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Is It Possible To Get HubSpot For Free?

Is It Possible To Get HubSpot For Free?

How many CRM systems offer their products for free? It is rare to find a company that has invested countless hours and spent significant amounts of money on their software to give it all away with no charge. What about HubSpot? Many companies now are using it as word of mouth spreads. Is it possible to get HubSpot for free? The answer might surprise you. HubSpot provides you many tools that you can use at no cost. Of course, they also have options where you can upgrade, but the free version is excellent and has many useful ways to boost your marketing. We will go over how to work with HubSpot for free and how it can help your company in the future.

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Free Tools

When we think about the question, is it possible to get HubSpot for free, we also need to think about some other issues. It is great to have access to a free CRM. Will the CRM improve how productive you are, though, or will it hinder you? There is a ton of data that is associated with HubSpot. If you don’t understand how to filter it and how to use it, you can spend hours sifting through a large amount of information.

With this in mind, let us go over some of the most popular free tools offered through HubSpot. We can go over how they should be used and how they will help you. By diving into the free tools, the reader will have a better understanding of how this CRM was designed to save time.

Free Tools

Meeting Tool

One of the best tools offered for free by HubSpot is the meeting tool. This is often a factor we don’t even consider. If you think about it, though, this is a way where you can save a ton of time. Many of us go back and forth with clients and also team members. Are you going to be free at this time? Would two weeks out work better for you?

Even when we meet with people that are a part of our own team, things change rapidly. Dave, in accounting, might be integral to a meeting that everyone is having regarding the budget. It would help if you made sure accounting attends; otherwise, you have potentially wasted the time of everyone involved in the meeting.

HubSpot makes it easy to link up with people on your team as well as the clients you are trying to convince. This CRM ties into your calendar, so you don’t forget meetings. How many times have you been deeply involved with a problem and then forgot you had a big meeting coming up? If that meeting is with a huge client, you might be costing your company thousands each year. Don’t make those easy to miss mistakes. Get going with HubSpot and utilize all these free tools that they want you to work with.

Email Templates

First, we covered how you will save time and money when it comes to meetings; now, we can talk about email. Email is one thing you don’t really think about even though you spend several hours each day going through it. Would it not make more sense to focus on something you work with for several hours each day?

There is no need to go with a paid version of email unless you really want to concentrate on security. Many options exist that will encrypt email so that you have all communication kept secret. If you work for a company that does a lot of NDA work, that will make sense. In regards to HubSpot, they can get you started with email templates. If you have already built a WordPress site, you know the amount of time a good template will save you.

Email templates work in a similar way to website-building. If you are sending out a cold email to clients all day, only a few aspects really are changing. Of course, you need to change the name of the person receiving the message and their company, but most of your email will stay very similar when you are doing a big sales push. HubSpot understands this, and they want to speed up your sales process for free. Check out the free templates that they offer to you to boost sales.

Don’t Change Your Email

At this point, you are probably wondering why you haven’t signed up for HubSpot already considering the number of free tools that they give you to become more efficient. Another huge factor to note is that you can keep all of your normal software. If you have all your contacts loaded into Gmail or are familiar only with Outlook, that is fine. HubSpot realizes that people already have their email set up with years of contacts in the address book. They don’t expect you to shift over to a new provider.

They designed the meeting scheduling, email scheduling, and the ability to do email templates all around the email client you already use. Customize your introduction and your away messages using HubSpot and keep all your old clients. Templates come in handy when you want to have a nice signature and not constantly do it manually with slick logos and your contact information. If you really want to integrate your current setup with HubSpot, get started today with their free academy and start the learning process. You will find yourself spending time working in the academy, but the time you will save in the future will be invaluable.

Don't Change Your Email

Email Scheduling

Want to really get more clients and start hitting all your sales goals for the year? Use a free tool from HubSpot that allows you to schedule your emails that you are sending out. If you want to increase sales, what is a surefire way to boost your bottom line? When you listen to popular entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone, he will tell you that you need to be hitting the phones. Sales are a numbers game. Increase the number of calls that the sales team makes, and then you can boost conversions.

What if your sales team feels like they already have hit their peak? They can’t do more than a hundred calls or emails each day. It would help if you started automating these things. It might be difficult to automate phone calls, but you can definitely automate email. Save time on sending out all those emails using tools provided by HubSpot that will do it for you. Spend more time contacting clients and getting deals signed.

You can send out email templates in big batches to a large number of clients all at once. Pick a time you think most people will be on and receptive to what you have to say. Take, for example, Twitter. It has been proven if you send out a tweet after four in the afternoon, engagement goes down. People are thinking about traffic. They want to get out of the office and not retweet things that you send out. The same thing happens with email. Even if you cannot send out a batch of emails at peak times, you can schedule the system to do it for you. This is really going to come in handy when you want the maximum amount of engagement while still meeting with clients live to get those deals done.

Capture Interest

Is it possible to get HubSpot for free? Not only can you use the CRM for free, but they also give you free tools to capture the interest of clients that want to engage with you. Say you are trying to build up an email list. Your database is looking sparse. You attend all of the events and record emails that are given to you. On the website, you have a section to get in contact with your company. It feels like it is difficult to get things running, and you are not sure what you could be doing to build up your email list for campaigns.

As many of the marketing leaders will tell you, you can’t think selfishly with your marketing. If you are only focused on building up your email list and increasing sales, people will pick up on that. People respond better when you offer something. That can be done with HubSpot and the popup builder that they give you for free.

Say you are running a webinar for clients. Why not make it free for the public to attend? People can network in a virtual environment and then also educate themselves. Perhaps you have a book written in a digital format that you are giving out to prospective clients. Make this also a free digital download. Encourage people to interact with you, and you naturally will start to build up that email list.

HubSpot makes doing popups simple. Offer anything for free that you think people would be interested in. When they click to download a free eBook, you wrote that when you capture your email, you can follow up later. This is very targeted marketing and how you are going to add to your client list. You already know that they are interested in your product and service. Why not give a little for free so that the clients will be more inclined to work with you in turn?

Is It Possible To Get HubSpot For Free Conclusion

Is It Possible To Get HubSpot For Free Conclusion

We went over many of the free tools you are going to get for free with HubSpot. It is recommended you check them out and educate yourself with their academy. They give you a wide amount of resources that will give you the edge in terms of marketing and sales.

Are you ready to give HubSpot a try? Click the button & get HubSpot for free.

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