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Is it possible to get Mangools for free? (2022 Edition)

Is it possible to get Mangools for free?

Mangools is the next tool to sweep through the WordPress community and change how people do SEO and marketing in the digital realm. With the lowest tier coming in at just under thirty dollars for each month at $29.90, some may wonder if there is a way to get Mangools for free. After all, we have monthly bills we already need to pay. Is it possible to get the Mangools software free of charge? Some may be tempted to try and find a cracked or nulled version of Mangools. This would be a huge mistake that could cost you hours of work. Instead, we have provided a guide to help you use the Mangools tools for free at no risk.

Right now, they are offering a ten-day trial that is perfect for anybody curious about the software. It doesn’t require a credit card, so there is no risk when you sign up today. Why don’t you see what Mangools can do for you in SEO and digital marketing?

Are you ready to give Mangools a try? Click the button & try it for free.

What is Mangools?

SEO is becoming more prominent in the mind of many site owners. How can you rank for competitive terms? Can you save money on your ad budget by hiring some great writers that make engaging content? Mangools is going to help you answer questions like these. You won’t have to wonder how hard it is to rank for a certain set of keywords. Users will understand what the SERPs look like for any market. Your position on Google will be tracked so you can see how you are doing with your current SEO efforts. This really is a great set of tools that you need if you are serious about SEO and rising on the pages of Google or Bing.

Sleek UI

First, Mangools has provided a slick interface for its five main tools. If you want to start tracking SEO and how you are doing in Google’s eyes, you won’t need coding skills. That will be a huge relief to most of us. Many of us run websites, and we are concerned with our ranking on Google, but it is difficult to code and also make great content that will rank. Mangools has a nice interface that is intuitive and makes sense, even if you are a beginner. The search bars and history for terms are all easy to go through and understand.

Free Support

Mangools has a team that is ready to help you in every aspect of SEO. The staff understands what they are talking about because they specialize in SEO. You wouldn’t have somebody doing your kitchen remodel if they didn’t work in construction every day. The experts at Mangools are adept at helping specific search terms rise in the ranks. They have all been there, and they understand how to put your website at the top of the search page. Go with a team that does SEO every day to be aware of new techniques and changes to the algorithm.

Cost Effective

If you want to hire an SEO expert, it will cost thousands of dollars for a campaign. An expert in SEO many times will have a whole team behind them. Team members have to understand video for marketing on video platforms. Other members will handle writing and targeting specific terms. Moreover, a separate part of the team will handle the technical side, such as analyzing data and going through how to get the site to load faster.

Mangools sweeps all of this out of the way. Instead of paying for a huge team where each member can accomplish a part of the SEO campaign, Mangools will put you in charge. For just shy of thirty dollars every month, you will have access to the experts’ tools. Customers get not just one tool, but five. You can look at backlinks, track your progress, and see which terms you need to be targeting. A great deal considering how many programs you are getting bundled together.

Mangools Free Trial

Do you have any doubts about getting Mangools? Why not use the free trial of Mangools? It won’t cost you anything to use all of the different tools. You won’t even need to use a credit card to get signed up with them. If you think that they might charge you in a shady way, there is no risk since they won’t even have a way to bill you. What will you get with the free trial for Mangools that runs for a full ten days?

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

That is correct. You won’t have just one tool. Mangools has provided five different tools that all work together. You will be able to try out all five with the free trial as well. How do these all work?

KWFinder For free

KWFinder For free

What keywords should you pick when you are trying to rank for a specific term? Mangools will show you how hard it will be to rank before you even start your campaign. If your favorite string of terms shows they have a difficulty of 89/100, it might be better to work up to that and build an audience first.

When you get the free trial with Mangools, you will have access to 5 lookups each day. You will also be able to look up 25 related words as well. This is a good way to branch off from your main terms and come up with additional search terms to drive traffic. On top of all that, the ten-day trial comes with the ability to look at ten words your competition is using. If you see your competitor is ranked higher when you use Google, figure out why they are more favorable. There are no rules against doing it better than them, so that you take their place with Google. On top of all that, you also can choose to search by keyword or by domain.

Free Tools

What if you try the free trial for Mangools, but you are still not convinced to put down your hard-earned money? Mangools gives you several free tools you can access at any point that doesn’t cost a thing!

SERP Simulator can show you exactly what your listing will look like on Google. No longer wonder how you are going to appear on Google. Know exactly what your website will display when people search for your business. Then you can do what Mangools calls to fetch and revise. You can pull up the data and then start to tweak your meta-description. Make your tags more appealing and then test it out with your user group. See which description is getting the most clicks.

Mangools Free SEO Extension

Another really good free tool that Mangools is just giving away is an extension for your browser. It will give you the ability to do the following:

  • Simulate other markets to see their search results page
  • Find keywords related to your terms
  • Follow the SERP rank for the competition
  • Find what backlinks are helping you the most
  • Look at the profile for a whole website

Even better, when you sign up for Mangools and get an actual account with them, this free tool expands even more. Track downtrends to see what keywords are hot right now. How fast are your pages loading? Check out how fast your competitors are loading in. This is a great benchmark to see where you can improve and what you need to hit so that you can first come on the terms you care about.

Volatility Checker

We are all concerned with how Google is going to grade our site and content. At any given time, Google can come out with a new algorithm change, and it can send your ranking plummeting downward! Keep on track with the trends that are happening right now in your industry.

Mangools has decided to give away a bunch of totally free tools. Even if you don’t like the trial, feel free to continue using this software for as long as you would like. When a new algorithm change drops, this tracker will let you know what Google is doing behind the scenes. If you can understand the new algorithm, you can quickly make it so your content fits the new guidelines. This is a huge advantage you can use to fly past the competition in rankings. Don’t let yourself get caught without an update on all the latest changes.


We just scratched the surface when it comes to Mangools for free. This is the group of tools you need to save on money with your ad spend and start to really shoot up in the rankings. We have gone over many different ways that you can use Mangools with no risk. Test out the service for a full ten days with no charges. If that is not enough, try out several of their free tools and see how much more efficient you are. This works out much better than trying cracked and pirated versions of the software. Check back with us soon for more software reviews.

Are you ready to give Mangools a try? Click the button & try it for free.

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