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Is It Possible To Get OptimizePress Pro For Free?

Is It Possible To Get OptimizePress For Free?

Are you looking for an all in one solution where you can increase both sales and leads? OptimizePress can help you in this regard. Designed to work well with people that may never have used plugins before, they walk you through each step of creating an amazing landing page. Is it possible to get OptimizePress Pro for free? The pro version always comes with more options and more functionality. Can you use this software for free and avoid having to pay for yet another plugin? We will go over how to work with OptimizePress for free and how to save big if you decide you do want to buy it.

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Caution Is Needed When Looking At NULLED / Cracked / Pirated Versions

One of the first things to be aware of when looking for free software is that not all should be free. Sure, many developers like to release their code to the public to make your life easier or speed up development. These coders really care about the community, and it shows.

If you go to download OptimizePress Pro for free, though, this is paid software. That means that any copy you find that is free on the Web is pirated. Cracked software not only strips away funding from hardworking developers, but you also put yourself at risk. Many times these cracked versions of OptimizePress Pro come with programs you can’t see. These may be used to involve your computer in cybercrime or use your resources to mine crypto-currency. There really is no limit to what they can do once you execute a plugin, and you have no idea who created it.

We have better ways to work with this plugin for WordPress. Using our methods, you can make beautiful landing pages at no cost. If you feel like you want to keep using the software, we also have a way to save on a huge chunk of the cost.

Start a Free Trial For OptimizePress Instead

This is one of the best ways to use OptimizePress at no risk. If you are an entrepreneur that is just getting started, you might be tight on funds. Starting up your own business is hard. It seems like there are so many plugins that you have to buy if you want to be competitive.

The creators of OptimizePress realize that money is tight for many right now. That is why they offer a free trial. If you have never made a landing page before, go ahead and try it. The software is completely safe since you are downloading it from the main site. This trial is not short, either. The creators give you a full thirty days to work with the software. You can spend this whole month creating as many landing pages as you would like. At the end of the month, you will still have the landing pages on your site. If you decide that you want to increase your plan to the professional one, they are running an awesome deal right now.

If you want to continue to create easy landing pages, act now to upgrade your OptimizePress account. For a limited time, the annual fee has been reduced from $299.99 down to just $199.99. Acting quickly will net you a hundred dollars off this software. You will be getting a giant discount that saves you a third of the cost. Keep in mind also, this is the trial, so if you don’t like the paid version, have it returned before the end of the month.

Start a Free Trial For OptimizePress Instead

Landing Pages

Thinking about the question, is it possible to get OptimizePress Pro for free? We first want to think about what this can do. Make streamlined sales funnels—checkout customers with great-looking forms. Continue to make sales even when you are not at the computer. When you can make landing pages that focus on selling, you will see an increase in revenue due to that new focus.

What exactly is a landing page? The term seems so nebulous. Is it just any page that a customer lands on when they go to your site? We want to pull our answer from one of the most famous marketers on the Internet. Neil Patel explains that a landing page needs to meet these criteria.

First, the page has one goal in mind. The laser-focused goal is to increase your leads and sales. We are running a business that needs to be what we are always looking to increase if we want to stay in business.

Next, these single-minded pages always receive traffic from outside sources. These sources can be anything. You might be getting traffic from Twitter since you posted an exciting blog post that catches the eye of people scrolling through. Twitter traffic is free if you are making each post on your own. Traffic might also be part of a paid campaign. Perhaps you post ads on Facebook, and in return, you see an increase in traffic. Social media ads, Pay Per Click and email all count toward traffic we are trying to funnel over to our landing page to sell more products and services.

Landing Pages Are Not Equal

Speaking of Neil Patel again, we can trust him when he states that not all landing pages are created equal. You might be pushing traffic to a site, but visitors will back out quickly if it is not set up well. The landing page is present, but with just a phone number to call and some poorly sourced images, you will see very average results of around 2% sales on visitors.

Instead, Patel shows on his blog an example of a great looking landing page. It has a singular goal in mind. Increase customers. The example he sets out is a cleaning company in Seattle. They catch your attention with a promotion for a free cleaning estimate. All of their contact information is easily seen and in place. Then they have a form that gets your name, zip code, phone number, and email.

This form can be filled out in a matter of just moments. The landing page was designed to be so easy to complete; the customer will not even think twice before filling it out. It will not even ask for the full address and instead relies on just the zip code. This is the perfect example of a company that is now boosting the list of visitors interested in their service. They can keep that list of emails and contact information and always follow up later to see if they can set up regular cleanings.

OptimizePress Without Paying

OptimizePress Makes It Easy

We have discussed now what a landing page is as we explore the question, is it possible to get OptimizePress Pro for free. Looking at the previous example, we now understand how important it is to make a form that is easy to fill out and pleasant to look at. How can you do this? Most of us don’t have skills that allow us to code a form and integrate it well with an existing site.

Using a builder, OptimizePress makes many of these tasks simple. You can do the following with little to no experience with code.

  • Accept payment
  • Follow up with customers
  • Create secure downloads

These are just a few of the options that many site owners are looking for.

Payment Processing

If you want to run a successful business, you will need a way to accept payments. Stripe is a popular solution, and it is 100% secure. Payment is all done through their platform, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle. You can transfer money from the account that your customer is using right into your own account. All of the debit card transactions and credit card transactions are done with their system.

If you work with Stripe, you will be happy to hear that OptimizePress is set up already to work in conjunction with them. Set up your Stripe account with just a few clicks. It has never been easier to connect your online store with your physical bank account. OptimizePress is dedicated to allowing customers to pay in any way that they want. After the launch, they have pledged to continue to add payment options so that you never miss out on a sale.

Easy Checkout

With any business that you run, it needs to have a simple checkout process. This is why so many people ask the question, is it possible to get OptimizePress for free. People understand if the checkout process is complicated, you are going to have abandoned carts.

Reduce how many buyers walk away when you create your own unique process for checkout using this software. Your customer should feel like when they work with you; the buying process is special. It needs to be branded and feel original. When you buy a product from Apple, they do everything in a very branded fashion. The packaging looks a certain way. Each employee that helps you along the way has a way of directing you. Even the bag you walk out with feels like it is branded to belong to Apple.

Create a similar experience when you work with OptimizePress. You will increase sales by making it easy to go through checkout, and that means better numbers.

Is It Possible To Get OptimizePress Pro For Free Conclusion

Is It Possible To Get OptimizePress Pro For Free Conclusion

We went over many of the reasons why somebody would want to download this software for free. With this guide, you will have a better idea of working with their builder on a trial basis. Once you want to upgrade, you can get a deep discount if you act right now. Keep coming back for further tips from Superb Themes.

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