostGator can also include an SSL certificate. These certificates are important in securing your website and making sure it is ready for eCommerce. Enable your site to move up from HTTP to HTTPS so that there is less of a risk from hackers and also malicious users that are trying to scan traffic or disrupt the site.

Customer Service

Customer service with HostGator is a great experience. Not everyone is technical and understands terms like SSL or HTTP. That is where HostGator can come in to help. Each customer service representative is trained and taught their systems at the headquarters in Kaunas in Lithuania. If you have issues with installing anything or understanding a part of your site, HostGator can help you.

You can contact them by email for a detailed response in writing, or you can also start speaking with somebody immediately. There is a live chat feature that can get you answers to questions quickly and with accuracy. Don’t forget, and they also offer a large array of resources with guides and tutorials you can read that can explain things further when you are not in a position to email or chat with their staff.

Disadvantages of HostGator

With so many advantages to using HostGator, are there any downsides? Reviewers and testers have reported that the average load time on pages is slightly on the slow side, considering the number of servers that the company uses. This could be improved in the future with additional servers spread out over a larger amount of the globe. With more points to pull data from, HostGator users will start to see a decrease in load times.

In addition to this, services that come as standard with many hosts are considered an extra cost. If you are looking for site backups that you can use as a restore point, you will need to pay extra. Considering how easy it is for most hosts to keep a copy of your site on hand, it seems like a disadvantage to go with a host who will charge you to access something they already have.

Similarly, security is also considered an extra fee that you will need to pay more for. With so many services offering free firewalls and updates to protect you from hackers, it seems like a big disadvantage to pay for something that so many other services will be willing to give you. Plus, when you consider how important it is to protect the sites that your customers use, most people assume that security would be offered for free instead of having an additional fee.

Fees Associated with HostGator

How are the fees that come with the service? HostGator can offer many different tiers that you will be interested in. Going from personal use all the way to Enterprise solutions, if you have a hosting need, HostGator can fulfill it.

The different tiers have a stair-step approach in terms of pricing. A simple setup will start you off at just $2.75 a month. That is a great deal considering everything that comes with it. For a business solution, the price doesn’t rise much and ends up being just $5.95 a month.

Reviewers have noted that when you go to renew these rates, and the price rises aggressively, take this into account. Keep an eye on the date you signed up and the term you have the service for. When the term is almost up, and you are about to renew, compare the price with what other hosts will charge you. Many times it makes sense to switch back and forth between hosts to make sure that you are still getting the best deal.

A Variety of Services

Depending on what kind of service you are looking for, you can be sure that HostGator will have something for your particular situation. While WordPress is the most popular platform, HostGator can support many other types of sites as well. If you happen to use Joomla or Drupal, you can use both of these with HostGator. Both of these platforms allow you to customize your setup and scale up your presence on the web.

A Variety of Services

On top of this, HostGator can also cater to people using Magento for their eCommerce store. The space for online sales has never been bigger. As more people move away from shopping at brick and mortar stores, we see surges in shopping through the web. HostGator is great for working with online stores and designed to integrate well with Magento. Why take the time to learn how to code a whole store when you can use a Magento tool that will help you build your store faster?

How to get HostGator for Free

We have covered both the advantages and disadvantages of going with HostGator as your main host. With prices constantly rising on services, how can you get free hosting with HostGator? Let’s consider three ways.

  • Their 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Coupons given by third party sites.
  • Discounts found on

As noted earlier in the article, you can use HostGator for up to 45 days. If you would like a month and a half of free service, simply contact them for a full refund. HostGator is so confident in their product, and they are willing to let you use their servers for a long period and still refund all of your money if you feel the service is not what you were looking for.

Feel free to take advantage of using the HostGator offer to test out new business ideas and websites. For an entrepreneur that is just getting started, it can, at times, be difficult as you struggle to get your startup capital. With HostGator, you can test ideas and business sites before paying for them in full. Why not see if your online store is making sales before putting down cold hard cash?

Conclusion – Is it Possible to Get Hostgator Hosting For Free?

Many different hosts guarantee a high uptime as well as superior service. HostGator has been around for many years, and they have both the experience and expertise to handle any website idea that you may have. The 45-day money-back guarantee is great for testing out new concepts and business ideas.

Continue to check back with Superb Themes to see the latest in software and hosting reviews. We will help you stay up to date with all the latest in the world of WordPress.

Are you ready to give Hostgator a try? Click the button & try out their hosting for free.

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