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Is it possible to Get Liquid Web Hosting for Free?

How to Get Liquid Web Hosting for Free

Liquid Web is awesome but also quite strict. They don’t offer official trials, so it’s hard to know if it works for you without paying. Luckily there’s a way around that, Liquid Web has a decent refund policy, so you can purchase your hosting with them and try it, and if you’re not satisfied then simply cancel it and request a refund. You can also use a coupon code on your initial purchase to save money. Click the green button below to start your Liquid Web trial & view current coupon codes and discounts.

Are you ready to give Liquid Web hosting a try? Click the button & try out their web hosting for free.

Liquid Web Hosting Introduction

Liquid web or Liquid web hosting is a software company that was made to aid cloud professionals and the web. It is focused on doing businesses and working with developers who do these businesses. Liquid web is able to produce fantastic services, support systems, and products for its customers. Their 250 plus team of experienced engineers, administrators, and technicians are empowered and dedicated to making all of your life easier. It is about strengthening the business potential of online workers. The liquid web also additionally offers a complete one hundred percent power uptime and network for all of your e-commerce and WordPress needs.

Many online businesses require services such as web hosting. This is because they need to maintain their presence online. This is where Liquid Web comes in. Liquid Web has a wide variety of WordPress server, VPS or virtual private server, reseller, dedicated, and cloud packages. All of these packages come equipped with enough strength to empower companies such as Symantec, Porsche, National Geographic, Home Depot, and Eddie Bauer. 

Liquid Web does not offer their services for free. It is a high tier service, and their rates reflect that. Liquid Web does not offer a lite or cheaper version of its services. For them, quality is of the utmost value. However, they do offer a 30-day trial period where you can test out their product with the complete option of return of your money. Smaller companies that are looking for cheaper rates may look for other web hosting services such as HostWinds, HostGator, and DreamHost.

Is Liquid Web the Perfect Host for Your Site? 

Liquid web as a brand is the top tier. However, before you associate yourself with this brand; it is important to know their strong points and their weak points. Some offers from Liquid Web able to give you are:

  • Customer Reviews: You are able to observe more than 70 Liquid Web clients. 
  • Expert Review: Liquid Web offers an expert review for your businesses, ultimately training you. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions: They offer fantastic customer services.
  • Hosting Plans: They offer the best hosting Liquid Web services.

The Positives

  • High tier specifications
  • Fantastic client assistance and quick testing service. 
  • VPS plans prorated. 
  • Excellent, committed VPS, cloud, and affiliate bundles.
  • Free 30-day trial service.

The Negatives 

  • Expensive.
  • Lacks facilitating plans that are shared

Liquid Web Pricing

We recommend you to select the starter plan when you are just starting out. If you are happy with the services, you can make the upgrade. They have very friendly staff and will support you in making the correct call for your website and business, so there is absolutely no need to worry. We have already seen that the liquid web is expensive. In this section, we shall look at the exact prices of the Liquid Web. If your business requires high web hosting services. The liquid web will be the software for you. It will be worth every dollar. The four plans from the liquid web are managed WordPress personal, cloud VPS, dedicated, and managed WooCommerce.

The managed WordPress personal plan retails at 19.33 dollars a month. Its disk space is 30 gigabytes and has a bandwidth of 5 TB. The cloud VPS plan retails at 29 dollars a month. Its disk space is 40 gigabytes and has a bandwidth of 5 TB. The dedicated plan retails at 199 dollars a month. Its disk space is 2*250 gigabytes and has a bandwidth of 5 TB. Lastly, the managed WooCommerce plan retails at 39 dollars a month. Its disk space and bandwidth are unmetered. 

Liquid Web Stats

Why is Liquid Web so famous?

Right now, in terms of innovation, the Liquid web can give you something beyond the best and fastest choices from hosting products. Liquid Web Hosting believes that the higher need for technology to aid your business would also require more experts to look at your work. Liquid Web exceeds expectations in facilitating in every aspect. With properly managed hosting services from Liquid Web, a business is able to move away from onsite servers. 

