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Is It Possible To Get Sendinblue Premium Plan For Free?

Is It Possible To Get Sendinblue Premium Plan For Free?

Featuring the visualization of data, comparison testing for emails, and a whole selection of tools to make your marketing better, many are turning to Sendinblue. The service is not for free though. It costs a lot in terms of development to create all of these tools for digital marketing. Is it possible to get Sendinblue for free? Many people are wondering this considering the wide array of tools that you will have at your disposal. We are going to go over the right way to use the software for free and the wrong turns you might take. Let’s get started and explore the question: is it possible to get Sendinblue for free?

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Cracked Email & Newsletter Software

You might be tempted to try and get Sendinblue service for free. Nobody wants to add yet another bill to the pile that they will need to pay each month. Plus, you never know if the software is actually going to work. What if you have conflicts that pop up that stop you from installing everything?

These are all normal fears when we think about the question of whether it is possible to get Sendinblue for free. We don’t want to be using software that is going to give us a ton of issues. The truth is, if you try to use a cracked version of Sendinblue, you are going to have more problems than before.

The world of malware is rapidly expanding. When they get into your system, they can install keyloggers. Many times the cracked copies of different kinds of software will include malware that logs all your keystrokes. What can they do with this? Consider if you do banking on the same computer that you used for piracy. Now the hackers have your username and password for WordPress as well as banking.

You might think you are safe since many banking institutions now use two-factor authentication. Don’t be fooled. You can still have your account drained! This is because people can clone your number. It doesn’t take much effort to wander into a Verizon and convince the worker to shift all text messages for 2FA over to their phone. Now you are really in trouble. There is a better way to try out this software.

Free Sendinblue Trial & Lite Plan

Free Sendinblue Trial & Lite Plan

If you are concerned with trying out this software, just get it the right way. They provided you with a great way to take everything for a test drive. Head on over to the website for Sendinblue. There, you have a link to the free trial version.

There is no contract. Don’t worry about having to sign anything or thinking about getting bills for many months. Many companies use shady tactics to try and get you wrapped up in a contract with them. They will tell you that you can quit at any time. In reality, the process to back out is difficult. You might need to call in three or four times just to get charges removed. On top of this, you may find that you are arguing with the credit card company over erroneous charges. We have all been in that situation and we want to avoid it.

Don’t worry about disputing charges with Sendinblue. Not only will you sign nothing, but you also don’t need to provide a credit card. This is great for several reasons. First, if you are a young entrepreneur, you might not even be old enough for a card. Also, depending on what part of the world you are from, perhaps you don’t have the right kind of card. Not all credit cards work on an international level.

Sendinblue wanted to make the process as easy as possible. Provide a username and email and you are in! Do you have a Google account? That is an even faster way to get in. We always appreciate it when logging in is not tied to a company like Facebook. Logging in with Google is a safe and secure way to play around with the software and get used to everything it can do for you. Let us take a look at just some of the key features.

Key Features

What are some of the reasons to go with Sendinblue? Why are people trying to get cracked and nulled copies of the Sendinblue software?

  • Help is available in six different languages
  • They send over 70 million emails and texts each day
  • Customer base in the six figures
  • 160 countries represented
  • Use the service for free to send 300 emails
  • GDPR compliance

That is correct. When you experiment with the free version, they give you assistance in many different languages. If you are coming from a place outside of North America, you are still going to have helpful staff that you can talk to. This is a huge help when you are talking about something as technical as putting together email advertisements and A/B testing.

If you are worried about who you can speak with, that is also already accounted for. You have a customer base that is over 100,000. Plenty of forum users will always be on. If you run into difficulty, float the question out there. With such a big user base, chances are somebody else has already seen this issue. With so many people around the world that work with Sendinblue, you are going to have support from many different areas.

Keep in mind also the amount of volume they do. They are sending millions of emails each day. We all know how hard it can be to have an advertisement appear correctly inside of the email window. Each provider and client will do things a little differently. Sendinblue has experience on their side and can advise you on how to proceed.

Compliance Around The Globe

Free Compliance Around The Globe

If you already noted this, Sendinblue is going to help you become compliant with GDPR where it is applicable. Why does this matter?

The GDPR system has penalties in place. If you are a small company that is not paying attention, they can take a large amount of your revenue when you don’t understand the laws. This mainly applies to companies located in the EU otherwise known as the European Union. If you don’t adhere to the new laws, expect a fine that can go up to four percent of your global revenue.

GDPR is based on the principles of data security. Article 28 of the new set of laws shows that you might be fined two percent of your global revenue if your records are out of place. That is quite a hefty sum. Would it not be better to pay for a service like Sendinblue that can take care of this?

In most cases, the two percent fine on your worldwide profits would be much more than what you would pay for service with Sendinblue. This company will offer to help you keep your data secure. If there is a data breach and you are at fault, this can also result in fines. You need to keep authorities in the loop when it comes to breaches that are done by hackers and criminals.

If you want to avoid trying to keep up with a breach in data and cataloging each record that was altered, you need a team that understands security and how to keep the regulators happy. Most of the companies out there just don’t have time to deal with a large-scale breach and then report everything that was affected by the cybercriminals.

Getting Advanced User Features Without Paying

What if you are a more advanced user? For teams that have a skilled programmer or developer, they can take advantage of the Sendinblue API. With this, you have your standard programming interface. It gives you a lot of flexibility.

In general, Sendinblue is software that you subscribe to. This is known as SaaS in the industry. Through this industry tool, you can do high-level email marketing, transactional emails, and send text messages as well. As you get more comfortable with the system, you may want to start automating many of these things and doing custom reports.

By using the API, you can look forward to making modern and sleek emails. Your campaigns are going to be top of the line with newsletters that look perfect for clients. Announce new products and services through email. Get people excited about the new events in your company and how you can help them.

On top of this, you can also generate reports. How successful are these campaigns? Are people actually opening up the emails and looking over them? When they do open them, what are they clicking on? These kinds of reports will give you very detailed data. When you use the API, you can take the data and move it into other programs for analysis. We all know about Google Analytics and how you can create beautiful graphs and all sorts of visualizations for presentations. When you use the API for Sendinblue, you will have similar capabilities.

Is It Possible To Get Sendinblue For Free Conclusion

Is It Possible To Get Sendinblue For Free Conclusion

We looked at many of the great reasons why you would want to start using Sendinblue. While it makes sense people want to try this for free, make sure you are doing it the right way. Don’t use cracked or nulled programs. Instead, use the free trial. They give you up to 300 emails each day even with your free copy. For more reviews and trial programs, keep coming back to Superb Themes.

Are you ready to give Sendinblue Premium plan a try? Click the button & get it for free.

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