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Is It Possible To Get Visual Composer For Free?

Is It Possible To Get Visual Composer For Free?

Need a free drag and drop builder? Don’t spend hundreds of dollars to build sites quickly. Take a look at Visual Composer. With applications for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and site owners, there are many people that can benefit from Visual Composer. Is it possible to get Visual Composer for free? Yes! The process is easy. They actually encourage you to use the software for free. Continue reading to see how you can get a drag and drop builder that won’t charge you every year.

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What Is Visual Composer?

If you are working with WordPress, you can easily start using Visual Composer. From your dashboard, search for the plugin using your search bar and activate it. Once you have the plugin active, you are going to have a new WordPress editor. Don’t worry about trying to learn a new set of software. The GUI or interface that you will be working with is simple without using confusing jargon or a set of new terms.

Visual Composer was built with the purpose of making sites fast. You can feel free to modify existing sites, or make the whole thing from the foundation up. The important thing is that you are in control when you design the next WordPress site.

When you get the builder through Visual Composer, you have elements that are ready to go. Dividers, separators, images, and video are predefined. Think back to when you would play with Lego blocks as a child. The bricks interlocked with each other because of the patented design. Visual Composer is similar. The developers made the builder work together easily with all the pieces. You just need to start arranging all the elements like you are putting tiles down.

Meets Modern Standards

Before we venture further into looking at Visual Composer, does it meet modern standards? Looking at sites from twenty years ago, how far have we come? Sites now seem to all have a modern aesthetic. If your site doesn’t match with other landing pages on the market, you are going to be passed by quickly.

Visual Composer meets the standard that has been set by other builders. They can boast a series of high-profile clients that use their product to make great looking sites that are sleek and modern in their approach. Predefined templates show what is possible and then you are allowed to mold the site into your vision from there.

All the sites will be responsive and work well on mobile. Each year, more people are doing their shopping on mobile. Visual Composer is in tune with this and will output sites that will look good on both desktop and your modern day smartphone. SEO is also part of their standard sites. You won’t have to go in and manually adjust tags and meta-descriptions if you want to be found on various search engines.

Is It Possible To Get Visual Composer For Free Continued

Is It Possible To Get Visual Composer For Free Continued

The process to download Visual Composer for free is simple and easy. If you are thinking of working with it, we recommend the following steps for getting started. When you visit their main page, you will see a button to download the builder. If you click this, it will automatically start downloading a zip file. Looking in the zip file, you probably will see a series of files with names like cache and bootstrap. These are PHP files. What are you going to do with these?

There is no reason to confuse yourself by trying to access the Visual Composer files individually. Instead, access your dashboard in WordPress. On the right hand side, you will be presented with a variety of choices. Go ahead and click on plugins. You will notice a search bar has appeared. First, search for Visual Composer. Next, download it and then activate it. Finally, you will be presented with an option to go premium or free. Since this is about downloading the builder for free, go ahead and click on the free version. Now you are all set and you didn’t have to work with the zip file you downloaded from the website.

The zip file can come in handy later if you are using a specific version of the program and you only want a certain version of the builder. Many times this stems from a software conflict you may have with the current version. In conclusion, it can save you a lot of time just using the plugin straight from the dashboard. Moreover, it will make the process more straightforward so you are not trying to find the files on your computer. Really, you would only use the zip file if you had to.

Visual Composer is Going Free

In this paragraph, we will wrap up on how you would set up the free version of Visual Composer. You should see three steps at the top of the page showing a green checkmark next to steps one and two. We will assume that you picked the free license and you don’t have a product key at this time.

When you download the free version of Visual Composer, you will have limited access to the Hub. This means you get access to some of the elements, templates, and add-ons. It will give you a good feel for how everything interacts. As you can see, when we consider the question is it possible to download Visual Composer for free, it is not only going to have zero cost, but the install is also easy. You won’t need to jump through any hoops which is great.

Here on this page, you will notice that the Hub wants an email from you before you can activate your free copy. A pro tip here is to just plug in an email for spam that you never check. As a reviewer of technology, I can say firmly that the less spam I get the better. Put in any email address and you are going to get a key which you can use to get started. Hit the button to copy the key and head back over to your dashboard. When you paste that in, you are going to be ready to start putting pages together.

Advantages Of Visual Composer Pro

Advantages Of Visual Composer Pro

Should you go with the Pro version of this software? There are many advantages that you are going to see when you upgrade. These include the following:

  • Easy to modify header, footer, and sidebars
  • E-commerce compatible
  • Support from experts

Once you install the free version, you will be taken to a YouTube video that gives you the grand tour. From here, you can see how you can easily snag a layout that was already constructed for you and how easy it is to add various elements. Pull in a text box and then change the font or color. Shift your written text around on the page until it is under the picture that you are describing. Create a button with just one click. Change the text, shape, and color of the button with all the options you see on the left. The video provided is a very good overview of what you can expect from the product. Once you have a better idea of what is available, jump right on in and hit the button to make a new page.

Many Options With Free

Some drag and drop builders give you a free option but the base version is too restricted. You can’t even get a good idea of what the premium version will be like. Don’t worry about that with Visual Composer. The free version is more than enough to create some awesome pages.

When thinking about the question, is it possible to get Visual Composer for free, we want to make sure the free version offers a good amount of layouts and elements. Once it is installed, look on the right hand side where you have your different elements. Go ahead and click on the Hub. This takes you over to a site where they separated out the different parts of your frontend.

You have add-ons, blocks, templates, and elements you can pick from. They drill down further and show you what is part of the free plan and what you will get with premium. Click on the free templates and you can see that they give you a wide variety you can utilize. This is going to save you a ton of time because the basic skeleton of the site is already done. Nothing is set in stone though. It is a simple task to pick elements from the left sidebar and pull them into your template.

Visual Composer For Free Conclusion

Visual Composer For Free Conclusion

In conclusion, it is very easy to download Visual Composer for free. Unlike some builders, this free version is very easy to set up and comes with a ton of choices. If you enjoy using the free version, expand out the toolbox by upgrading to premium. We really like the fact it is a simple process to get a key for the free version and you are off and running in no time. Hopefully, other drag and drop builders will begin similar programs when they see how successful Visual Composer is. Keep coming back to Superb Themes for even more in the way of reviews and tutorials.

Are you ready to give Visual Composer Pro a try? Click the button & get Visual Composer Pro for free.

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