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Is It Possible To Get Unbounce For Free?

Is It Possible To Get Unbounce For Free?

We want to increase conversions and lower our bounce rate, but money is tight. With sweeping changes to the economy worldwide, you may be looking for some free software options. Is it possible to get Unbounce for free? Over 15,000 brands trust them, and they make professional landing pages. Right now, you can use the service for free with a trial. This trial will last for a full two weeks. Read on if you would like to learn more about using the product for free and how it can benefit you.

Are you ready to give Unboune a try? Click the button & get Unbounce for free.

Why Unbounce?

Why do we need Unbounce? Before we consider the question is it possible to get Unbounce for free, we first need to understand what it does. When you visit their homepage, you get a feel for what they are doing right off the bat. Your storefront is for customers browsing. The landing page is what gets people to buy.

You see, the landing page is very different from the rest of the pages on your site. For the most part, you are trying to impart information. With your About page, you tell people a little bit about your company and what you do. With the Contact page, you provide your address, email address, and phone number to reach you. Products pages show your customer what you have to offer and inform them of product descriptions.

When you have a landing page, you are focused on making that sale. It is going to get customers excited about using your service. The sales copy and images are all geared toward getting conversions. It is that last and final push from the sales team to convince them to buy.

Landing Pages Get Results

Do these landing pages actually work? It wouldn’t make sense to learn how to use Unbounce unless it shows results. Using years of data, it turns out customers that land on a landing page convert at a rate that is double when compared to an online store with no landing page. On top of that, these customers also spend twice as much with you.

A landing page can do many things. Here you can upsell a client or tack on extra features they need. Perhaps you are selling consumer electronics. The customer already has the item in their cart. They are moving to the checkout, and they are happy with their purchase. Great. How can we gain more from this transaction, though? You will notice many big box stores make a large bulk of their profits from warranties. Use the landing page to offer them a warranty that will ensure their item. Perhaps offer support for a full year for $19.99. All of these are good ways of increasing your profit margins.

Unbounce makes this a simple task. You can easily make landing pages, test them on live customers, and then modify them depending on the customers that you are going for.


Your online storefront looks great. Most creators use one of the many builders that is available through WordPress. It is easy to make great looking pages and with features like AliDropship, you can also bring in products to your page from a supplier.

Regardless of how the store was created, you have to remember that a product page is not focused on making sales or upsells. Customers can get distracted while looking at all the options in front of them. They might end up seeing something they think is cool and navigating away. That can cost you sales.

You also have multiple calls to action on the page. Maybe you have one section encouraging them to try out a free trial. Another section gives them the ability to download a free e-book to get informed. All of these different CTAs can start to get confusing and detract from the real goal which is to increase profit and conversions. Keep the customer focused and moving along your sales funnel. A landing page does exactly that since the focus is strictly on conversions.

Saves Time

A landing page also saves time in the end. How so? Right now we have the fourth quarter coming. Most of the profits for the whole year will be made in the last quarter. This is because stores run their best sales. Black Friday. Thanksgiving sales. Christmas! For retail, it is very important to promote new products and services during this time.

If you have big promotions or a seasonal campaign that you want to do, how will your customers know about it? You could attempt to change your home page each time you have a new deal. This is going to waste time though and it will be difficult if you don’t have the tech skills.

It is better to just leave the homepage like it is and run promotions with landing pages. Your landing page is designed to push conversions anyway. Highlight how much they can save on Black Friday and find a way to get in contact with them. Through the year, you can always follow up again and see if they are interested in further products.

Get unbounce free

New Products

Do you run trendy products? This could include things that pass quickly as a fad and don’t have a long shelf life. Many times you will see these items promoted around the holidays. Retailers know that the hot toy this year won’t sell well later on.

Many times with these trendy items like clothes that go out of fashion or popular toys, you don’t know how well they are going to sell. They might completely flop! That is the risk you run when you are not promoting things that are considered evergreen. Each time you swap out products, do you want to be changing your main page? That is time consuming.

Section off new products and services to landing pages that are easy to set up. If customers like them and the volume will justify it, you can then move it over to your main page. This is the perfect way to test products to see what kind of response you get.

The Latest Features

If you have used Elementor or Divi already, you will have a good idea of what to expect with Unbounce. They have a drag and drop builder but it is not for putting together your main page. Now you are forming landing pages quickly.

Your landing pages will come with all the latest in website features. Want a video background that shows off your work? That is easy to quickly put together. Parallax scrolling? You can do that as well to show off your high-quality images. Normally, parallax scrolling would take a good amount of coding to get it working correctly. Instead of spending time figuring out how to set up a parallax site, just pay a small fee for Unbounce and you are going to have very modern looking landing pages.

Is It Possible To Get Unbounce For Free With Torrents?

Some may wonder, is it possible to get Unbounce for free with torrents? Technically this is true. Pirated versions of many different kinds of software exist. Should we use one of these to save money and try out the product? That would not be a good idea. You might think you are saving time by just downloading the program and trying it, but it is going to create a lot more work in the long run.

Many of these cracked versions of Unbounce come with programs that compromise your computer. Why would people put up software for free? Is it because they just want to share software with everybody? You have to think about why these hackers are giving you something for free. They are trying to get you to download malware so they can take advantage of your computer. Once you run the program, everything will look fine as you use Unbounce. Little do you know, there are people behind the scenes using your computer for illegal things. Do you want to hand over the keys to your system when criminals can use your computer in their illegal trades?

It is better to use the free trial for Unbounce where you can test the product and not worry about criminals taking control.

Free Trial

As noted before, the best way to experiment with this product is going to be through the free trial that lasts for two weeks. This is going to work with all tiers so if you want to run this on an Enterprise level as you test it out, you can. On top of that, once you are ready to take the dive and start paying for the product, it is only going to cost $72.00 for each month. This is the best deal you can get for Unbounce and will lock you in for the year.

Considering you have a full two weeks to use Unbounce, you will be able to gauge if your team takes to the program or not. If your sales team is able to easily create landing pages and they are getting results, keep the program. On the other hand, if your marketers don’t like the format, you didn’t waste any money.

Free Trial

Better Navigation

Unbounce is also going to make it easier for visitors to navigate. There is no coding needing and you are going to have access to the following:

  • Popups
  • Sticky bars

What are these different features? How can you make them work for you?

Popup – A separate window that will pop up and cover the main page you are on. This new window will advertise sales or put the focus on new products.

If you are not incorporating landing pages, you might want to try a popup. Using Unbounce allows you to easily make a popup that will pull all the focus to the new window. This can be used to get people excited about a new product line you are featuring or a big holiday sale.

Sticky Bar – a horizontal bar that is always visible to the user. This bar is sticky in the sense that it sticks to the top of the page near the header or it will stick to the bottom close to your footer. If you are excited to inform people about that big Black Friday deal, this is a good way to do it. By having the sticky bar act as a hyperlink, you can bring customers right to their shopping cart or a product page for increased conversions.


In conclusion, is it possible to get Unbounce for free? Yes! The free trial is the perfect way for your team to check out this software for a full two weeks. Remember to keep coming back to Superb Themes for more in the way of software reviews and coupon codes. Thanks!

Are you ready to give Unboune a try? Click the button & get Unbounce for free.

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