Rather, the web host’s datacenter is being used by the servers. That may seem like a portrayal of what each web facilitating administration does, however, Liquid Web goes a long way past essentially presenting documents remotely. The organization can deal with all the site’s regulatory obligations and bolster assignments, regardless of the scale and complexity. As you’d most likely suspect, this sort of administration is structured in light of enormous online businesses. 

Free WHM/cPanel Services

In order to use the hosting service, the WHM/cPanel services have to be utilized. The WHM works with Liquid Web in order to provide premium hosting service. The cPanel is known as the get things done panel. It provides extreme control. The WHM/cPanel offers easy server management. All server configurations are offered by WHM/cPanel. Some services that WHM/cPanel offers are 

  • Automatic SSL installation with AutoSSL integration utilizing Let’s Encrypt.
  • Site and Server overlooking with additional monitoring tools.
  • A single click installation of CMS alongside the auto-installer of Softaculous.
  • Website built-in system of backup for much easier website restoration and backup.

Getting started with Liquid Web Hosting For Free

WHMCS is one of the main billing and web facilitating programs that robotizes all parts of your business from charging, provisioning, reselling of the domain, backing up restoration, and many more. WHMCS effectively incorporates all the main control boards, installment processors cloud, and registration of domain service providers. They work with liquid web hosting to come to your aid. Let us see how to set up WHMCS through the liquid web for your hosting purposes. Firstly, log into the admin dashboard of WHMCS. 

Next, head up on to set up, then navigate to products/services and then to servers’ option. If this is the first time you are setting up a server in WHMCS, you will not be able to see any groups or servers. You can also create a group for yourself if you want to be able to add more future services. You can make a group if you would want to make an addition to servers in the future. The most benefit of having multiple servers is that there is more affecting distribution to the clients. Next up, select the add new server option. Here you can give a name to your server. This will be an internal setting. Only you or members of your team will be able to change your server name. Now name your hostname. It is a good practice to give the same name to your hostname as the server setting. This will make it easier for you to determine which server you are using, at which time, especially useful if you are making use of multiple servers. 

Next up, you will need to enter down the main IP address of the server you are using. This is done by heading on over to ( or by logging into management. Here you will find your IP address. You will need to copy the IP address and copy it into the IP address window. Take note that if you have multiple servers, you will need to assign multiple IP addresses. You should also allow WHMCS to make the decision for you, as this is where you would be entering from.

Liquid Web Support

Setting up Liquid Web For Free

You will now need to enter the monthly cost. This is where you will be able to observe your utilization of the server. You can generally see this in Manage too. The data center or NOC field will help you make specifications internally. Liquid Web has 3 particular server areas of center locations; you can once again check into the Manage option. You can also determine the maximum number of accounts at a given time. This is an important setting. This will set up the extreme number of Accounts that will fill the server. You can change this in any way you like. This field is essential for interior stock control of shared records. It will be seen in the “Servers” page after the set-up is done. The server status address helps you to register the location of the directory. Normally, it is inside the installation directory. Therefore, if your installation occurs to /public_html with the help of Softaculous, the status directly can be viewed at On the other hand, if your installation occurs at a directory, for instance, /public_html/whmcs then you can view the status at

Get Your Site Hosted By Liquid Web For Free Conclusion

Liquid Web is costly and does not have shared Web facilitating, yet it is adaptable and packed with features hosting service. It includes pressed online hosts with remarkable client care. Truly, Liquid Web is one of the most-impressive web hosting services. It has various bundles with completely executioner specifications. These specifications will cost you money, but every great service requires that. Liquid Web might not have shared facilitating bundles; however, the organization’s fantastic committed and VPS facilitating is sufficient to put it among the top tier list of web facilitating. We do not say that the likes of HostWinds, HostGator, and DreamHost. 

In short, if your business requires powerful and managed web facilitation, Liquid Web is for you. They carry out the entire hosting process for your website in a very efficient and responsible manner.

Are you ready to give Liquid Web hosting a try? Click the button & try out their web hosting for free.

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