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Is It Possible To Get KWFinder For Free?

Is It Possible To Get KWFinder For Free?

Are you using the right keywords? If you aren’t, you can be wasting thousands of dollars each month. SEO writing is expensive and experts charge accordingly. Tools like KWFinder help you to make sure your writing is on point. Is it possible to get KWFinder for free? Absolutely. We are going to look at some of the best ways to use this product free of charge. At the same time, we can explore why you should use it in the first place. Let’s begin.

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Free Trial

The best way you can use this Mangools product for free would be the free trial. There are some things to keep in mind though. First, you are only going to have 5 lookups for each 24 hour period. The trial will last for a full ten days though which means you can get up to 50 lookups in all. If you run just one or two e-commerce stores, this should be more than enough to try out the product.

Add to that the fact each day of the trial you are going to get 25 related searches and also 10 competitor keywords, we can see that you are going to be extremely busy with the trial that they give you. Once again, this works best when you have just a few e-commerce sites you are trying to promote. If you have a large portfolio of income-producing sites, you may find that the free trial is not enough. In a case like this, try out the full-fledged product before making your decision.

With the trial, you will notice that you have multiple search options including keywords or domain. Go with the one that you are most comfortable with. If there are specific keywords that you are shooting for, plug them into the system and run it. A great example would be if you currently run an apparel store that caters to music festivals. Perhaps there is a large festival coming up that you are trying to target. Simply plug in the name and date of the festival into KWFinder along with the apparel you are trying to sell. That will give you a good idea of how hard it will be to go after this specific term.

Why Use KWFinder for free?

You may be asking why you should use KWFinder at all. Is this a small company that is just getting started in the SEO space? We can answer that by just looking at the clients that they serve.

Adidas, Deloitte, and also Alexa use Mangools. Deloitte alone has over 300,000 employees that work in the field of advising on taxes. They also have a presence in more than 150 countries and cater to Fortune 500 companies in the States. If Deloitte is working with the most powerful companies in the world and helping them with legal matters, it is clear that they are a leader in their industry. The fact they choose to go with KWFinder to help them with their SEO is a good indication of the quality that you will get.

Moving over to the Deloitte main page, you can see they are using the program right now. They have a blog that advises on money matters and subjects of interest for their clients. KWFinder helps a company like Deloitte find the topics that readers are going to be interested in. When you search Google for tax advice and the best way to invest your dollars, you are going to see these articles in the search results. Clicking on them brings you to Deloitte where they hope you will use their services further. If this is working well for one of the biggest companies in the world, it can work in your case as well.

SEO Is Complex

You may wonder if you really need a tool like KWFinder. How hard can it really be to master SEO? This discipline goes far beyond just thinking of terms that you want to shoot for and writing the articles. If it was that easy, you would not have experts charging thousands each month to craft a strategy for you.

Google is the main search engine that we are concerned with. If you rank well with Bing but your Google ranking is abysmal, you won’t see a huge jump in traffic. This is why marketers are so focused on making sure they appease the biggest search engine on Earth.

Constant Changes

Google is not a set target. Marketers are always trying to find ways to circumvent the algorithm and game the system. Just looking on the help page for Google right now, they list multiple ways that people try to cheat the system. This can include:

  • cloaking
  • sneaky redirects
  • scraping content
  • stuffing keywords

If you are new to SEO, you may be using some of these tricks and not even realize it. That is going to get you hit with severe penalties. In some cases, you may find that your site moved back to page 20 because of these methods where nobody can find you. Since marketing teams continue to come up with ways to try and cheat the system, Google responds by adjusting the algorithm on a frequent basis.

KWFinder Shifts With Google

KWFinder Shifts With Google

KWFinder is not a static program. You will not just download it once and then expect it to stay in that state for the rest of your usage. We already looked at why Google constantly has to shift their algorithm around. In the past, people would find a term that they were shooting for and then repeat it over and over to rise in the rankings. Some would even change the color of the text to white on a white background so you could not see that they were stuffing keywords. As Google moves to clean up issues like this, services like KWFinder will shift as well.

Each time Google makes a change to its algorithm, it will send shock waves through the marketing world. A site that was number one and making five figures a month can suddenly be pushed back to page 6 for search results. Are you trying to interpret algorithm changes on your own? This can result in you writing articles or paying for articles that are not relevant. Instead, go with a service that is shifting along with changes from Google.

KWfinder for free

Mangools Makes It Easy

As SEO shifts around like a moving target, you need a system that makes it easy to understand. Instead of pouring over forums to try and get the jist of each slight change from algorithm updates, use a tool like KWFinder. They provide a tool that shows how hard it will be to rank for a certain set of words.

Collecting an enormous amount of data and comparing it to the results in the real world, Mangools can model out how hard it will be for your company to rank for certain terms. This gives you two huge benefits.

First, you won’t waste your time pursuing a topic or set of words that are not obtainable. A search term that you think might be simple to achieve first place in a month could have search volume reaching into the millions. In a case like this, you will need a focused plan and several writers to execute a marketing plan to win that spot.

Second, you will also be aware of low hanging fruit. What do we mean by this? There is a perfect intersection between high volume search terms that are not being served by your competitors and demand. When you come across one of these, jump on it ASAP. This is like just printing money in terms of marketing. You know that people are looking for these topics and nobody is giving them the right content. Fill that need and you are going to reap the increased visitors along with more revenue. A perfect fit.

Using KWFinder For Free

Thinking about the topic is it possible to get KWFinder for free, your best bet will be trying out the free trial. Make that your period where you are gathering information. If you are searching for topics like is it possible to get KWFinder for free, you already understand that your SEO could be better.

Use the free trial to compile information on your competitors and the topics that you should be writing about. Mangools make it easy to copy over the results that you see during your free trial period. Once you have done the groundwork and the research, you can move forward with your article writing. This is the best way to see if the information is accurate. Are the search volumes that you are seeing in line with what Mangools provided you? Were you able to find that sweet spot between terms that have a high search volume and very little content? Once you have proven to yourself that the software is based on accurate information, you can go with the paid version.

Is It Possible To Get KWFinder For Free Conclusion

In conclusion, we looked at why you would want to pay for this service. SEO is complex and also always changing. Make the research process on writing easier when you sign up for the free trial from Mangools. We hope that you have a great time with the product and that this review and guide helped you along in the process. Continue to come back for further insights on software and SEO for your WordPress page.

Are you ready to give KWFinder Pro a try? Click the button & get KWFinder Pro for free.

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