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Is It Possible To Get Pipedrive For Free?

Is It Possible To Get Pipedrive For Free?

It is great to get freeware. Many developers work to put out products just for the love of programming and helping the community. Pipedrive is a CRM with a nice niche for smaller to medium-sized companies. If you need an easy to use CRM to help you with customer service, why not try out Pipedrive? Is it possible to get Pipedrive for free? Most of us want to at least use the product for a while before you buy it. Otherwise, you are spending too much money just to try out new products constantly. In this article, we are going to cover how it is possible to get Pipedrive for free. We are also going to explore how Pipedrive can help you and if you even need it.

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Pipedrive For Free

Like most software companies, they just want to get you in the door using the product. That is why they offer a free trial that will last two weeks. The creators know that once you start to see results that increase conversions, you are going to be hooked. Nobody has ever balked at the idea of spending money if it increases profits to offset it.

Go ahead and give the free trial a spin. You won’t need to put in a credit card. There won’t be any sneaky charges that go through. Just go to their main page and click the button to watch a brief intro video. They even lay out exactly how to get started in four steps. You can see that with their software you are going to close 28% more deals. Don’t believe them? Try it out and see how much you can push the envelope with sales. If the software doesn’t mesh well with your team, no big deal. The trial will cancel automatically. Since you didn’t supply a credit card, you don’t need to worry about being stuck in a contract.

Even better is the fact the trial comes with the full product. We have seen some developers offer copies of their software for free but you just get the lite version. Many features won’t work or get deactivated. When you use the trial for Pipedrive, you can use each part. Make your pipeline from scratch. Build in the steps you want your customer to take. Track progress toward your goals. Look at when emails are being sent and when a customer contacts you. Schedule out meetings automatically and have reminders sent directly to you. Now you are in control of the sales goals. It has never been easier to organize your goals in sales and marketing.

The Use Case

This product is going to really appeal to smaller companies that want to organize their sales team and marketing efforts. If you have never used a CRM before to manage customer service, you will find this is one of the easiest to use. Consider your sales team. If they are not adept with technology and not willing to sit down to go through tutorials, you may want to consider Pipedrive. Pipedrive is incredibly simple. It was made to appeal to users that don’t need thousands of features. If you have a sales team or company that falls into this category, give it a try. The price is low and comes with plenty of features.

Pricing And Features

You have four different tiers you can pick from. The lowest tier is the bare essentials. At $12.50 each month, that is much cheaper than a sales package from a guru that can run you thousands. If you want to go month to month, that is going to be $15.00. A very cheap price that lets you cancel at any time. It makes sense to go month to month at first. Work with the free version and then move over to a monthly plan.

So we have answered the question of is it possible to get Pipedrive for free. Once you have completed your free trial and you move up to the paid tier, you get smart email. You will also receive two gigs of storage for each user on your team. The sales team and programmers can utilize native integration and get access to the API. Once your programmers have access to the API, they can start to integrate Pipedrive more with the programs you already have running.

Not only that, but think of the support you will have access to. Free software rarely provides great support. How would they pay for it? When you start paying for Pipedrive you are going to have support by chat, email, and also phone. That is a great way to save time. No need to pour over the manual if you have a serious issue. The staff is more than happy to help you with any obstacle. Considering you get access to support for just over ten dollars each month, this tier is very cost effective.

Pipedrive free pricing plans

Higher Tiers

Not every company will be able to get by on just a couple gigs of storage. In cases like this, move up to the advanced tier. The cost is only $24.90 every month. You will then have storage up to five gigs for each account. This is great if you have a sales team that is using a lot of video ads on Twitter and Facebook. Now you have a way to easily store those video files before they go live.

For the highest tier, you will pay $99.00 every month. Once again, your storage will be expanded along with dedicated hosting for your company. This would be ideal for a company that needs this level of storage such as a real estate company that has many high definition clips of homes. The best part about the highest tier is that you will have an account manager that is dedicated to you. That means you won’t be stuck on hold waiting for answers. There is an employee that will give you their full and undivided attention. You have full phone support so you can reach them from anywhere and get answers fast. If you are part of a company that needs problems corrected quickly, spring for the highest tier with them.

Is It Possible To Get Pipedrive For Free With Torrents?

Some may be tempted to try and get Pipedrive for free beyond just the two week trial. Is it possible to get Pipedrive for free with torrents or using cracked software? The answer is yes. You can find a cracked version of software for almost any platform. The real question is should you use the pirated version of Pipedrive?

Moving beyond just a moral obligation, you might want to think twice before you pirate software. First, you have to consider how many people who package these pirated versions also insert their own code. The cracked version may come with a Trojan horse program where you lose control of your computer. Not only that, but you miss out on support and updates.

When you pay for software, a large chunk of the price is going toward employees and support. It is rare to use a piece of software for years and never contact support. WordPress and plugins are complicated. The developers understand this and that is why they offer support and updates. When you pirate Pipedrive, you are giving up your right to support. You are going to be on your own when something goes wrong. It is better to value your time and just pay the ten dollars or so that you need for a real copy of the program.

Email Communication

Feel like your email is out of control? You are not alone. It seems difficult to keep track of everything all the time. When you work for a large or medium sized company, you have large teams you need to be in contact with. On top of that, people from other companies are contacting you as well. How can you keep everything split up so you are not overwhelmed?

Pipedrive comes with a mail tab so you can flag critical emails. Maybe you just got a response from a decision-maker at a big company. That email needs to be stored away in a separate folder so it is not lost in the clutter. On top of that, Pipedrive will help you organize a time to follow up. If you are out, a coworker can look at your schedule and make sure that nothing is missed and that call is still made. That is the importance of something like Pipedrive. People are always aware of what the team is doing. You don’t need to worry about a big deal slipping through your fingers because an important email was lost.

Download pipedrive for free

Syncing Calendars

As mentioned in the previous subheading, this CRM helps you get all your appointments in order so you never miss a meeting and you are contacting all your leads in a clockwork fashion. If you are used to using Gmail or Outlook, that is fine. Most offices will use one of these options since they are so prevalent. Just sync up Pipedrive with your favorite email platform. You should never feel like you are flipping back and forth between Pipedrive and Outlook just to check your appointments. Everything needs to be on one screen so you can preserve your time.

As far as contacts, that will merge easily with your email as well. You are trying to build a database of customers that you can call on and turn into long-term customers. That is going to be hard if you feel like you are constantly moving over people and numbers from your CRM to your email. Pipedrive makes it so that all the contacts found in one can be found in the other. Send out an email from Pipedrive and it will show up in Google or Outlook as well. Now there is a history of what you sent so you can reference it later on. There will be no question if you followed up with a client now since you have a paper trail.


In closing, this software is great if you are just getting used to using a CRM for the first time. It is simple to use and fits in well with the products you are already using. You may not be able to get it for free, but the trial will give you a good idea of what capabilities it has.

Are you ready to give Piprdrive a try? Click the button & get Pipedrive for free.

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